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16 hours ago

Have you ever walked so far that by the time you got where you were going, you wanted to stay there as long as you possible so you could avoid walking back? Have you ever been so exhausted that you didn't have the energy to do what you had to do? Have you ever procrastinated until the stress nearly broke you? Have you ever made a mistake so big, you couldn't take it back and you tried and you tried and you realized the more you tried, the more you struggled, the more you suffered, so you just let go, you just stopped in your tracks? That's what falling in love with someone all wrongs for you feels like . It feels like walking too far down the wrong road, and suddenly you're so tired and so far from home and the only choices are to stay the night with someone who makes you feel safe and crawl back alone. #serenity #theskyispink #pink

21 hours ago

The most beautiful bride in the world β™₯️ #priyankachopra

2 days ago

I'm in love with this look 😍β™₯️ #priyankachopra

2 days ago

i see poetry everywhere. in the middle of the red traffic light. in the middle of the song which we can’t stop humming. in the middle of stolen glances. i see poetry everywhere. resisting the urge to hold hands. resisting the urge to put my arms around you. resisting the urge to just hold you throughout the night. i see poetry everywhere. in the mirrors leading to you, in the poems breathing for you. in the hearts beating for you. #flowers #flowersofinstagram #pinkinmyframe #theskyispink #poetsofinstagram #poetryisnotdead #writersofinstagram #flyisay

2 days ago

Think PINK πŸŒ³β›…