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4 days ago

I know a lot of my friends out there have expressed this sentiment lately and I'm very familiar with this feeling. The things that used to drive you matter no more and you are caught in that space of trying to figure out how to apply that which does. It's okay. This is a perfectly perfect place for you to be. It doesn't feel good, but embrace that feeling. Be it scarcity, in money, sense of direction, or common connections, feeling disconnected or robotic in your job...know that these are all very natural phases to go through when you're waking up and have done the inner work to shed your old values, paradigms, programming, and lenses. It's not an easy place, but it's necessary to feel these things. It is my experience these are the predecessors for the next chapter, a new chapter. Just keep flipping the pages. Just keep writing. You really may just be on the verge of your next awakening... #truthers #wokeaf #keepgoing #lifeswork #inspiration #love #yourenotalone #wearewithyou #thereisaplan #trusttheprocess #justkeepwriting #yourstory #itmatters #youmatter #yourparticipationmatters

12 days ago

Just let it happen. Everything happens for a reason. There is another saying โ€œyou canโ€™t answer the door when opportunity is knocking if you are always busy knocking the opportunityโ€. Open your eyes, minds, and hearts. Take a look around- the world is changing. Business today is not the same as it was 20 years ago- heck even 5 years ago. Looking ahead to the way consumers will purchase in 5 years will be nothing like it is today. The way we work- 9-5 isnโ€™t even 9-5 anymore, itโ€™s 8-? Or 7-? And weekends in many cases being salaried. Younger Generations are asking for flexible work schedules in order to allow it to fit around their lives. Mature generations are entering back into the workforce because it makes sense financially to do so. Time to adapt with the times...Are you ready? Now has been the best time to go into business for yourself. If you already have a full time job- even better! Build your business as you work your j.o.b. Be ready for impact. You never know what the future holds- and having your own business is an investment and security for your future. Donโ€™t underestimate it. The time is now. I can show you. #thereisaplan #hustleandbuild #trusttheprocess #puresafebeneficial #entrepreneurlife #arbonneconsultant #dreamingeyeswideopen #jobsecurity #billiondollarcompany #limitless

14 days ago

Iโ€™ve known this brother since kindergarten and weโ€™ve shared so many experiences BUT the best experience by far is seeing a besties find a bestie. The love of his life. Weโ€™ve both found our sweethearts at a critical point in history. Love more. Love more. Go outside. Be good to everyone. We are both blessed to be a blessing and itโ€™s about to get a lot more... Bless(ier) ๐Ÿ“ท by: Siri the robot at Portland, Oregon

18 days ago

When you lose someone you love, time passes and you still hold on those memories you have of them. It stinks, because everyone moves on with their lives and you are stuck thinking about them every day. - If you are like me, your heart aches when you think about what you are experiencing without them. That they don't get to be here. But you guys... They are so close to us! - I start to feel sad that my little man will never get to know his Grandpa Rees. None of my kids will! Today I was showing Cove some pictures of my dad so he can start saying his name. It made me cry, but it was happy tears because I know that my dad can still have such a big impact on Cove's life! Because he was such a great man, we will all continue to be blessed by his life always. - It doesn't really seem fair though right? It's part of life. It just doesn't always make sense. - One thing that keeps me from feeling sorry for myself is that I know there are people out there who have experienced so much more loss in their life than me. I'm not the only one who lost him when he passed. There is no way you can compare one loss to another because everyone's experience is so different. I have gained empathy for those people because I remember the initial pain. - So what can you do when you feel like life is just so unfair?? Live your life in a way that would make your lost loved one proud. Remember that they would want that for you, and remember that they are rooting for you. - Most importantly, make memories that will last with the ones you care about most now. One day those memories will be the thing that keeps you going. ๐Ÿ’•

18 days ago

Itโ€™s said that when one door closes another opens. What about leaving all the doors open and coming at the world from all directions? Too messy? Too unfocused? What do you think?

21 days ago

Yes, yes, yes. I will never stop being hopeful. I will never stop believing that the best is still yet to come. This is your Sunday reminder to keep dreaming, keep working, keep your heart open.

21 days ago

I realized that I was taking this time here on Earth way too seriously. I was thinking that I had to โ€œconquerโ€ karmic lessons before I could be happy in love or get the guy. I was thinking that I had to work really hard on my abandonment and financial issues, that I had to constantly think about them. I was thinking that I needed to dig up my past life trauma to work on it. I was thinking that I needed all this energy healing, etc. etc. None of these things I have listed were particularly fun for me. I wasn't doing them for joy. I was doing them because I was frustrated, which only bred more frustration. (Excerpted from my blog. Read more here: . . . #lawofattraction #loa #loaquotes #havefaith #thereisaplan #joyisyourbirthright #selfhelp #positivethinking #limitingbeliefs

22 days ago

One thing I have learned growing up is to always take care of your skin, specially if you wear makeup all the time (or like me 80% of the time). This formula is so Ah-Mazing!! I started using it not to long ago and I already feel the difference in my skin especially when putting in my makeup. I would love to answer any questions about it and help others feel great in their skin. DM me with any questions and feel free to visit this site to see what other great formulas there are. #rodanandfields #livelifehappy #thereisaplan #staypositive #behappy #greatskin #greatskincare #rodanandfieldsskincare

22 days ago

One thing I have learned growing up is to always take care of your skin, specially if you wear makeup all the time (or like me 80% of the time). This formula is so Ah-Mazing!! I started using it not to long ago and I already feel the difference in my skin especially when putting in my makeup. I would love to answer any questions about it and help others feel great in their skin. DM me with any questions and feel free to visit this site to see what other great formulas there are. #rodanandfields #livelifehappy #thereisaplan #staypositive #behappy #greatskin #greatskincare #rodanandfieldsskincare

23 days ago

A little food for thought. Being in business now for 3 years and taking a look around, am I where I want to be? Not yet- I am on my way, and I will get there. I will get to the top of Arbonne without a shadow of a doubt, as will those on my team, as will those who have not even joined me yet- That is the coolest part. Right now, as you are reading this- You can absolutely decide to join Arbonne and be in a completely different place- 3, 6, 12 months from now. Iโ€™m going to the top. Itโ€™s not an if- itโ€™s a when. If you can say the same about your current job situation with some passion and conviction in your voice; I am cheering for you; if not- I have a seat for you. Itโ€™s time. #takeaseat #arbonneenvp #thereisaplan #trusttheprocess #powerfromtheinsideout #lovewhatyoudo๐Ÿ’ž #livewithintention #energy2019โœจ

23 days ago

DIVINE GUIDANCE Sometimes we find ourselves in a time of feeling lost or scared. People at times like this may turn to therapy or talks with close friends. There is also another alternative and that is to seek divine guidance to help us see the shining path which lies before you. If this card has found you, the Universe wants you to know that is has something important for your life, which may be difficult for you to see or even believe at this time. There is a connection with you and the source of divine guidance, which will offer you messages that will help direct you through any trouble and into the journey that is coming for you. You will be blessed with clear direction, comfort and a sense that all will be well. You just need to open up to these messages. Maybe you can almost hear the guidance from the Sacred Source, but the voices are like whispers and hard to hear; so you avoid taking action because you feel unsure. Take deep breaths, meditate, and open yourself up and the guidance you seek will be clear, strong, and available to you. โ€œBy this bright starโ€™s fire, bring to me guidance divine. Allow the flame to now inspire whisper from the beings who shine. With trust and goodness, let them talk. Let their message be clear and kind and with the path of guidance I will walk โ€œ Much Love and Light to you all. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ’โ€โ™€๏ธโœ๏ธ #divineguidance #justlisten #angelicmessagesoflove #thereisaplan

1 month ago

โ€œThree wolves < one lightโ€ Some people may scowl, roll their eyes, even howl... With disapproval. Keep your inner light burning bright, and the wolves can not move in. . The wolves have been named, Fear. Doubt. and Sin. When armed with this light, thereโ€™s no way we canโ€™t win. . #havefaithingod #gottahavefaith #neverfear #neverdoubt #neverdoubtyourself #neverdoubtgod #poetryisart #poetryaccount #spreadyourjoy #lovelikegodloves #poetryislove #sins #simpletruths #simpletruth #freeformpoetry #winnersmindset #wolves #poetsofigs #poetsofiginstapoetry #leapoffaith #faith #havefaith #thereisaplan #churchvibes #positivityiskey #fightthegoodfight #poetrybooks #poetryslam #calipoet #socalpoet

1 month ago

Gotta work, Snow outside, n Tired ๐Ÿ˜“... #thereisaplan

1 month ago

Have you completed your daily motivational morning reading? Whether you've experienced divorce, death, loss of friendships, connections, etc... ALL LOSS has an impact on you but you CAN excel past it! Get your copy of "The J29 Experience - Standing in Exile" today at . . #J29 #J29Experience #YouGotThis #standinginexile #Healingtogether #Amazon #Bestseller #Barnes&Noble #Devotion #Inspiration #motivation #Tips #Growth #Maturity #Faith #Jeremiah29:11 #Thereisaplan #Dallas #Denton #CollinCounty #HarrisCounty #Texas #Nationwide #USA @k104fm @979thebeat @wfaa @goodmorningamerica @goodmorningtexaswfaa @foxnews @dallasobserver @todayshow @949klty

1 month ago

I ran across this and had the urge to share. I wish someone told me when I moved to Dallas 12 years ago that peopleโ€™s opinions do not matter and those opinions only have the control that you allow. This city can be tough, I know, but remember you are beautiful and you are enough no matter what anyone says to you. #dallasgayscene #yourebeautiful #thereisaplan #keepongoing #isitfridayyet #lifeisgood

1 month ago

If I could go back 2 years ago to where we When God parted the Red Sea for our family, I looked back and made the mistake of only focusing on the fear and troubles after us. I forgot to focus on the great miracle before us. What the enemy intended for evil, God used it for good. What triumph! You turned 19 yesterday and I want to remind you to never forget the great miracle. What God has done and will do in your life. Don't lose focus and caught up with the things of this world. And Baby girl, never forget, I will always be your bestie. Always. #19years #youareProverbs3:18don'tforget #thereisaplan #youneveraskformuch #fearfullyandwonderfullymade

2 months ago

I know you have a plan, no matter the outcomes, I just have to say thank you. Iโ€™ve been struggling to just be thankful that I am here and to be happy with what I do have, not every thing will go exactly the way I want it, but there is a plan and a path. So thank you for always taking the wheel because sometimes I have no idea how to get there. #thankgod #thereisaplan #dreambig #hardwork #godsplan #breathe #nurse