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9 days ago

[How are you feeling as the date gets closer? - 9:10 PM] Eh alone I guess. Some panic setting in because I dont know how to really prepare myself - 9:11 PM [It's going to be okay. I think you might actually really like doing it and you might meet some really good people too - 9:49 PM] I want it to happen so it will be done - 9:53 PM - E. πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ #temporarycollective #sfeer #sanfranciscoart #contemporaryphotography #femalecollective #femalephotographer #womenphotograph #somewheremag #rentalmag #broadmag #noicemag #dazedandexposed #girlgaze #femalegaze #conceptualart #therecoveryarchive

23 days ago

This is Mica @therecoveryarchive in conversation with @rachaelburnsphoto and @kika_perez_2015 for #FFConversation I’m answering our last question of the week posed by Kika:Β  What are you working on now? After graduating from art school, I was conceptually exhausted. Having to create fully fleshed concepts week after week, semester after semester, year after year was physically grueling and psychologically taxing. In Summer of 2017, I started my first iteration of The Recovery Archive to be everything against theΒ β€œart school” experience. Instead of usingΒ β€œreal” equipment, I used my phone and its subpar flash. Instead of beautifully composed self-portraits, I took selfies. & instead of restraining my writer’s tongue, I wrote & I wrote & I wrote. These images were from June 2017 to December 2017 - the greatest period of growth I’ve experienced in my life. It’s even more striking looking back on my dramatic improvement, as my therapy sessions & Zoloft prescriptions finally pulled me out of a horrifically deep depression. It’s been an incredible experience taking over @womeninphoto with these two incredibly talented female photographers! I doubt this will be the last conversation I have with the two of them. To see more of my Recovery Archive please follow @therecoveryarchive, and for more of the work I’ve shared this past week, visit: πŸ—£ πŸ—£ πŸ—£ πŸ—£ #fastforward #womeninphoto #rachaelburns #kikaperez #micaengland #emergingartist #womeninart #womenphotographers #therecoveryarchive #neorecovery #temporarycollective

26 days ago

This is Mica @therecoveryarchive in conversation with @rachaelburnsphoto and @kika_perez_2015 for #FFConversation Today I’m answering Kika’s question: What is your need to take photos? In the simplest terms: to express myself & my reality. Each photo I take is a self-portrait - even if I’m not visible in the frame.Β Writing gives me voice, & my photography strengthens my writing - & vice versa. I create media that actually resonates with me - that I can actually see myself in. I’m queer & I’m mentally ill. I express all aspects of my personality with a candid lens, at times painfully so. Art is a means to compartmentalize my disordered thoughts; art is catharsis. & yet this is a balancing act. Society is quick to accuse artists of romanticizing their own mental illnesses, while at the same time quick to expect those same artists to suffer for their art. Art isn’t bound to suffering. Art can be healing; art can be a step to future recovery. These images are from a 2016 project β€œEmotional Language.” This series specifically focuses on six toxic emotions: obsession, ambivalence, anxiety, depression, disassociation, & instability. These pages, with my text & my feelings & my face, form the Emotional Language of my life. I later turned the project into a book & a six-sided cube installation. β€œEmotional Language” was a toe-dip into fully immersing my work into my psychology & mental health. My Instagram label is @therecoveryarchive because it acts as an archive of past disordered thoughts - be them suicidal, borderline, or psychotic. It’s also allowed me to experiment with #glitchart techniques as I re-contextualize & remix past selfies & past thoughts. πŸ—£ πŸ—£ πŸ—£ πŸ—£ #fastforward #womeninphoto #rachaelburns #kikaperez #micaengland #emergingartist #womeninart #womenphotographers #therecoveryarchive