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19 days ago

Without a doubt our most favourite tee we’ve designed to date. 😍 And that smile! ❤️ @nevozisin Also available is the ally version with the ‘expand your mind’ pocket print. Both tees also come with a FREE A3 poster of the back print. 🙌

24 days ago

@nevozisin and our sea unicorn Pebles 💖 Too cute. We only have a couple of these amazing pronoun tees left - but will be restocking soon!

1 month ago

Well tonight’s post is slightly different to the usual, with my intention being to get some damm comments down below. This might not be so much a conspiracy but more so a conversation that causes controversy. How many genders are there? Are there 2, 3, 4.......????? As never before, please leave a comment below. It is truly appreciated when people do. Thanks @tar.thorne for being so generous to leave a comment on the last post, you TOO could get a shoutout by simply sharing your opinion below Happy Wednesday :)

1 month ago

+ @f.activist People keep acting like all these sexualities and identities that are becoming more popularized now are new, but they’re not. People have been transgender and nonbinary for thousands of years and there have always been asexual people, they just may not have had the resources to be able to identify with a title. LGBT+ is not new. It’s very old and it should have been talked about years ago, but it is now, and people need to understand that + -Thea :) + #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtpride #lgbtqpride #gay #gayteen #gender #bigenderpride #agenderpride #transgender #trans #genderfluid🌈 #genderqueerpride #nonbinarygender #polygenderpride #lgbtq🌈 #lgbtqia #lgbta #loveislove #asexual #asexualpride #nonbinary #nonbinarypride #therearemorethantwogenders #factivistthea

1 month ago

spreading a little bit positivity today 💖 -David · image description: In the first picture is a zepeto with blonde short hair, light skin and black clothing, sitting in the right lower corner and pointing on a white text with a dark gray shadow that says "neopronouns, non-binary genders, a-spec identities and microlabels are valid and real and people who identify with them are so beautiful and deserve all my love". around the text are hearts in the colours of the asexual, demisexual, he/him lesbian, neopronouns lesbian, aromantic, demiromantic, nonbinary, trans, she/her gay and neopronouns gay flags. The background of the picture is pastel blue. The second picture shows the same zepeto, this time leaning against the left side of the picture. Above eir head is a text in mint letters and a gray shadow that says "to truscum" and refers to another text in white letters and a gray shadow that says "bullying people for identifying with these things won't change anything, all it does is triggering self hate." the background of the picture is pastel orange.

1 month ago

q*eer assimilationists aren't fighting for real acceptance of us, they're just licking perisex cishet boots 🍵 -David · Credit: @truscumaremisguided · Q-slur censored for people who get triggered by it 💗 · Image description: in the first two images is the text in them in black letters on white background. The third picture shows a barbie doll with a caption that says "is it boots? Is that what you lick? You lick cis boots?" [End of image description]

2 months ago

This had to be said. ~David (*treat, sorry my english isn't the best) · Credit: aka my tumblr · image description: a tumblr post with black letters on white background saying "Sorry cissies but it's your own fault if trans people say stuff like "cis people suck" because guess why they start saying that? because y'all are transphobic assholes 24/7 and treat us like shit. So don't wonder. If you're only a trans ally if trans people are always nice then I guess you aren't." above the text of the post is a profile pic that shows a black hoodie with the trans symbol that says "trans punks ' smash the system". Next to the profile pic is the username errror404gendernotfound. under the text are hashtags in gray letters that say e.g. trans, transphobia, transgender, trans man, trans woman, trans nonbinary, nonbinary, genderqueer. [End of image description]