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Who new that my own journey of creating wellness in my mind + body + creating our Whole one step at a time would lead me to run a business with essential oils educating across the globe. . Breathing all the gratitude in + gifting all the gratitude out today 💕 . I’m forever grateful for those on their own mission walking (+ sometimes running!) alongside of me shining their own light + bringing the education to their communities. . Today alone, we’ve connected around £2,000 worth of emotional support oils into homes. It starts with starting the healing journey with yourself first 💕 . . . . . #essentialoils #thepowerofhealing #juststart #doterraeurope #modernmama #modernmum #mumlife #healthyhome #happyhearts #themodernwholehome

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For those of you asking how I manage my leg pain after I work out ▶ Here is the secret sauce (props to my cousin Kaycie for the recipe) ▫ Coconut Oil ▫ Young Living Essential Oils Lavendar & Copaiba 🙏⚡ I suffered a open fracture of my Tibia & Fibula 22 months ago & Essential Oils have everything to do W/ my successful healing process. This same rub is AMAZING for period cramps ◀ LADIES. ✴ I do 10 drops Copaiba & 5 drops Lavendar in coconut oil (depending on the size of container used) & rub generously on my leg massaging deeply. Along with proper stretching. I then do a hot Lavendar bath & stretch in there as well ▫ followed W/ ice on my knee ◀ Life changing stuff! I have used alot of different rubs & this has been the most effective for me. I see immediate results in pain & if the rub is not enough I'll even do a drop of Copaiba under my tongue W/ a guzzle of water. You can even add CBD to this rub for a "extra strength" version, for all you CBD lovers 🌿 ✴ Life after a suicide attempt is possible. Life after TBI is possible. Life after a injury is possible. Life after addiction is possible. The only limits we face are the limits we set for ourselves. Go to any length to be the best version of yourself. Try new things, think new thoughts, & set out to find a life that you do not just survive in but THRIVE in ✴ I always say if it scares you a lil' then sis it's good for you! Happiness is a journey; not a destination ▫ So, chase love & light 💕🌠🌙✴ @thefivefers #ThePowerOfHealing #HolisticMama #OilyLife #YoungLivingMama #SuicideSurvivor #RecoveryWarrior #TheButterflyInside #mTBI #Fracture #Healing #22MonthsSober #NoMedications #OilsOilsOils #UsePlants #NotPharma #SaveYourBrain #HolisticHealing #Survivors #Thrivers #Warriors #ThriveTogether #RecoverOutLoud #TraumaSurvivors #CTEadvocate #WeDoRecover #EndTheOpioidEpidemic #PainManagement #CBD #LessPillsMoreOils at Fresno, California

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Healing. The body. The mind. The soul. The spirit. This includes thoughts, feelings, memories, attitudes, beliefs, perspectives, not just traumas and abuse. In the process, showing yourself love, care, understanding, compassion, gentleness, kindness, giving hope, courage, and space is critical to the healing season being maximized to its utmost depth to allow you sustain life so much more fully. How are you taking time to heal? What can you do to give yourself more space to do this deeper? With complete grace? #ADifferentPerspective #CreateTheLifeYouWant #LiveIntentionally #ThePowerOfChoice #ItAllStartsWithYou #LiveFromTheHeart #ShareYourHeartWithTheWorld #PainIsAGift #ThePowerOfHealing #Healing #SelfCare #Health #Mind #Body #Spirit

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@canedah #healingthursday Cheers guys ☕️☕️☕️ honest talk today The most asked question and at the same time the thing most people are afraid of ▪️ S P I R I T U A L I T Y ▪️ For me spirituality is living a life with an open heart - no matter what! Compassion for myself and others - no matter what! Developing myself to the best version of who I possibly can be. Helping others to do the same. Being kind to other humans, animals and plants. Helping our planet to survive. Living an authentic life and share it with you. Understanding my life’s purpose and taking responsibility of my life first! Believing in something way bigger than myself. A huge force - creating our universe with all its amazing planets in a way that allows the earth to spinning in a way that creates day and night, gravity, ocean tides, nourishing our energy field of we decide to receive. ▪️Devotion to this life force energy ▪️ I am a light worker for real with every cell of my body and I need you to believe in yourself and something out there, having a bigger plan for you. It’s not a cult. Nothing to be afraid of. It’s pure, honest and real!! You only need to trust love ▪️ That’s lame? Something to be afraid of? Still scared? It’s your ego mate! Don’t let it rule your life - give your heart a chance to speak and life gets easier. Trust me 🤫 Love Kathie #energycoach #londonhealthcoach #healingwithin #spiritualcounselling #innerwisdomcoaching #spiritualguide #liveyourfreedom #personalgrowthjourney #findyourselffirst #openyourmindandheart #spreadlightandlove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #consciousnessshifting #journeytohealing #powerofselflove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #reconnecttoyourself #reconnecttoyourheartswisdom #thepowerofhealing #happinesscoaching #freeyourselffromclutter #relaxandunwindtime #metimetravel #goddessgathering #treeoflovetribe #canedahbuddhacamp #spiritualcamp #bootcampforyoursoul at London, United Kingdom

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Offer yourself the gift of well being for Valentines Day weekend. Awareness Through Movement Class at the Berkeley Rep School of Theater this weekend Feb 16-17, 10:30am-1pm. . The Feldenkrais Method uses movement to access the brain and change patterns. This particular workshop will focus on using a non-judgmental and creative approach to decrease tension, increase movement efficiency and enhance well-being. How can we find more creative ways to move, and be playful to bring more creativity in our own lives? We privilege creativity over an authoritative approach. You got to your patterns for a reason. You were clever and creative. The question is, is this still serving you? And if not how to explore new ways in a pleasurable fashion rather than thinking that you need to be fixed or corrected? Come play with us! . #wellbeing #berkeleyrepschooloftheatre #fullpotential #neuroscience #motioexploration #feldenkrais #movingishealing #theaterbayarea #movementasmedicine #movetolearn #growth #empowerment #creativity #playful #exploration #thecornerstudio #thepowerofhealing #awarenessthroughmovement #awareness #mindfulness #mindbody #neuroplasticity #selflove #movementexploration #selfcare #loveyourself #valentinesdayweekend Photo by @odaaasejohnsen

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@canedah It’s all about the grapefruit 💖this week!!! Happy middle of the week guys!!! I’m using these products at the moment because it’s grapefruit 🙆🏼‍♀️ just flippin love it!! Activating your solar plexus chakra - power centre!! Keep doing your good work people! You got this 💪🏻💪🏻 Sending lots of energy right into your power centre 🌀 (stomach area ✨✨✨) Love Kathie 🦄🦄🦄 #wellnesswednesday #energycoach #londonhealthcoach #healingwithin #spiritualguide #liveyourfreedom #personalgrowthjourney #findyourselffirst #openyourmindandheart #spreadlightandlove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #positiveonly #spiritjunkielondon #consciousnessshifting #journeytohealing #powerofselflove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #reconnecttoyourself #reconnecttoyourheartswisdom #thepowerofhealing #happinesscoaching #freeyourselffromclutter #relaxandunwindtime #metimetravel #goddessgathering #entrepreneurwomaninbusiness at London, United Kingdom

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✨So happy to be part of the @welldaily fam! Follow along their stories today & check out my first article tomorrow! . #Repost @welldaily with @get_repost ・・・ Another Tuesday means another takeover! Meet Caroline from @healthwithcare who is a Naturopathic Medical Intern in her final year of studying Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. Her passion was ignited years ago when Caroline began to experience the benefits of using natural modalities to help encourage the body’s own healing. Through her own journey she has learned that healing is a delicate process and that even small lifestyle changes can make a world of difference. She deeply resonates with the underlying principle to treat the root cause of disease. She also has interests in women’s health, mental health, fitness and holistic skincare. Caroline is inspired to help others on their individual journeys to reach optimal health and wellness. // #takeovertuesday #livewelldaily

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@canedah 🍋🍋🍋 #tarottuesdays Message for myself, coming through this morning!! Please write it down on a note or 25 notes and post them all around the house..... mirrors, bedroom, kitchen, fridge, wardrobe, couch.... repeat for the next couple of days: 💌 “I am proud of who I am” #positiveaffirmationsdaily #mindsetpositive Every time you believe yourself more, you grow taller, you smile, you feel the power inside your belly, you relax and know that everything’s gonna be fine!! And bam!! Magic is happening babe!! 🎈 Have an awesome day, Kathie #energycoach #londonhealthcoach #healingwithin #spiritualguide #liveyourfreedom #personalgrowthjourney #findyourselffirst #openyourmindandheart #spreadlightandlove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #positiveonly #spiritjunkielondon #consciousnessshifting #journeytohealing #powerofselflove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #reconnecttoyourself #reconnecttoyourheartswisdom #thepowerofhealing #happinesscoaching #freeyourselffromclutter #relaxandunwindtime #metimetravel #goddessgathering #entrepreneurwomaninbusiness at Greenwich

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@canedah Moooorning guys!! Happy Monday ✨✨✨✨ This week is gonna be aaaaall about wellbeing 🤓 #spiritualwellbeing How to feed the soul, your energy body, your energy field, your spirit ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Starting with #groundingtechniques every single day was today’s intention for our #mondaymorningmeditation Grounding can be done like this: 🌳morning meditation 🌳walks!!!! Nature walks 🌳walking barefoot 🌳coffee!! (Not 5 a day 🙆🏼‍♀️) 🌳massages 🌳swimming, baths, long showers ..... Stay tuned for more “wellbeing” this week ✨✨✨✨ #energycoach #londonhealthcoach #healingwithin #spiritualguide #liveyourfreedom #personalgrowthjourney #findyourselffirst #openyourmindandheart #spreadlightandlove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #positiveonly #spiritjunkielondon #consciousnessshifting #journeytohealing #powerofselflove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #reconnecttoyourself #reconnecttoyourheartswisdom #thepowerofhealing #happinesscoaching #freeyourselffromclutter #relaxandunwindtime #metimetravel #goddessgathering #entrepreneurwomaninbusiness at Greenwich Creekside

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I’m a big believer in creating a sacred space within you and in your home. creating a sacred space from the inside out does so much wonders! Holding that pure sacred space within you is a place that one goes to rejuvenate thyself, become still and calm, as well as center your inner world so you can always be clear in yourself and grounded within you. This is needed to live our best lives as our greatest version. It does not mean life still won't be hard or have struggling times, life is made with all of that and more but it truly means you will be able to take control of your life in any situation and grow more in your directhim with ease. Creating a sacred space that you love in your home is different for everyone but the power that comes with it, the sincere feelings we forum helps us shape our lives! I’ve had a few sacred spaces and always designed/created what speaks and aligns to me. The energy that surrounds my area comes from beyond me. Anything I add to my area from myself or others must come with great energy, powerful souls, and pure hearts. What you welcome into your space is a BIG DEAL! This is my current space right next to my creative are which welcomes the sun😍! Aligning with my greatness/purpose from the inside out has always led me to creating a sacred spot beyond within me💙 it’s important to me to always be centered no matter what sometimes I’ll fall short but I know what I must do to get aligned again and that is a big beauty of having a sacred space from within you and in your own area that you love, cherish, and align to! Do you have a sacred spot that has helped you heal and grow in your life? #soulfulsunday #thepowerofhealing #sacredspace #grateful🙏 #love #flowwithintention #goodenergy #connectinghearts #connectingsouls #youarepowerful

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Happy Thursday Loves, Today, I encourage healing.. Healing does not mean that the damage did not exist, It simply means that the damage can no longer control your life.. We repeat what we do not repair so we must be careful not to spread our past hurts to others.. Do the mirror work💛 💎 💎 💎 #happythursday #healing #healingquotes #healyourlife #healingispossible #healwhathurtyou #thursday #motivationalquotes #morninginspiration #youcanheal #brokenpeoplebreakpeople #selfhealing #isamust #standinyourpower #inspiration #encourage #beencouraged #getthehelpyouneed #seek #seekhelp #healingpower #thepowerofhealing #sheilainspires #project10k #thesheilaproject #catchon to #thegrowthmovement #sheilathecreditboss

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I took too long to get this together but here it is! . So this is a kitty cat who came to our clinic for puffiness of the face that turned out to be a very peculiar tooth root abscess. . The veterinarian sent her home with oral antibiotics to which the owner could not medicate because she is elderly and arthritic; that's where I come in. . For 10 consecutive days, I would go to their home for daily treatment (day 8 was missed due to owner being unavailable). . As you can see, by day 4 after the abscess had ruptured and began draining on its own that kitty cat was beginning to look like a normal cat again! . Post 2 weeks we can see that she has some minor hair loss and was itching a little at her scabs but otherwise has made a full beautiful recovery and we ended up with a happy owner and happy kitty 💗🐱🐾 . #vettech2u #meow #housecalls #callmebeepme #ilovetohelp #wheninneed #catlife #toothrootabscess #thepowerofhealing #healer #vetmed #vettech #vettechlife #vetnurse #vetnurselife #ilovewhatido . #cats #catlife #cat at Port Saint Lucie, Florida

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@canedah Happy & healthy Thursday guys! 💚 #healingthursday Thursdays are all about 🧪healing 🦠 Scientifically proven, experienced and approved by myself aaaand many clients! What I’m saying is that every Thursday I’m sharing my own health and healing tricks hacks and experiences with you guys 💡 #healthythursday Healthy eating ➿ #projectguthealth ➿ what is spiritual healing? ➿ healing your mind, thoughts & beliefs ➿ emotional healing ➿ healing your relationships ➿ deep heart healing ➿ healing your childhood ➿ I could go on and on 🤓🙆🏼‍♀️ but you get it!!! Any requests please write them down in the comments below! Today’s #healingthursday project was a big plant based 🌱 lunch or basically avo with sourdough- lots of avocado 🥑🤩🤤 @26grains Makes me happy in every single way and helps my gut, my mind, my emotional health and definitely my energy level! Heaven on earth 😗 #energycoach #londonhealthcoach #healingwithin #spiritualguide #liveyourfreedom #personalgrowthjourney #findyourselffirst #openyourmindandheart #spreadlightandlove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #positiveonly #spiritjunkielondon #consciousnessshifting #journeytohealing #powerofselflove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #reconnecttoyourself #reconnecttoyourheartswisdom #thepowerofhealing #happinesscoaching #freeyourselffromclutter #relaxandunwindtime #metimetravel #goddessgathering #entrepreneurwomaninbusiness at Neal's Yard

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@canedah Coooooffeeeee in my face!!! ☕️💓➿ #wellnesswednesdayproject Ladies and gents, Welcome to my personal self care and wellness day! Every Wednesday you get tips and hacks how to treat yourself and pamper your body ✔️ Feel free to pop in and try some rituals! It’s fun - sooo much fun!!! 🤩🤩 Today I’ve got my absolutely fav face mask on - coffee addicts attention please 🖤 @lush cup’ o coffee Face and body mask Spiritual well being means wellbeing on all levels! Physically, emotionally, mentally aaaand spiritually 🤓 Today’s all about the body - ehm face 👊🏻 #butfirstcoffee#selfcarehacks #treatyourselftoday #healingthebody #energycoach #londonhealthcoach #healingwithin #spiritualguide #liveyourfreedom #personalgrowthjourney #findyourselffirst #openyourmindandheart #spreadlightandlove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #positiveonly #spiritjunkielondon #consciousnessshifting #journeytohealing #powerofselflove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #reconnecttoyourself #reconnecttoyourheartswisdom #thepowerofhealing #happinesscoaching #freeyourselffromclutter #relaxandunwindtime #metimetravel #goddessgathering #entrepreneurwomaninbusiness at London, United Kingdom

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Text was not uploaded!!!! 🙆🏼‍♀️🙆🏼‍♀️ will try again @canedah #tarottuesday 🐳🐳 Deep replenishment. Retreat. Rest. Be held. I’ve picked a card for this week’s intention: going through the week with an open heart to everyone I meet, despite their attitude, reaction or behaviour! #butfirstselfcare “You can’t pour from an empty cup” they said. And I listened. Because living a life with an open heart means showing compassion, love and kindness to every person and situation you are dealing with. And that sucks sometimes because you don’t want to, you think you can’t do it, you want to hide, you want to shut down, hide or just scream. Living with an open heart is the bravest part of spirituality - but it’s the essential part of it. So we’ve picked a quite challenging intention for this week on Monday morning #meditationmonday During our meditation. ( join me every Monday morning at 7 am on Instagram live for a freakin’ start to the week kinda morning 🙌🏻) People, we can do this! Leave the heart open and smile and see what happens .... But don’t forget to nourish and replenish yourself by doing things you love, things that lighten you up and rest. Sleep. Take it easy. Sending you lots of love 💖 Kathie #energycoach #londonhealthcoach #healingwithin #spiritualguide #liveyourfreedom #personalgrowthjourney #findyourselffirst #openyourmindandheart #spreadlightandlove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #positiveonly #spiritjunkielondon #consciousnessshifting #journeytohealing #powerofselflove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #reconnecttoyourself #reconnecttoyourheartswisdom #thepowerofhealing #happinesscoaching #freeyourselffromclutter #relaxandunwindtime #metimetravel #goddessgathering #entrepreneurwomaninbusiness at London, United Kingdom

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The truth is I never thought Id be the girl who tried to take her own life, not in a milllion years. Not me. I was the strong friend. The athlete. The gymnast W/ no fear & tuns of guts. The girl who could survive juvenile hall. The girl who could survive homelessness & addiction. I was the "suck it up" type of chick. I was the girl that was afraid of very little ✴ I dont use my social media as a platform to sell you stuff. I dont use it to charge you money for "life coaching" (no offense to those that do/just not my thing) ▪ I use social media for one reason & one reason only ▪ SUICIDE PREVENTION & W/ that comes recovery & TBI advocacy ▪ It all goes hand in hand & you cant put a price on a life, especially a life your saving. God didn't charge by the hour ✴ After I survived my attempt I wondered.. Is there anyone else out there who understands? Are there other individuals recovering from such a terrible life event? Can you even overcome this and integrate back into society successfully? Will my children be judged? What happens next... ✴ So, here I am before & after ▪ 21 months in between both pictures & a world of new information & healing has happened within those months ▪ I do this all for the person or people who think "the pain will never end, I cant do this" I push it out into the world for free & I ask for nothing in return ▪ I want my community to know YOU CAN RECOVER FROM YOUR PAIN, YOU ARE NOT HOPELESS!!!!!!! As for the questions I asked while I laid on a hospital bed unable to walk without help.. The answer is THRU GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. So, have NO FEAR ✴ Today as you live your life please remember that even the strongest bravest souls suffer & we all bleed the same! You don't have to be beautiful like them, BE BEAUTIFUL LIKE YOU! & when someone sets a limitation for your mental, physical, & emotional growth ▪ LAUGH AT IT cuz the only limits you face are the limits you set for yourself ✴ #WeDoRecover #SuicidePrevention #RecoveryAdvocate #CTEadvocate #TBIawareness #ThePowerOfHealing #TheButterflyInside #SoberGirlSociety #RecoverOutLoud #EndingStigmas #BreakingBarriers #limitless #BeBold #BeOfService #IAmYouMovement at Fresno, California

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Ive done more in 21 months of my sobriety than I have in years of drinking! If you are contemplating sobriety or maybe you're sober & not sure you want to stay that way... I challenge you to push yourself & try something new ▪ Stick W/ it ▪ & watch your most memorable dreams come true! ✴ The truth is I am working on & developing some really exciting content for the TBI/Recovery community & some of it scares me a little because I know the authenticity it's going to require ▪ I cant wait to share it all & I hope that it saves a life... Or two! Gods work is not always easy but it is WORTH every life it saves ▪ Do NOT forget that as you move forward in your lives today!! ✴ #WeDoRecover #Sobriety #TBI #TheButterflyInside #Concussion #mTBI #ThePowerOfHealing #Recovery #RecoveryAdvocate #CTEadvocate #TBIawareness #Healers #Givers #StaySober #SuicidePrevention #ChooseRecovery #Cheerleader #Gymnast #EndingStigmas #BreakingBarriers

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@canedah @arapina_bakery Let’s talk about the impact of healthy food on our energy field! We all know that healthy eating is good for your body, increases your energy level and makes you feel better.... but there’s also the aspect of your soul level! By healthy eating - aka plant based, paleo ... whatever works for you! Fresh food ✨ Sustainable food and organic food - your energy field, your aura is shining brighter as well 🥳 Really? How? Why? What do I need to do? #healthyeatingmotivation Come and join me for the first #coffeetalkswithcanedah ☕️Sunday, 3rd of February 4pm @arapina_bakery My favourite healthy eating coffee place!!! They are awesome! Trust me 💖 ☕️45 minutes talk ☕️for free ☕️ 10% off food and drinks for everyone booking a spot I want to give you the chance to try lots of vegan, gluten free, dairy free or raw food options (10% off) and listen to some interesting facts about energy work! You are welcome 🐥😽😜 Kidding - Let’s have a cosy afternoon together. I need your light to shine brighter in every possible way ✨ thank you! Send me a text to book your spot! Love you lots Kathie #energycoach #londonhealthcoach #healingwithin #spiritualguide #liveyourfreedom #personalgrowthjourney #findyourselffirst #openyourmindandheart #spreadlightandlove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #positiveonly #spiritjunkielondon #consciousnessshifting #journeytohealing #powerofselflove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #reconnecttoyourself #reconnecttoyourheartswisdom #thepowerofhealing #happinesscoaching #freeyourselffromclutter #relaxandunwindtime #metimetravel #goddessgathering #entrepreneurwomaninbusiness at Greenwich

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The Eight Powerful Gemstones that make up The Momo Energy Bracelet. . After Momo's stroke, I turned to healing gemstones to create a powerful healing necklace for her. And these are the 8 precious gemstones I choose. They all have extremely beneficial healing properties that not only help our furry friends but that us humans. If you're looking for a little extra help in 2019 or would like to support Momo to help pay for her therapy please click on the link above. . . #energy #positivevibes #healing #healthy2019 #newyou #catlife #furryfriends #dogs #cats #relax #woodbeads #giftsforall #unisex #gemstones #crystals #thepowerofhealing #mainecoon #necklaces #bracelets #jewelry #handmade #madetoorder #madewithlove at Beverly Hills, California

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@canedah Lovely people! I’m totally in love with the new energies of 2019 already 🤩 Can’t wait to slide over to the next year.... But first - how have you been over the last couple of weeks? Intense, crazy and very deep energies are around! It’s getting better now with every morning we wake up 🙌🏻 24/25th of December till the 6th of January is a very special time because each day is releasing one month of the past year and preparing for the new year! #rauhnächte #roughnights #12daysafterchristmas So basically since Christmas you are going through a huge declutter of the “old year’s energies” and preparing your energy field for the new one! Stay grounded during this period and be very gentle and kind to others (they are going through the same crap!!) and especially to yourself love! 24/25th -26th 🧿January 27th 🧿 February 28th 🧿 March 29th 🧿 April 30th 🧿 May 31st 🧿 June 1st 🧿 July 2nd 🧿 August 3rd 🧿 September 4th 🧿 October 5th 🧿 November 6th 🧿 December No worries! All is fine, just a bit confusing when you don’t know what’s going on. Dreaming about the past, past lovers or friends suddenly appearing, feeling sleepy and tired, or totally buzzing and full of energy! All is possible at the moment. It’s a good time to sit down and write about it and keep track in a journal. Or doing specific meditations to prepare yourself for the new year .. it’s up to you 🔮🤩🤸🏼‍♀️ Check my podcast @podbean #treeoflovetribe If you need any help with energy declutter and you still feel drained by “old energies” or “energy vampires” 😽 I wish you all the best, all the light and love you can possibly get, may all your dreams come true and all your fears disappear!! #youcandothisgirl Cheers 🥂 Kathie #londonhealthcoach #healingwithin #spiritualguide #liveyourfreedom #personalgrowthjourney #findyourselffirst #openyourmindandheart #spreadlightandlove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #positiveonly #spiritjunkielondon #consciousnessshifting #journeytohealing #powerofselflove #putyourselfbacktogether #selfloveisthekey #womensretreat2018 #mallorcaretreat #reconnecttoyourself #reconnecttoyourheartswisdom #thepowerofhealing #happinesscoaching #freeyourselffromclutter at Greenwich

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We sat outside until the street lights came on. And man, did I shead some real women/ mommy tears with my girls. I explained to them how I had a hard life/childhood that I was not proud of. How fast I had to grow up. I didn't want to, but I didn't have a choice. All of these emotions just started to come back and out from no where.(I thought I was over the pain💔) See, I had to take care of myself at age 11 because my mother became addicted to drugs and if anyone can relate, then you know how painful that was. My mother lost EVERYTHING including herself! Due to that, we had to move to my grandparents house in D.C #912. Strangers ran in & out. Home got raided due to her drug problems (I remember waking up with a gun aimed at me & my son by the police.) My faith was low & had me questioning God. WHY ME? Made bad decisions in men. Talk to drug dealers to protect my mother from getting killed. I been a mother before I was a mother👼. I lost my only sibling/brother to the streets #ripbrandon. Had a baby young to feel the love I was missing. Man, I was a HOT ASS MESS & LOST! Some may see your glory but don't know your story. The Mic-eal you might have known is "DEFINITELY" not the same person you see today. I think sometimes we don't give ourselves enough SELFLOVE & CREDIT for our GROWTH🙌! These little eyes has seen a lot and been through more then you know. (You think you know, but you have NO IDEA!) I was very private, very independent & didn't want anyone to feel sorry for me, plus that shit "was" embarrassing. All I knew was, I had to set some BIGGOALS so me and my son can make it out ("as a teenager") Then I married them & #mrsbiggergoals was created! I've been saved 🙏 & God sent me the man of my dreams to LOVE me for ME 💞! Them #novels had nothing on my life story! Never read one becuz? well, I was living one! GOD WILL GIVE YOU DOUBLE FOR YOUR TROUBLES.. BELIEVE THAT! Realest shit I ever wrote. My story "Daughter Of A Drug Addict" Should I do this book? 🤔 I can now smile 😊 #waitingtoexhale #neversaidIwasperfect #thepowerofhealing #prayerworks #912 #mademestronger #godplan4me #onlygodcanjudgeme #1228

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#PTSD # While everyone's reaction to trauma is unique, there are common reactions, and knowing what they are can be helpful as we recover. Recovering from years and years of accumulated traumas can be difficult... but it is not impossible. Sometimes the best Healing is not talking about it, not because it hurts(it doesn’t anymore) but because there are certain parts that are only to be shared with certain people (souls)... The purpose in recovering is to help others as we help ourselves❤️Lili❤️ #Healing #healingvibrations #amen #deusnocomando🙏 #ThepowerOfHealing #ThepowerofLove #faceyourdemons #letthemgo #awakespiritual #moveforward #sage #meditation #yoga #stretching #healthyeating #relaxation

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I spent the better part of a decade feeling completely unwell. I went to several doctors, who ran countless tests, never resulting in anything remotely helpful. After years of disappointment I finally decided to take matters into my own hands. • I started educating myself and listening to my body, instead of relying on other people to tell me how to heal. It wasn’t simple and it wasn’t easy, but I learned the incredible power of food as medicine. I learned that everything I consume, do, think and feel has an impact on my overall health. I changed my diet and lifestyle and immediately noticed an improvement in how I felt. • It’s been quite the journey and a major life lesson. To listen to my body. To take the time to think about the way each part of my life impacts my overall health. To trust in the power of healing. • What does wellness mean to you and how have you learned to heal? ✨❤️💪🏻 at Punta De Mita, Nayarit, Mexico

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Give a powerful healing gift that is as timeless and as ancient as faith...Frankincense! It's not too late to get your order in and get a FREE Frankincense! (all through December) Not a doTerra member? Message me this weekend to join and start your wellness journey! Tag anyone in your life who might love the gift of the Magi! #doterraessentialoils #threekings #frankincense #thepowerofhealing #healing #skincare

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AUTISM MAMAS!!!!!!!!! Believe, Believe, Believe that your kids know MUCH more than they are able to physically or verbally show you! Copy and paste and WATCH THIS! Talk to your kids like they are THEIR age, because they are!!! Know they have so much more to say but can't physically get it out because their thoughts are stuck in the motor cortex of the brain! We have been purposefully talking to Naiya and engaging her differently these last few weeks, helping her with purposeful body movement, Feeding her knowledge and encouraging her mind to think and connect to her body, as well as applying a LOT of oils often. She LOVES the oils and asks for them by name. I put them RIGHT on her HEAD!!!! We have seen some HUGE changes in the way she responds to things. Don't give up!!!!! Your kids may seem anxious, agitated and totally not connected, because wouldn't your body respond that way if you could not get your thoughts out!? ;) YES!! This realization has helped me switch my thought process SO much!!!!!!! DON'T GIVE UP! LOVE and ACCEPT your Kids. UNDERSTAND where they are coming from. They NEED YOU. I'd love to chat!!!! We mamas need all the support and connection we can get!!

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ANXIETY - so very real. But...there is hope. Check out Marissa’s story. It's so very encouraging! 👇🏻✨ "Anxiety crippled me for 3 years prior to these supplements. I couldn’t leave my house, I rarely ate, I stayed in bed nearly 24 hours a day, my friendships faded out, I was depressed and thought my life was destined to this routine. Convinced I would eventually be put somewhere and die from a lack of life due to anxiety. I finally gave in and started medication. It was doing the job well but I didn’t want to have to be on drugs forever. I wanted more children and the drug that was working for me cannot be taken in pregnancy. Enter these plant based supplements. I had no idea that anxiety was directly related to my gut, to my blood sugar levels, to hormonal imbalances. I had such a lack of knowledge on how to take my health into my own hands without the use of artificial ingredients. I’m proud to say today I am completely off medication and functioning fully, even better than when I was on medicine! I no longer fear when a dose is missed because I know my body is balanced. I sleep, I eat healthy, I interact with my friends and family, I sit in the front row at my church, which if you’ve ever had anxiety you know being in the front of anywhere is hard the less attention on you the better. I’m a youth leader a wife who cooks and cleans, a better sister, a more fun daughter. I leave my bed! I could go on for days about this company and how incredible it is but I will leave it here! Seriously take the plunge and try it out your life is WORTH it!” #anxiety #anxious #overcome #thepowerofhealing #feedyourgut #gutglam #probiotics #youcannotpourfromanemptycup #youdeservethebest #autoimmunewarrior #momlife #selfcare #wednesday

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Healing is never ever easy as you have to face your demons, admit to your faults, fully recognise that you are not all okay! But healing is so important for good mental health and personal growth. Some people realise relatively early the wounds that need to be healed, others take a little more time to realise, and then there are those who go their whole lives not realising it at all and continue to maintain that same vicious, toxic and unhealthy cycle..... It’s sad and unfortunate but it’s true..... For those of you who are actively healing though good on you! Keep going and don’t give up! You are worth it and will feel so much better once out the other side . . . . . . . . . #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #speakup #reachout #dontstaysilent #makingtheworldhealthierandhappier #2blokes2beards #wordporn #itsnotweaktospeak #youarenotalone #healing #thepowerofhealing #personalgrowth #personalgrowthjourney

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You can’t help heal others when you’re broken. This is a very intimate photo of me in Hawaii. Lost, broken, seeking source. This time was crucial for me, it would change me forever. This is just a reminder for you. For anyone going through it, a day will come when you stand up and walk again, and you’ll be stronger than ever. Don’t lose faith! Hang on! God is good. 🙏🏽🙌🏽💓 #grateful #imback #faith #courage #thejourney #godisgood #cultivatelove #healing #thepowerofhealing #hawaii #magic #thebigisland #fountainofyouth #unfuckwitable #spiritualgangster at Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

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A little over 2 years ago now I had to have a meniscal tear repair. It wasn’t the success I was hoping for and I’ve had constant knee pain since and didn’t have the range of movement that I would have liked. I try to get to a yoga class as often as I can and was always disappointed and frustrated how restricted I was in certain poses. Recently I started learning a new style of healing whereby trapped emotions are released from the body. What I have learnt is more often than not our bodies don’t heal to their full capacity because we are holding trapped emotions at the source of the injury. I wanted to know if I was holding trapped emotions in my knee resulting in the pain and restricted movement. With this style of healing not only can I test for trapped emotions, I can find out what they are and what age they were trapped. I found I was holding trapped emotions in my knee and the age I trapped them was 2yrs and 4months. I had to ask my mum what happened to me at this age as trapped emotions usually happen as a result of some sort of trauma. My mum thinks this is when I fell off my grandmothers balcony and interestingly enough she said around this age is when my knee started aching. I spent night after night in my mums bed crying from my knee aching when I was younger. I’ve always known I had ‘bad knees’. But could it have been the result of trapped emotions? I set to work releasing the trapped emotions in my knee and 2 days later I went to a yoga class. I was a little nervous to push it but my knee had been pain free since releasing these emotions so I thought I would try half lotus and to my absolute amazement not only could I get the range of motion I needed, there was no pain! Such a huge moment for me. I could barely even sit cross legged prior to releasing the emotions without being in so much pain and now I could sit in half lotus! I have since tested my knee in other ways and I now almost have full range of movement. Oh how powerful energy healing can be! And how amazing the body is to be able to heal itself! . . . . #energyhealing #thepowerofhealing #trappedemotions #releasingtrappedemotions #energyhealer #theemotioncode #healyourself

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My #world #massagetherapy #massagetherapist #massageworld #healers #holisticmedicine #homeopathic #thepowerofhealing IN #LIFE IN ALL YOU DO YOU HAVE TO SET THE RIGHT #INTENTIONS EVEN IF YOU #FAIL A FEW TIMES👊🏽👊🏽Is always that last door that opens when you feel like quitting!! #positivevibesonly💯 #positivethinking #positiveaffirmations #blessed #sundayvibes #sayitagain #blogging #blogger #foodforthought🧐🧐🧐 #aligned @millionaire_mentor You’re the Bomb!!💣💣💣🌹 #gamechanger #empath #humanitarian

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I am art and will be recognized as a masterpiece.. • • As each day passes, my mind, body, and soul are gradually detaching from what was once my muse. The foundation of pure, genuine love should be uplifting. The environment in which you receive love should provide endless opportunities for growth. Finding the right person for your eternity takes time- years, even. However, finding the right person for this exact moment in your life is not difficult. You should never be fooled into believing these two lovers are the same. Temporary happiness and eternal happiness radiate completely different energies. Do not settle on temporary happiness, it will always be less than what you truly deserve. #relationshipadvice #humaninteraction #mindbodysoulconnection #innerpeace #dailyjourney #newprogress #healing #thepowerofhealing #mending #findingmyself #newpathway

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[UNILEVER FUTURE LEADERS LEAGUE INDONESIA 2018] Terimakasih sekali lagi @unileveridn dan 32 teman-teman dari penjuru Indonesia, terimakasih 5 hari yang sangat berkesan dan partisipasinnya dalam Unilever Future Leader League Indonesia 2018. #UFLL2018 #thepowerofhealing at Graha Unilever

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"Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong, and laughter never ends."⠀ ⠀ When I first joined UFLL, the only target I had was studying, meet new friends and hopefully, God wanted it to be a sweet ending of the five series of competitions in November.⠀ ⠀ However, it turns out, UFLL provides more than that, friends, family and a place to be yourself. A place for laughter and crying in five days. Learning to be grateful every time, always support friends, humble and become a blessing to many people.⠀ ⠀ Thank You UFLL for this precious five days. One of the best competitions that I've ever joined. Especially to two of my super teammates @tashakurniawan & @syadzadhanti Thank You! If I could turn back the time, and choose the team by myself, I definitely would choose both of you again!⠀ ⠀ Thank you for the opportunities Unilever! Thank you for all the tears, laughter, family, staying up late, free buavita, magnum, and all the free flow food.⠀ ⠀ Thank you for becoming one of my highlight in University Life and see you soon Unilever!⠀ ⠀ Thank you! Forever Grateful⠀ #UFLL2018#thepowerofhealing

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Unilever Future Leaders League 2018 was definitely a moment that meant to be cherished forever! I learned a lot about how FMCG companies run & made friends with 32 amazing people with brilliant minds and great personalities--I was truly blessed and couldn't be more grateful for that. For each and everyone of you who took a part in my UFLL journey: thank you! May our paths cross again 🌌💜 #ufll2018 #thepowerofhealing

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Dedicated this post to my teammate @vaalda and @drprihandini , thank you for all the efforts during #UFLL2018! Getting first runner-up place has exceeded my expectation! Sorry for being a “Black Hat” person selama brainstorm, karena udah bawaan dari lahir emang gampang negative thinking anaknya wkwk. Terima kasih buat seluruh ilmu marketing dan bisnisnya, gue sangat belajar banyak dari kalian, walaupun kita jadi ga makan shabu-shabu buat nyiapin presentasi :(. . Terima kasih juga buat kak @amandakputri yang udah membuka pikiran kita untuk lebih fokus dan realistis tapi bikin makin insecure di detik2 terakhir :’) . And special thanks to @carenchristy @sabrinalioe @satriarz @isaacwijaya @qorisha @slmftr @adrianbudianto19 @raeliswibisono yang udah ikut begadang buat bantuin bikin final presentation dan video marketing, semoga kebaikan kalian dibalas sama Tuhan. Too lucky to have my path crossed with you guys! Sampai bertemu di kesempatan lain! #UFLL2018 #thepowerofhealing

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Always consider the whole to feel well.⠀ ⭐️⠀ There is much more behind eating good food to feel good. Things that make us feel great can be available to us in our daily life. And are FREE!⠀ Natural supplements that we have at our disposal that don’t cost a dime and are accessible anytime.⠀ ⭐️⠀ I’m talking about Nature, Fresh Air, and Sunshine.⠀ These essential vitamins are vital for our system. Have you ever had the experience of feeling relaxed by only walking outside?⠀ ⭐️⠀ We are so conditioned to think that we need this and that to feel good, buying things, getting manufactured supplements. Sometimes can be simpler.⠀ ⭐️⠀ Open our eyes, tuned your awareness that will help you to look and understand what’s available around us. We can discover many "vitamins" in Nature, in our food as in our environment.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ 🇮🇹 - ITA⠀ Considera sempre il tutto per sentirti bene.⠀ ⭐️⠀ C'è molto di più dietro al fatto di mangiare bene per sentirsi bene. Le cose che ci fanno sentire bene possono essere a nostra disposizione tutti i giorni. E sono GRATUITE!⠀ Parlo di veri e propri integratori naturali a nostra disposizione che non costano un centesimo e sono accessibili in qualsiasi momento.⠀ ⭐️⠀ Sto parlando di Natura, Aria Fresca e Sole.⠀ Queste vitamine importanti sono vitali per il nostro sistema. Hai mai avuto l'esperienza di sentirti rilassata facendo una camminata all'aria aperta?⠀ ⭐️⠀ Siamo così condizionati a pensare che abbiamo bisogno di questo e quello per sentirsi bene, comprare cose, integratori commerciali. A volte può essere più semplice.⠀ ⭐️⠀ Apri gli occhi, accendi la tua consapevolezza che ti aiuterà a guardare e capire ciò che è disponibile attorno a noi. Possiamo scoprire molte "Vitamine" in natura, nel nostro cibo come nel nostro ambiente.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #wellness #positivevibes #nature #sunshine #freshair #goodfood #naturale #naturaltips #freetips #lifecoaching #changes #experience #sun #simplelife #vitamins #naturalvitamins #conciousness #awareness #consapevolezza #begrateful #healing #thepowerofhealing #holistic #onlinebusiness #onlinecoaching #vitadacoach #cureolistice #healthytips #360healthforsuccess #mensanaincorporesano