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2 months ago

Roofing. Eps 2. Finish up the plywood on the roof today. Kind of windy today but we got it done. Roof application will go on in a few days. Note: To my friends and family this is a good time to invest. If i have spoken to you about purchase a home this would be a great Christmas present for your children. In order to affect change for the next generation we have to make a deposit into them now. If you don't say you dont have the money DM me for the plan to get it. I worked in the financial industry for 10 yrs+. Merry Christmas and have a happy New year! Roofing Episode 3. Wednesday 7:30 est. #westbaltimore #roof #rooftop #baltimoreroofing #baltimoreyoungprofessionals #thegrassisgreenonthisside #investnow #baltimorerentals #rentalpropeties at West Baltimore, Maryland

2 years ago

Happy Valentine's Day from me and these really cool buildings. They might not have an opinion, but I however, love you all. ✌🏼 #xo #thegrassisgreenonthisside

3 years ago

Silence. Enlightenment. Growth. Happiness. In that order. No matter how hard people try to inflict their negativity into my life, I ensure to keep it at a distance. My time and energy is far to valuable to allow anyone the ability to kill my joy. Not yesterday, not today, not ever. I let go of the old for the new, the bad for the good and never looked back. Silence, enlightenment, growth, and happiness. In that order. #pestersomeoneelse #karma #growth #enlightenthefuckup #beloyal #especiallyatoneam #foodforthought #noworries #thegrassisgreenonthisside #hasbeenforquitesometime #true #happy #joy #notforshow

3 years ago

Hippity Hop.