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Let’s Uncover Sharm el- Sheikh, locates in Egypt with @thirdeyetraveller! Sharm el-Sheikh is an Egyptian resort town between the desert of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea. It's known for its sheltered sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reefs. Naama Bay, with a palm tree-lined promenade, is filled with bars and restaurants. Ras Muhammad National Park is a major diving destination, with marine life around the Shark and Yolanda reefs and the Thistlegorm wreck. Tag a traveler who needs to see this beautiful picture 😱😝 • • --------------------------------------------------------- 🌎 Follow @uncoveringtravels 🌎 . 💙 Follow @uncoveringtravels 💙 . 👉 Follow @uncoveringtravels 👈 --------------------------------------------------------- • • ------------------------------------------ #⃣UncoveringTravels to be featured ------------------------------------------ • • ------------------------------------------------------ 👉  Tag @uncoveringtravels 👈 👉 for a chance to be featured 👈 ------------------------------------------------------ • • #uncover #travel #traveltips #travelingtheworld #earthpics #theearthoutdoors #travelbuddy #explore #sharmelsheikh #egypt #naamabay #redsea #rasmuhammad #nationalpark at Sharm el-Sheikh

1 hour ago

“Ci sono momenti in cui qualcuno ti trova dove nessuno ti era mai venuto a cercare” at Padua, Italy

2 hours ago

Это дерево, к которому я постоянно возвращаюсь с каждым посещением Елагина острова, и каждый раз оно по-своему круто выглядит 📸🌳 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #earthfocus #earth_reflect #naturerepublic #natureza #nature_lovers #tree #tree_shotz #tree_pictures #tree_captures #tree_perfection #tree_brilliance #treelove #cloudy #nature_shooters #nikon #fuji #leica #olympus #theearthoutdoors #nature_good #natures #спб #елагиностров #питер #питерфм #spb #spbgram #piteronline at Елагин остров

3 hours ago

Lionesses relaxing. Two of the 14 in total that we met a couple of nights ago. Awesome encounter! at Lower Sabie

3 hours ago

Take me to a country of your choice and I will create memories for life 📸 at Lisbon, Portugal

3 hours ago

Your competition isn’t other people. Your competition is your procrastination. Your ego. The unhealthy food you’re consuming, the knowledge you neglect. The negative behavior you’re nurturing and your lack of creativity. Compete against you. ⛰🏕📸: @marijapusticki at Highlander Velebit

5 hours ago

Когда-то давно в бытность свою студенткой я ездила #переводчиком с туристами и знала не только много всякого интересного про Камчатку, но и могла все это #интересное рассказать #наинглише. Сейчас я могу иногда извлечь из недр памяти разные #факты и интересности, а вот пойти переводчиком с интуристами в #краеведческиймузей уже не рискну. А сегодня я видела, как наши бойкие дэвушки клеили в бассейне иностранных скитурщиков. Было забавно. Хотя мне кажется, когда ты бойкая девушка, да ещё и в бассейне, то #языковойбарьер точно не твоя проблема #чоуж Жаль я уже не бойкая, а то бы мож и скитурщики на что сгодились 😂😂😂 at IELTS USA

5 hours ago

Non è tornare a casa con una spigola,un' orata che ti fa amare questa disciplina. Ma tornare a casa felice e soddisfatto di aver passato qualche ora di pura emozione. Questa è passione. . . #fishing #fish #fishinglife #nature #sea #theearthoutdoors #bassfishing #catchandrelease #pesca #photography #hunting #flyfishing #fisherman #travel #bass #fishingtrip #angler #ocean #like #boat #beach #trout #instagoodnight #water #photooftheday #fishingislife #carpfishing #adventure #followforlike

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Прямо сейчас ты можешь улыбнуться. Можно улыбнуться своему успеху, можно улыбнуться собственной ошибке, можно порадоваться за другого человека, можно улыбнуться любимым людям. Будь причиной чьей-то улыбки каждый день. 😉 at Dolina Pięciu Stawów Polskich

5 hours ago

Eine kleine Foto mission mit @tims.creations mal wieder, bei den ganzen krassen Spots auf Instagram darf man einfach nicht vergessen, dass es auch extrem coole Orte in der eigenen Umgebung gibt, man muss sie nur finden! Dieser Waldweg ist ca.2km von meinem Zuhause entfernt und ich bin vorher noch nie dort gewesen... Keep Exploring!📸 . . . #eifelsteig #eifelexplorers #eifel #forest_masters #explorers #theearthoutdoors #landscape_lovers #sky_captures #landscapephotography #fantastic_earth #landscape_captures #ic_landscapes #ig_exquisite #nature_wizards #nature_shooters #landscapestyles_gf #ourplanetdaily #landscapehunter #special_shots #naturediversity #landscapelovers #earth_deluxe #instanaturelover #nature_prefection #nature_brilliance #gottalove_a_ #allnatureshots #EarthVisuals #welivetoexplore at Belgium

5 days ago

The reason we love the climb ⛰️ During our short visit to Switzerland, we fell in love with the views (and the chocolate) 🇨🇭🍫 We have so many more adventures planned in this beautiful country and we can't wait to go back! at Switzerland

8 days ago

Is this even real? Looks like a fairytale to us 👀 The beautiful Scaliger Castle from lake view - one of the many pretty sights we saw travelling the lake by boat! 💦 We also saw it from birds eye view up on the mountain ⛰️🦅🏰 at Lake Garda

11 days ago

The views you've seen so far have been from up above in the mountains, but the views from down below in each little town are just as beautiful 😍 We took this photo just as we were about to board our ferry to go back to our little town on the lake - which beats taking a taxi or bus, any day! The ferry stopped at each port so we could have a nosey at all the other towns on route! 🚢🌊 at Lake Garda

12 days ago

The tiny little buildings you see in the distance is the town of Riva del Garda (often referred to as Riva) and is the northernmost point on Lake Garda 🤸⛰️ at Lake Garda

13 days ago

We absolutely love outdoor dining in summer! You just can't beat good food and people watching over an Aperol Spritz in the sun (especially when Lake Garda has so many beautiful little towns to offer, with plenty of gelato!) 🌞🇮🇹 at Lake Garda

17 days ago

Throwback to eating as much gelato as humanly possible and watching the world go by as the sun sets in Lake Garda 🍦 Do you prefer sunset or sunrise? 💭🌞 at Lake Garda

23 days ago

Beautiful views over Man O' War Beach 🌞 We could hardly believe our luck with the weather - we definitely chose the best day to visit during our road trip to Dorset! We dined at the Man O' War Restaurant which exceeded our expectations (it was the only restaurant within close proximity and located on a campsite!) with lovely food, a great atmosphere and even better staff! 🥰🍴🥂 at Dorset

24 days ago

Stair Hole is a small cove just west of Lulworth Cove, formed through the erosion and collapse of a cave ⛰️ at Dorset

4 months ago

Nyhavn is even prettier in real life ✨ Danish author Hans Christian Andersen lived at Nyhavn for 18 years... Today, the beautiful old houses have been renovated and restaurants dominate the old port 🇩🇰 at Copenhagen

6 months ago

Exploring the streets of Salzburg and, of course, horse and carriage photos are obligatory 🐎🇦🇹 at Austria

6 months ago

Exploring Hohensalzburg Fortress and climbing its many steps! Beautiful views from every angle 🇦🇹 at Austria

6 months ago

Views of St. Peter's Abbey, from the Catacombs ⛪ After 48 steps you find “Gertrauden Chapel”, dating back to 1178 and 36 further steps up lies the “Maximus Chapel” 🇦🇹 at Austria

7 months ago

Right before we braved it and walked bare foot through the slimy water (because who has time to wait in a queue to cross the pebble stones like normal people?) at Peak District

7 months ago

Our balcony views in Chamonix 😍🏔️ We felt so lucky to wake up to this view every morning and even luckier to be blessed with such beautiful weather! at Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

9 months ago

Climbing up to the Emosson Dam 🇨🇭 at Switzerland

9 months ago

Views from the jacuzzi 😍🌿 Don't mind me, I won't be moving from this spot for a long time! (Note: Steven is attempting a hand stand in the pool...) 🤸💦 at Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

9 months ago

Views across the Swiss Alps 🇨🇭 at Switzerland

12 months ago

Looking out over Lake Garda 🍷 at Lake Garda

12 months ago

I wish I could have biscoff gelato everyday 🍦 at Lake Garda

12 months ago

Dinner with a view in Lake Garda 😍🇮🇹 at Lake Garda