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2 days ago

Throw back for the last time I was getting ready to put these paws on somebody's son ,shame the fight didn't make it out the first minute #easymoneytour #Theassassin #Thedaddy

13 days ago

#thedaddy that soon to be #grandpa ! Thank you for all that you do to my cubs and to the family. #2017 has been very good to us. Here’s wishing #2018 would be better.

14 days ago

L-sits on the floor are the daddy for 3 reasons 1. More compression at the hip is required to get the feet off the floor compared to on paralettes. 2. Active shoulders (scaps depressed in this case) happens organically, in order to keep your bum off the floor. 3. Lastly and most importantly the floor is available absolutely everywhere, its free, it never wears out, & you never need a new one. @littlej0hn83 aka 'The Daddy' provides a nice demo of what we are working towards....I believe I once read an old hierarchy-of-skills document that set the gold standard at 2 mins unbroken...if you're not there yet you'll be working on the paralettes on L-sit, half-L-sit, or tuck support. #aimforprogressionnotperfection #fitnesschelmsford #crossfitcm2 #chelmsfordessex #teamcm2 #thedaddy #minimalisttraining #movement @crossfitcm2

21 days ago

🍯 πŸ–€