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4 days ago

Beaches of Cheyenne - where blue skies and misters are the backdrop to grandstands. #TheDaddy

6 days ago

Hangin' out with m'main man #TheDaddy πŸ’œ

7 days ago

"Mango man, let's take a picture to send to #thedaddy since he's out of town" "Get my good side. Make sure you get my tongue" πŸ‘…

10 days ago

Since I'm posting some family pics today, I have to share the man behind it all, with you. The rock. The provider. The helper. The hunk. The problem solver. The stabilizer. He's usually behind the scenes as my right hand, supporting me and the kiddos in all we try to accomplish. He's the guy that is a workaholic both for pay and no pay. The guy behind every nail and tile in our home remodel. I don't say often enough how much I appreciate him for all of it, but I do. He gives all of himself in every decision and every project, not for him, not for his company, but for us. We are so blessed.