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Hari ini cerah banget yaa teman-teman. Saatnya main keluar! Udah ada rencana main belum? Kalau belum, ayo ke Chinatown Bandung karena akan ada banyak acara yang bisa menghibur weekend kamu bareng keluarga atau teman 😍 . Tag/mention IG kami @chinatownbandung atau gunakan hashtag #chinatownbandung dan #chinatownjuara ketika berkunjung ke sini yaa. . Untuk info tentang Chinatown Bandung lebih lanjut, kunjungi Ditunggu sharingnya 😆 _____________________________________________ #nopork #nolard #bandung #bandungbanget #bandungjuara #ridwankamil #explorebandung #kulinerbandung #ootdbandung #infobandung #infobandungkuliner #duniakulinerbdg #infobdg #ftwotw #expofilm #agameoftones #vscocam #peopleinframe #livefolkindonesia #u instapeople #thecreatorclass #featuremeofh #visualsoflife #artofvisuals #f52grams #like4like #follow4follow #picoftheday

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Recap .

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• Bring me back to CNY! •

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“Well I thought about the army, dad said “son you’re f&cking high”. Ahhh some Ben Folds tuuuunes while driving up this marvellous hill to walk up to Lake Alta. 1) Walk up here with your mates if you haven’t 2) listen to Ben Folds Five and laugh 3) discuss with said mates about whether it’s hiking (USA), tramping (NZ) or walking (UK) and d) enjoy your Sunday. Coz tomorra it’s MONDAY 😂👌🏻📯🧚🏻‍♂️

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Jogging santai biar otot gak tegang 🏃🎧 . . . . #whpblackandwhite

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ISO: Other LA photographers who want to get out and shoot.

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Dutch Angle - 18/30

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Congratulations Explorer @inioktrin photo kamu terpilih menjadi photo of the days. Lokasi: Gurun Pasir, Bintan - Kepri 🐫. . . jangan lupa untuk selalu menjaga kebersihan dilingkungan yang kalian jelajahi ya gaes .. . tinggalkanlah jejak dan kenangan. tapi sampah jangan Go Explore !!! . thanks for sharing , just tag us and use hastag #GoExplorekepri #Kepri and follow  @Goexplorekepri for sharing your picture . #wonderfulindonesia #explorekepri #folkindonesia #wonderfulplace   #folkgreen #livefolkindonesia #amazingkepri #wonderfulbatam   #leagueoflenses #visualambassadors #streetmobs #visualoflive #tonekillers #artofvisuals #mainvision #Igtones #gramslayers   #ourmoodydays #exploretocreate   #folkscrenery #potraitpage #potraitgames #randommagazines #thecreatorclass #welivetoexplore #ournaturedays

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the magic in driving down a highway with the coast to your left & the desert to your right - where the ocean meets sand dunes 🗺

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77/365 Today I met David, ”Blue Hen Dave." He lived in Delaware all of his life until recently moving to Fallbrook. He was a sports writer for about 30 years, and he got into it after high school. One of the best events that he ever covered was the NCAA wrestling championships. Q: What is something you want people to know about you? A: I am handicap, sometimes I might stare, but I don’t mean to. People have given me a hard time. I have a learning disability; I have trouble comprehending certain things. I am also bipolar; when pushed around I can go off. There isn’t something wrong with me just because you have to tell it to me slow. Do it in slow steps, don’t rush me. I don’t like to rush people. Q: What makes you the happiest? A: Helping people, I am a caring person. Sometimes I help other handicap people. I respect people. I say, 'hi, how are you doing?' 'Hows your family?' I like to share and talk about life; I just want people to know that I’m here and I care. Q: What makes you the saddest? A: In September 2014 my dad got colon cancer, he didn’t want an operation, he wanted to go peacefully. He died at a hospice center; I took it hard. It was a rough time for our family. It was the hardest thing that I went through. My dad was my most significant influence. He taught me everything I know; he taught me respect, how to do things the right way; he taught me to be a better person. That contributed to the person who I am today. My sister and brother-in-law live here in Fallbrook, and they decided to move my late mother and me to Fallbrook in 2015. In 2016, my mom died of kidney failure.

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It wasn't until yesterday, that I realized, how definitive KL's skyline is, thanks to the twin towers, and KL tower. Without them, we'd look just like any other city in the world.

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Aprendí a amar a cada una de mis imperfecciones Y no seguir la sociedad con sus putos patrones Si las sonrisas valen más que su dinero pero sé que el mundo siempre sacrifica lo primero siiiii Todos en busca de belleza y perfecciones y en lugar de la humildad practican las humillaciones . . . . . . . . . . #capturebandon #fatalframes #creativosmx #planet #naturaleza #streetshared #visalmobs #thecreatorclass #theimaged #cromaticosmx #visorfotografico #moodygrams #knighttones #cdmx_oficial #pasionxmexico #paisajedf #world #ig_colors_world

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Hollywood Sign Series

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Apple executives are some of the most arrogant and stupid employees around. #shotoniphone #pune

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Back to traditional Shanghai. At Jing'an Temple you can find lots of patterns, lines and geometrical forms. We went there in the late afternoon, when the light turned the buddhist temple into a truely mystic place ⛩🏯 #PPGeometry @passionpassport #Smile4TravelinShanghai

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“ We Are All Connected “

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Do not listen to what they say. Go see!

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over the mountains, across the sky, need to see your face, i need to look in your eyes.

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