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4 Springs Lane House located in Amissville, Virginia. Check out the interior at @barongurneyinteriors

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Concept Study: Courtyard at Sunset 13|02|19

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Başarılarınızın devamı dileği ile tebrikler👍👏👏👏 dodofis_mimarlik_hizmetleri ・・・ Dodofis has been awarded 2. honorable mention prize in Akhisar Public Square Urban Design Competition / Dodofis, Akhisar Eski Belediye Meydanı ve Çevresi Kentsel Tasarım Yarışması'nda 2. mansiyon ödülüne layık görüldü.

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Externato Rainha Dona Amélia_Phase 1, 2017. Estrela, Lisboa. Photo by @nunonalmendra In collaboration with Ricardo Guerreiro. The aim of the project for this school was to renovate the spaces, by giving them identity. The rooms no longer have a number, instead we gave them a symbol and a color. Through the design of a new wall panel and shaping of the ceiling we hid all the infrastructures that have been accumulating over the years. O projecto para o Externato teve como objectivo renovar os espaços, dotando-lhes identidade. As salas deixaram de ter um número, e passaram a ter um símbolo e uma cor. Através do desenho de um novo lambrim e de sancas de luz no tecto esconderam-se todas as infraestruturas que se foram acumulando ao longo dos anos.

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„Zukunftsland - Ortsentwicklung Egg“ Schlusspräsentation entwurf und konzeption Bezogen auf eine Anfrage der Gemeinde Egg (Bregenzerwald), hat das Studio "konzeption und entwurf" bei Roland Gnaiger die Entwurfsaufgabe für das Wintersemester 2018/19 gestellt. Die Studierenden befassten sich mit dem Dorfzentrum und erforschten Entwicklungsszenarien für dessen Mitte. Die prekäre Verkehrslage, sowie freie, unzulänglich genutzte Flächen bieten zukunftsweisende Entwicklungschancen für das Ortszentrum. Die Konzepte der Studierenden leiten sich aus den Potenzialen und Defiziten des Ortes ab. Sie arbeiteten architektonische Visionen aus und schenkten dem öffentlichen Raum wieder die ihm gebührende Bedeutung. Über eine sorgfältige und angemessene Gestaltung zeigen sie Szenarien für ein zukunftsfähiges, qualitätsvolles Leben am Land. Gäste: Paul Sutterlüty (Bürgermeister Egg) Walter Felder (Felder-Geser Architekten) Richard Steger (Architekturfachgeschäft) Betreuung: Roland Gnaiger, Todorka Iliova, Elena Torres-Macchi Studierende: Bischof Elisa, Derflinger Daniel, Deubelli Sarah, Höfler Katharina, Hofmann Benedict, Hopfner-Heindl Sarah, Indriliunas Mantas, Kainz Su-Mara, Kainz Yuti, Meindl Maximilian, Ninova Vanina, Reinhart Julien, Rotter Anne, Schoberleitner Sarah, Zdanova Arina #diearchitekturlinz #architektur #architecture #entwurf #vorarlberg Fotos (c) Su-Mara Kainz, Maximilian Meindl, Sarah Schoberleitner at afo architekturforum oberösterreich

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Is it Friday yet? Interior visualization of my thesis project at the Budapest University of Technology for my masters degree. A revitalization project of an old shipyard in the middle of Budapest. at Budapest, Hungary

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spot conceptual proposal 1.0 easa 2017 unrealized project

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@rtarquitectura @gdsarq ¿Can a wall unite people? In a world of borders, there is the wall, definition of the  physical  division  between  two  groups  of people, built by "order", "security", "conservation", and endless excuses that cover up a fear. To get rid of the wall people  are  required,  this  is the  reason  behind  the  phrase  on  the  pavilion "THIS IS NOT A WALL", indicating the irony that can only be understood by applying force on the wall. After the participation of  the  people  and  as  the pavilion  collapses,  you  begin  to  discover  the different  activities  offered  by  the  system,  the infinite possibilities. A sense of belonging is possible  by  unifying 2 sides that divided  the wall, and thus the  end,  the  message  is  clear,  the  wall  has become a social incentive, and can unite people, instead of separating them. The  pavilion  consists  of  wooden  modules  that rotate  around  an  steel  axis.  Their  disintegration depends on the people and their interest to apply force, to act to verify the phrase, emphasizing that the walls are barriers that only ourselves can break. #imadethat #illustrarch #thebna #showitbetter #av_platform #archue #thinkingarchitecture #wisearchi #archisource #arch_grap #archiboom #arqsketch #architektur

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. . Theoharis David 50 Years Teaching and Learning . A Process of Design St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church WTC / NYC . . Opening Reception: Monday March 18th 6:00 PM . Hazel and Robert Siegel Gallery . Higgins Hall School of Architecture Pratt Institute Brooklyn NY #prattsoa . . This exhibit aspires to communicate through primarily one specific project, the personal process of design of an architect / educator and to underline in the digital age the value of the act and art of drawing as a method of architectural design and a medium for representation. . The over 40 original drawings being shown and created between 2012 and 2015, demonstrate a process initiated by conceptual sketches which are then further developed as a continuation of a personal process of design. These drawings are not meant to be considered as standalone works of art or accepted as finished, but as evidence of an ongoing process of exploration, correction, and experimentation. They are meant to offer visual evidence of architectural design explorations inspired by the provocation of the design challenge, a Greek Orthodox Church within the WTC Ground Zero memorial site. . The visitors are asked looking at the drawings, to consider that it is when the architect puts pencil to paper, that a critical moment of architectural creation begins. Also that it is the intelligence indicated in that initial act of drawing reflecting building technology, spatial concepts and environmental transformations, which will determine the quality of the result. . They are invited to consider how the initial concept drawings along with subsequent design studies, and which address a broad range of architectural challenges, compare with those produced for a presentation. . The #exhibit also includes models, related student projects and essays contributed by Jayne Merkel Architecture Critic and Historian, George Ranalli FAIA former Dean of Architecture City College NY with Anne Valentino PhD., Nicos Kalogeras PhD. Professor and Chair Emeritus National University of Athens and Thomas Hanrahan Dean. School of Architecture. . This exhibit is sponsored by the School of Architecture with the support of the Academic Senate at Pratt Institute School of Architecture

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studio sketches with Kutan Ayata over the semester. Pratt Institute Fall 2018. at Pratt Institute

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Guasila. 1st prize. School renovation and extension. 2018

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Domy pod Żaglami - nowy projekt domów w zabudowie bliźniaczej / Houses with Sails - new duplex design at Kraków, Poland

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Zogu Boulevard is SAM Architects first international project encompassing the concept design of two urban blocks delivering 160 residential units, office accommodation and retail space with a total area of 26.000 sqm. Client: Startek & Infraplan . . . . . #architecture #tirana #albania #albanianarchitecture #masterplan #boulevard #archilovers #terrazzo #luxury #residential #retail #office #colourful #building #architecturelover #architecturedaily #rendering #london #architects #graphic #architecturedesign #minimalism #minimal #3dvisualisation #cityarchitecture #urbanarchitecture #urbanism #thebestnewarchitects #thebna #archisource

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A selection of my students work from yesterday's crits at University of Greenwich. Featuring Cansu Onal, Dorna Safari, Chris Canada, Sandra Pielech and Sam Wright at University of Greenwich

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Dodofis has been awarded 2. honorable mention prize in Akhisar Public Square Urban Design Competition / Dodofis, Akhisar Eski Belediye Meydanı ve Çevresi Kentsel Tasarım Yarışması'nda 2. mansiyon ödülüne layık görüldü. . . . #dodofis #architects #architecturelovers #archidaily #architecture #architectureporn #architecturecompetition #architecturaldrawing #architizer #archello #architecture_view #archi #buildings #publicspace #arkitera #picoftheday #instapic #instagood #dailyarchitecture #render #photooftheday #vsco #instagood #instarchitecture #thebna #next_top_architects #arquitectura #architecture_hunter #modernarchitecture #istanbul #archistudent at Akhisar, Manisa