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Single moms who can’t find babysitters tend to stay single...😉 🤷🏼‍♀️ #carepair is the solution, very soon! at Calgary, Alberta

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The Babysitter - 2017 - Horror/Comedy This movie I happened to come across and it seemed fun from the description so I watched it and ended up liking it a lot. The movie is about a little boy who has a crush on his babysitter. He decides to stay up past his bedtime to spy on her and he sees more than he anticipated. How entertaining is it?: 8.5/10 🍿 How good is it?: 7.5/10 🎬 If this movie interests you please like the post and click the save button to add it to your IG collection. Whenever you’re done watching it un-save and please comment what you thought of it. #Netflix #whattowatch #movies #weekend #amctheaters #TheBabysitter #Babysitter

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I don't remember this translation from high school French, but...I think it fits! 😜 #carepair at Calgary, Alberta

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(April 18) Now Pulp is another huge band for Birtpop. I don’t know much about Britpop, I only know a few bands which includes Oasis, Blur, Pulp, and that’s basically it. This album is decent. #Happy25 #Pulp #Birtpop #HisNHers #Joyriders #Lipgloss #AcrylicAfternoons #HaveYouSeenHerLately #Babies #ShesALady #HappyEndings #DoYouRememberTheFirstTime #PinkGlove #SomeoneLikeTheMoon #DavidsLastSummer #Razzmatazz #YourSistersClothes #Seconds #HisNHers #StreetLites #TheBabysitter #DeepFriedInKelvin

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Parents, on CarePair you will be able to see if a babysitter has uploaded a criminal background check into our database, and choose only those sitters who fit that requirement, if you like. Sitters, having a background check and uploading it on CarePair will give you a leg up in getting parents to offer jobs. So get ready to upload this and other certifications related to babysitting you may have, such as CPR. The iOS app launches at the end of April! 😬 #carepair at Calgary, Alberta

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Play building blocks with the kids or get a sitter and go out with other couples to watch the most important Flames 🔥 game of the season somewhere on the #redmile with all the other super fans? Hmmmm 🤔 #carepair #nofomo at Calgary, Alberta

6 days ago

There are two types of people in the world: those who prefer to watch the action from afar, and those who want to be in the middle of it. There are plenty of places in Calgary to watch the Flames playoff games with the rowdy crowds that make the playoffs so fun, including by the Dome. Get out there and support the Flames on the way to the Cup! #carepair #nofomo at Calgary, Alberta

6 days ago

Хотела я было продолжить тему домов с привидениями ужастиком #Apartment16 ( #Квартира16) Адама Невилла (того самого, который написал довольно жуткий #Ритуал), но эта его книга оказалось совершенно нечитабельной психоделической дичью. Поэтому я вернулась к жанру психологического триллера в лице романа #TheBabysitter, повествующем об идеальной няне. Завязка истории такая: семейная пара с 2 детьми приютила у себя молоденькую соседку, у которой сгорел дом, и которая (какое совпадение!) имеет "корочки" проф. няни, прекрасно ладит с детьми, а наша семейная пара как раз в поиске бэбиситтера. Но коллега Мэри Поппинс только с виду Леди Совершенство, на самом деле - страдающая психическими отклонениями социопатка, поставившая себе целью во что бы то ни стало заполучить чужого мужа. Для этого она под маской очаровашки и улыбашки в тайне продуманно выстраивает хитроумную игру на несколько шагов вперед, умело манипулирует всеми подряд, настраивает мужа и жену друг против друга. Причем читателю эта картина предстает в самом начале. Собственно вся интрига книги заключается в том, когда сами герои догадаются, что "пригрели змею", готовую пойти даже на убийство, чтобы получить свое. В целом, понравилось, история держит в напряжении, переживаешь за героев (хоть и ведут они себя немного туповато, бесили их постоянные извинения перед няней, слово sorry встречается стопицот раз). Некоторые поступки героев вообще какие-то нелогичные. Как-то странно быстро они отдалились друг от друга (конечно в результате стараний чудо-няни), и безоговорочно стали доверять считай совершенно незнакомому человеку. Да, она психопатка и ловкий манипулятор, но тем не менее, неправдоподобно это. Но это все мелочи, в основном книга мне понравилась, люблю я читать про всяких психов))) Поэтому, 9/10. #триллер #саспенс #няня #социопат #психопат #АнглийскаяЛитература #thriller #suspence #sociopath #psychopath #SherylBrowne #книги2019

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Now I don’t go throwing the word hero around lightly. But a babysitter who teaches your youngest how to read and write? Hero! 🤘 #carepair at Calgary, Alberta

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Need help over Spring break with the kids? Sign up for free today and join the Bambino community. Several local sitters are awaiting your requests!! at Bay Village, Ohio

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Part teacher, part cool best friend, part Friday and Saturday night rock star, time spent with favorite babysitters changes kids' lives and provides memorable experiences. Be among the first to download the CarePair app when it launches very soon, and start making money being the coolest person those kids know! #carepair at Calgary, Alberta

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No one is going to let the first person they see into their house to babysit their precious children. Parents, filter sitters in your search based on your preferences, communicate with them and send job offers when you both agree on the job parameters. The CarePair iOS app will be launching very soon, so stay tuned! #carepair at Calgary, Alberta

10 days ago

Introducing the world premiere of the trailer for #nofomo , the debut film from CarePair Studios. A young couple's quest for some romance and alone time is continually interrupted by their children, who really just want to play. The New York Times has called it a 'moving and chilling portrayal of the struggles to find reliable babysitters BCP (Before CarePair)'. Starring: @timrattai @tashafoucault @nalahtremblay and @brooklynmaui05 Editing by: @mixtures at Calgary, Alberta

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At least, that’s how I heard it 😉. Either way, the Red Mile is back and it’s a party not to be missed. So CarePair-up during Calgary’s Cup run and celebrate how you want to! #nofomo at Calgary, Alberta

12 days ago

Ahhh, the mid-week date night; because who made Friday and Saturday the boss of Quality Alone Time Without the Kids? #carepair at Calgary, Alberta

12 days ago

April 9th 2018. This is the last video taken of my girl eating her dinner just 3 weeks before. It’s been a year without her today. I remember pulling in the drive to feed & scanning the paddock for her. My heart fell out into an infinity amount of pieces when I realized it was the day I’d been dreading for YEARS. There’s no way I could pick up all the pieces of myself and put them back together the same. I love her SO much. She truly was my everything. Things change and life switches lanes but she was my constant focus for so long. She taught me so many lessons. I’m forever grateful for her. I love you and miss you so much sweet Shadow #slowmo #16yearjourney #grandmapony #angelpony #thebabysitter

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Seems obvious, right? On CarePair, a beginner sitter can charge a lower rate to get some experience and references, while experienced sitters can choose to charge more based on their qualifications. The CarePair iOS app is launching very soon, so click thru to our site and register to be among the first to download the app when it's released, and start making extra money...on your terms! #carepair at Calgary, Alberta

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Do you dream of being an actress?⠀ ⠀ Being a Hollywood actrees means significant wealth.⠀ But what are the richest actressess of all time?⠀ ⠀ This week we will meet....⠀ ⠀ Julia Roberts Net Worth: $200 Million⠀ Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts rose to Hollywood fame with roles in movies that included “Steel Magnolias,” “Pretty Woman,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “Erin Brockovich.” Her performance in “Erin Brockovich” earned the star an Oscar, and it also netted her a $20 million salary, making her the first actress to be paid such a high sum for her work.⠀ ⠀ Roberts’ acting career shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, she recently appeared in “Wonder,” and is currently filming the much-anticipated “Ben Is Back.”⠀ ⠀ Over the years, Roberts has been romantically linked to several leading men, such as Kiefer Sutherland, Dylan McDermott, Liam Neeson and Matthew Perry. She has been married to cameraman Danny Moder since 2002.⠀ ⠀ #juliaroberts #angelinajolie #oscars #camerondiaz #bradpitt #movies #cinema #movie #film #jenniferaniston #sarahmichellegellar #livtyler #drewbarrymore #aliciasilverstone #reesewitherspoon #sharonstone #sarahjessicaparker #kimbasinger #michellepfeiffer #suburbangirl #possession #clueless #thebabysitter #sarahmichelle #sarahmichelleprinze #veronikadecidestodie #clairedanes #robintunney #rosemcgowan

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Yeah it's Sunday night, your last day with your daughter for the week. There's a "super important" weekend meeting at your office that you're expected at, so you two-birds-with-one-stone it. But your daughter wants to play house and doesn't understand what "mortgage payments" means. On-demand sitters...for the benefit of both of you. 😉 #carepair at Calgary, Alberta

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these violent delights have violent ends

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• 📆 7/4/2019 ⏳ 10:49 pm • Is typing... rn I’m watching Veronica cus all my friends said this is the scariest thing ever but tbh I don’t think so... I love horror movies and I would really appreciate if you recommend some 💗 today I finished the doll series and honestly I LOVED IT 😍 well the edit is from the babysitter and if you haven’t seen it already you definitely should 👍🏻 • Hashtags {ignore} #arianagrande #honeymoontour #dangerouswomantour #sweetener #thankunext #videoedits #alissaviolet #netflix #horrormovies #justinbieber #nickiminaj #billieeilish #victoriamonet #bts #gaintrick #gaintrain #gainfollowers #gainpost #thebabysitter

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The Saturday night date was the cornerstone of your blooming relationship, but got in the way? Get a sitter, and let life live! #carepair at Calgary, Alberta

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#thebabysitter Film Netflix:si Genere:commedia,horror Durata:105 minuti Voto:9- Trama: Bee, incaricata di badare al dodicenne Cole.Quando i genitori del ragazzo partono per un weekend fuori, Bee invita i suoi amici nella casa, dopo aver messo Cole a dormire; quest'ultimo, però, rimane sveglio e assiste di nascosto a diversi omicidi compiuti dal gruppo di giovani. Scopre così che la sua babysitter non è altro che un membro di una setta satanica che compie sacrifici umani e ora ha in programma con la sua comitiva di uccidere proprio l'innocente Cole... :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: at United States