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7 months ago

Jup, I can't leave out this story! So for the ones who didn't see my video's: I thought my flight to South Korea was at Monday night... But apparently it was at Monday morning (mixing up AM and PM) and so I missed my flight!😩 When I realized that at around 15:00, I was freaking out! It a good thing I was home alone, because people might have thought I was crazy...😵 I didn't really calm down until after I got a new ticket, but in the mean time I called the airlines and the agency and they couldn't help me! So after calling my family I went to the airport and asked the woman at the Aircalin counter if there was anything they could do. She said there wasn't any place left on the plane, but while she was talking 1 ticket became available and she immediately took that one!😃 Then, my credit card was over it's limit🙈 So I contacted my bank to temporarily raise the limit because I would be stuck! They did and I was able to pay for the ticket... She even reduced the price with the value of my missed flight, so I only played for the extra costs😁 I was so happy! After that, it was time to say goodbye to Ariane... I lived at her place for over 4 weeks and she's so kind and has amazing stories to tell!😃 Thank you for everything, it feels as if you're a little bit my mom❤ #LaTontouta #NewCaledonia #missedflight #stupid #mentalbreakdown #newticket #Aircalin #thatwomanismyhero #Seoulhereicome #goodbye #thankful #makingmemories at La Tontouta International Airport