Thankyouscootering Photos & Videos

2 days ago

Been dreaming of this trick for a while now, pretty stoked i got it while having a fun solo sesh on this tiny flatrail today. Shout out to @reganthompson23 for motivating me and @urbanartt for the best deck i've ever rode!! #thankyouscootering

8 days ago


2 months ago

Último del año 😅 Aparte de esto quiero decir que muchas gracias a toda la gente que ha estado a mi lado este año, y a toda la gente que he conocido, sobre todo gracias a este deporte, todos los trips que he podido hacer este año y las nuevas experiencias que he vivido. Gracias a @rubenrideordie por venir a las comp de Plasencia y más tarde por dejarme dormir en su casa para poder ir a la @madridstreetjam v4 de manos de @therealscooterboy (espero una v5) en fin, #thankyouscootering

2 months ago

. YOU GUYS CAPTION THIS ONE. . Via @german.scooter.memes • • • Was fällt dir auf was mit @chilliproscooternl zu tun hat?😂kommentier 5× ❤und ich like alle deine bilder❤ #germanscootermemes 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 . . DM YOUR CLIPS TO @420GLASSMAN. . . 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥. . #SCOOTERSLAMCITY #scooterslamsaturdays #skatesubmit #skatecrunch #scooterslams #undialed #undialedtv #skatecrunch #elitescooters #bluntscooters #thankyouscootering #420meme #scootscootbangbang #scootering #scootlife #scooters #tvps #thevaultproscooters #scootscoot #envyscooters #thescooterzone #scooterfail #scooterzone #scooterfarm #shopecx #scootscoot #scootusa #scootreview #scootsoup #scootusa #scooterslamcity #portapotheads

3 months ago

Details continue to emerge on the possible motives behind Noel Gallagher’s falsely worded rant. Although the original statement was said well over a year ago and he was most likely joking, we still feel the need to keep everyone in the loop on all matters regarding #Oasisgate 👉 @dbartley08 🕵️‍♂️ ===================== ••• #asphaltposerclub ••• ===================== #ListenToOasis #thankyouscootering

3 months ago

Very thankful for scootering and the people I've met through it. I can't wait to put out my video. I know I've been teasing it for a while. Really am just waiting on getting clips from some people. Would be really thankful if they could send those over soon 😉. Love y'all. 📷 @comissioner_gordon #thankyouscootering at Davenport, Iowa

7 months ago

Today would've been an accomplishment I have never reached before. Life has me living in nothing but memories as I sit here and try to just skate and scooter and try to think about nothing but that. It's pretty fucking hard to focus on just that but it's really the only thing keeping me together by thin threads. #thankyouscootering

7 months ago

THANK YOU SCOOTERING! Chicago Street Jam 2018 didn't go exactly how we wanted it to this year, but it was still the best day of the year thanks to all of the people involved. I was beyond stoked to see all the homies and to meet so many new rad dudes. Special shout-out to @mrryanupchurch, who I've been following since the SR days and finally was able to meet in person. One of the first dudes I really looked up to and now a homie 😁. #thankyouscootering #chicagostreetjam2018 at Chicago, Illinois

8 months ago

Cada vez que veo este clip me dan ganas de agradecer al patín todo lo que me ha dado: colegas, viajes, las sesh, conocer peña de toda España y fuera de ella... Nunca me planteé 4 años atrás donde iba a llegar, y tampoco sé hasta donde iba a llegar. Agradecer a toda esa gente que hace mejor este deporte, que hace que te den ganas de pillar el patín y salir ahí fuera. Pero especialmente agradecer a mi crew y a @alvarorider8 que sin él habria dejado el patín 2 años atrás y no habría conocido a muchos de mis colegas, ni llegaria a ser lo que soy. #thankyouscootering // @slideinline @strongworldclothing @killuminaticrew #undialed #scooterresource #outsetselect #lovelove at Alicante, Spain