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17 days ago

#28daysofblackcomics . Day 2: Tephlon Funk written by Stephane Metayer, illustrated by David Tako & Nicolas Safe @tephlonfunk . Tephlon Funk follows the story of Ines, a young teen from Queensbridge who seeks a better life across the bridge. As she contemplates dealing in some shady activities to get it, she encounters Gabriel, an afroed teen searching for something. But what? . The hip hop and anime style of this comic is reminiscent to Samurai Champloo, and its action and comedic moments are sure to entertain. Check out tomorrow's reccomendation! #tephlonfunk #blackcomics

1 month ago

So I'm at this convention and this dude walks up to me and says I kinda look like this character over at somebody's booth and yknow what, I don't think he was far off judging by everyone's reaction being a double take back to the hoodie then me. I stayed to talk to one of the people behind the booth for a bit and gotta be honest this book and booth was probably the coolest part of the con that I saw. @tephlonfunk #tephlonfunk #tephlonfunkisdope at Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture