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17 days ago

10 years ago someone believed in me and supported me and pushed me to quit a job and do what I really loved!! I am so thankful for that support and push! Owning Team Crazy Fit and helping people reach their fitness and health goals doesn’t feel like a job! It feels like a dream come true! I will be hosting a 10 year celebration in the next few months be on the watch for it! If you have any fun ideas for it send me a message, open to anything! 🎉🎉 #teamcrazyfit2 #10year #healthlife #healthyliving #teamcrazyfit #goals #dreambig #believeinyourself #goafteryourdreams #goforit #womenbusinessowners #westhaven #lovelife at West Haven, Utah

20 days ago

You will never get different results doing the same thing! How many of you have been trying to lose weight for a year, 5 years, 20 years, using the same diet, and routines?? I congratulate you for trying!! But now it’s time to try something different to get different results, the results you really want! I’d love to help you reach your fitness goals! I offer personal training, meal plans, workout plans, nutrition info and recipes. #teamcrazyfit2 #fitness #fitnessgoals #fitnessgirl #fitfam #fitmoms #fitmama #westhaven #personaltrainer #westhavenpersonaltrainer #webercountypersonaltrainer at West Haven, Utah

21 days ago

Home made crepes! So good!! I’ve been lookin for a good crepe recipe, stole this from @iheartmacros, but changed it a little Crepes- 1 c liquid egg whites 1/4 c water 2 TBSP almond flour 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder 2 tsp Stevia Mix then cook on frying pan on low/med heat Remember to pour them super thin Middle- 2 (5oz- dannonw light and Fit Greek yogurt) strawberry cheesecake 1 1/2 c strawberries 1 1/2 c raspberries 3/4 c blueberries Mix Put in crepe, roll up and enjoy @angwithluv #teamcrazyfit2 #healthyfood #healthycrepes #healthyfamilymeals #healthyfamily #healthylifestyle #fitness #personaltrainer #westhavenpersonaltrainer #personaltraining #webercounty #fitfam #fitmoms #fitmama #lovelife @lightandfit at West Haven, Utah

22 days ago

Cauliflower rice at night, feels like a total carb cheat!! Snap peas and carrots on frying pan with 1-2 tbsp teriyaki sauce and 1/2-1 c water cook on Med high heat 15-20 mins -chicken was already made in insta pot with salad supreme seasoning and water Once veggies are cooked drain water add 1-2 tbsp teriyaki and add chicken to mixture cook 5 mins longer Cauliflower rice steamer bag in microwave for 4 mins Mix together Super delicious teriyaki cauliflower rice bowl! #teamcrazyfit2 #fitfam #healthyfood #fitness #fitmoms #fitmama #westhaven #lovehealthyfood #easyhealthyrecipes #personaltrainer #personaltraining #personaltrainerwebercounty at Layton, Utah

25 days ago

Who’s ready to reach their health and fitness goals?? I have openings for individuals personal training, small group female personal training, personalized online meal and workout plans! All programs are individualized to help YOU reach YOUR GOALS!! Great deals going now!! Private gym in West Haven #teamcrazyfit2 #personaltrainer #westhavenutah #westhaven #fitgoals #fitmoms #fitmama #fitnessgoals #healthandfitness #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #lovewhatyoudo #lovelife #practicewhatyoupreach at Alpine West Haven

1 month ago

I’m all about packing my son healthy lunches at school! Black beans- soak over night in water and taco seasoning - then cook in crockpot until soft Chicken- cook in pressure cooker with salad supreme seasoning and water Green beans In steamer with water seasoned pepper and sea salt. I cook extra of the above so we can use it all week to make simple quick meals. Whole wheat tortialla, black beans, chicken and cheese microwave for 45 seconds Then I toast each side on frying pan with Pam on med/low heat Put in container with green beans #teamcrazyfit2 #fitfam #fitgoals #fitmoms #fitmama #westhaven #personaltrainer #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #lovelife #healthylunch at West Haven, Utah

1 month ago

Food journaling! This is a super easy tool, that costs you nothing!! Just simply write down everything you eat, the amount and time. If you find that your an emotional eater, write down how youre feeling when you eat- hungry, bored, sad, etc. Share it on this post after a week Of keeping track!! Not sure what to eat?? I can send you your macros for just $15 or make you a detailed meal plan to follow! #teamcrazyfit2 #fitgoals #foodgoals #fitfam #fitgoals #fitmoms #fitness #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #foodjournal #fitmama #westhaven #personaltrainer #personaltraining at West Haven, Utah

1 month ago

Do you count macros?? I’m not like most when it comes to macros- I believe in counting carbs, fats and proteins, but I also believe these foods need to come from healthy foods, not jut “fitting into your macros”. Like I said I know most who count macros don’t agree with this, but I’m all about eating healthy nutritious foods! Who wants their macro counts?? And a list of healthy foods I recommend you fill these macros with?? First 10 people will get their specific macro count for only $10!! Message, or comment below! #teamcrazyfit2 #fitgoals #fitfam #fitmoms #fitmama #westhaven #personaltrainer #personaltraining #macros #countingmacros #fitness at West Haven, Utah

1 month ago

I don’t love running on treadmill, not at all!! However sometimes it has to be done! Here are my secrets- - headphones and Netflix (I love romantic love stories) 😍🥰😍 -increase your incline to at least 1.5 (to make up for terrain when you run outside) -go faster then you do on average outside -cover up the distance on treadmill so you can’t see it, or 1 mile will feel like 3 years 😬😩 These tips will make your indoor runs more enjoyable and more equivalent to your outside ones. Need some romantic movie recommendations?? Let me know I’ll send my favs your way! ;) #teamcrazyfit2 #running #ilovetorun #fitmoms #fitgoals #fitfam #fitmama #fitmoms #personaltrainer #personaltraining #goals #fitnessgoals #lovelife #loveyourself #pushyourself at West Haven, Utah

1 month ago

My new favorite way to make coffee! 1 tsp stevia 1 tbsp sugar free hazelnut creamer 1-2 tbsp vanilla un-sweetened almond milk, super delicious and yet no fat or sugar! If you’re going to Starbucks today I challenge you to google the nutritional info of what you order, look at the fats, Calories, sugars from your delicious order! Let’s get this Thur started! #teamcrazyfit2 #healthyalternatives #fitgoals #fitmoms #lovemycoffee #lovelife #bebetterdobetter #bestyou #personaltrainer #personaltraining #westhaven #onlinetraining at West Haven, Utah

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite ab workouts! Start with 15 leg lifts, 15 forward cruch, 20 sides (10 each side). Work your way up to 50 lifts, 50 sides, 50 forward, and for an added challenge add a weight on your feet, and weights on chest for Crunches. I like to add a little cardio with this, so after one set of leg lifts, crunch and sides, I do 15 step-ups each leg, 50 slit legs, 20 pop squats. #teamcrazyfit2 #abworkout #fitlife #fitmoms #westhaven #healthylifestyle #fitness #personaltrainer #coreworkout #lovelife #fitnesspassion at West Haven, Utah

1 month ago

This is pretty cheesy but I’ve been told I need to post more videos.. so here goes. 🤪 But in all honesty always make sure you have A healthy easy snack you can grab on the go when you run out of time to eat because if not you’re limited to skipping that meal or getting fast food. Protein bars make great options for this! Look for ones with high protein and low sugars! Need some bar recommendations message me:) #teamcrazyfit2 #fitness #questbar #easymealsonthego #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #loveyourself #lovelife #personaltrainer #personaltraining at West Haven, Utah

2 months ago

This beautiful women has been working out with me for 4 years, and many different stages of life:) on the right she is 8 months pregnant still rockin it! “I have always been active but working full time and being a single parent makes it a little more challenging to focus on being fit. Once I realized I needed to make the time and dedicate to a healthy lifestyle I found Amara. She has completely changed the way I work out and my nutrition. I admire her discipline in every aspect of life and wanted that for myself. My goal wasn’t to lose weight, but to tone up and find a healthy balance between life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Three years later and one more baby she is still my trainer. Her work outs are challenging but she knows how to push you so you realize your potential. I always describe Amara are the sweetest no BS personal trainer ever! She’s the only personal trainer I would personally recommend. I love how she switches up the work outs and even though I hate working legs, it’s my favorite body part because she knows how to get them shredded. One of the best decisions I made was hiring Amara.” Andy I truly love my clients and love seeing them teach their goals! #teamcrazyfit2 #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #fitmom #fitmoms #fitness #fitpregnancy #fitnessgoals #personaltrainer #westhaven at West Haven, Utah

2 months ago

Happy 2019 to you all!! I'm so excited for another year to set goals and do great things! I read in a book stating "to celebrate everything you did in 2018, really focus on all you accomplished, instead of the goals you did not quite reach. So I challenge all of you to really think about all the great things you did this year?? From Big to Small!! This year I achieved goals such as organizing my pantry to supplying Christmas to 31 children (with help from my clients, family and friends). So again I ask you.. What did you accomplish in 2018???? AND NOW what will you accomplish in 2019??? Its time to start setting those goals! AND here are some tips to reach those goals this year! 1-Start small and be specific (for example if you want better health, set how many days you will workout each week, if you are not working out at all right now you may want to set 1-2 days to start once you have accomplished that on a regular basis you can increase it if you want to). 2-Change 1 behavior at a time (replace a bad behavior with a good, and just choose one at a time, once that new good behavior is the habit you can pick another behavior). 3-Talk about it (for example join a gym or workout group, people with similar goals who can support each other, and push each other, but also people you can share your achievements and hardships). 4-Dont Beat yourself up- remember the saying 1 step back two steps forward. We all will have set backs but keep moving forward. 5-Ask for support (this can be a friend, a professional support, family member) I wish you all a very Healthy, Happy 2019! And as always if you want help reaching your health and fitness goals this year, please give me a call, text or email to discuss your goals and how I can help you! I have great small group all female workout groups that are a perfect way to seek support and better health! Hope to hear from you soon!!! Amara #teamcrazyfit2 #newyearsresolutions #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #lovelife #westhaven #personaltrainer #personaltraining #fitmom #fitmoms #fitnessgoals #fitnessgirl #fitnessmotivation at West Haven, Utah

2 months ago

Baby it’s cold outside! Come warm up at Team Crazy Fit, a great 55 min workout will get you toasty warm and Improve your health! Start your 2019 fitness and health new year resolutions with a trainer, and game plan you can stick with! Turn your resolutions and goals into lifestyle changes! I can’t wait to help you reach your health and fitness goals!! #teamcrazyfit2 #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #personaltrainer #personaltraining #westhaven #lovelife #fitmoms #fitmom #newyearsresolution at West Haven, Utah

2 months ago

Healthy top Ramon I like to make meals as easy and healthy as possible. I also like to always have cooked chicken on hand (that’s typically what takes longest to cook, but if it’s already cooked it’s easy to make meals with it). Cooked chicken with salad supreme seasonings earlier today Put Costco’s rice Ramon noodles in pot with water and 4 chicken bouillon cubes Cooked peas with water in microwave Scooped some noodles and soup in bowl, added chicken and peas to each bowl Took 12 mins to make #teamcrazyfit2 #fitness #fitfam #fitmom #fitmoms #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #lovelife #westhaven #personaltrainer #personaltraining at West Haven, Utah

3 months ago

I’m often asked “if I ever DONT feel motivated to workout”. OF course there are days I don’t feel like working out!! But I know if I don’t work out I’ll feel like crap all day and regret it.. Where is if I make myself workout I know I’ll feel great after and happy I did it!! Do you prefer 5-15 mins of feeling unmotivated or 24 hours of feeling like crap?? Remind yourself how great you will feel after and don’t even entertain the idea of “not wanting to workout today “ #teamcrazyfit2 #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #motivated #pushyourself #fitness #workout #personaltrainer #westhaven #hireatrainer #lovelife at West Haven, Utah

3 months ago

When life gives you fresh cranberries.. you make cranberry bars 😍 Boil 2 cups cranberries 1/2 c Stevia 2 squirts lemon juice and water Stir and smash the cranberries -put in glass bowl in fridge for 2 hours Mix- 1 1/2c oats 1 1/2 c almond flour 1/2 c Stevia 1/16 c agave nectar 4 TBSP egg whites 1 tsp baking powder Spray cooking pan with Pam lay 3/4 dry mix flat Lay the cranberry mixture on top. Layer with what’s left of dry mix Cook 25 mins at 350degrees #teamcrazyfit2 #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #fitness #fitfam at West Haven, Utah

3 months ago

Love this amazing lady! And so proud of her “I'm a 36 yr old mom of two busy 3 & 6 yr old girls. Married and work full time with a long commute. I always look forward to my workouts. Morning workout energize and get me ready for the day. Evening workouts reduce stress and I'm ready to get home and keep up with my girls. I hired Amara right after having my first kid to help me live a healthier lifestyle. Amara taught me how to eat healthy and lift weights. It's become an important part of my life significantly reducing my anxiety. Whatever my goals are Amara has helped me reach and maintain all of them. I've learned how important eating healthy is. I've always been active but didn't see the results until I changed the way I ate. I feel better and have increased energy. Diet and exercise is truly the best medicine to help manage stress and anxiety. After a great workout with Amara and a group of girls I always feel better! Supplements I love my Super pump and BCAAs “ #teamcrazyfit2 #fitmom #fitmama #fitness #westhaven #westhavenutah #personaltrainer #goals #healthylifestyle #superpump at West Haven, Utah

3 months ago

It pays to run.. literally.. found this $100 out running today. YES I know It’s Monopoly money but here’s why it’s significant for me. Years ago when i was struggling financially I used to always visualize and look for $100 bill while running thinking how much that could help us. Haven’t thought about that in years, but when I decided to do an Angel tree that thought from 9 years ago came back and I thought how cool it would be now to find $100 to donate to someone else in need. So I will donate this $100 (although I will use real money) to my angel tree.. and maybe get a littler clearer next time when I think about finding $100 that it be real money not Monopoly money ;)😂 #teamcrazyfit2 #giveback #supportothers #healthylifestyle #paystorun #runutah #running at West Haven, Utah

3 months ago

Hey friends My company Team Crazy Fit is helping community Christmas with an angel tree this year. I have lots of ornaments if you’d like to help out message me and you can come by or I can send you a pic of an ornament to fulfill. This is an amazing program that is going to provide Christmas to 3500 kids in Weber and Davis county. Thank you everyone in advance!! #teamcrazyfit2 #angeltree #healthylifestyle #personaltrainer #personaltraining #westhaven #westhavenutah #givingback at West Haven, Utah

4 months ago

Training tip tue 1- be constant 2- follow an effective exercise program 3- set realistic goals 4- use the buddy system 5- make your plan Fit your life 6- pick an activity that makes you happy 7- get inspired by someone/fitness role model 8- be patient 9- plan a head/meal prep 10- hire a trainer to help you with all of the above #teamcrazyfit2 #fitness #fitnessmotivation #training #healthylifestyle #personaltrainer #westhaven #westhavenpersonaltrainer #fitmom #fitmoms at West Haven, Utah

5 months ago

Did you know working out through your pregnancy helps you have a healthier pregnancy, helps you to control the amount of weight you gain, helps you have a quicker/easier delivery, and helps with losing the baby Weight after! I have personally worked out through two pregnancies, and helped several during and after pregnancy. And I’d love to help you! This beautiful lady is due first of oct, still at it and looks amazing! #teamcrazyfit2 #fitmom #fitmoms #fitmama #fitness #fitpregnancy #personaltrainer #westhaven #westhavenpersonaltrainer at West Haven, Utah

5 months ago

Big cottonwood half 😍 I’ve been totally dreading this race, got some great advice from a great friend “just have fun, enjoy the scenery, and be thankful you can run it” Ended up having so much! Met some great people, lots of laughs with my sis on the bus and got flowers at the finish which was a first for me (from my sisters sweet boyfriend). #teamcrazyfit2 #halfmarathoner #fitmoms #westhaven #personaltrainer #lovetheoutdoors #enjoythejourney #running at West Haven, Utah