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49 minutes ago

Erkek ayilarnan aran neterdi😂😂 at Ganja

3 hours ago

Guys I appreciate all the support from all of you it really means the world to me and helps me a lot with everything that I’m going through. #day2 #teamcerny

6 hours ago

Make your weakness your strength! 💪🏼 I used to NEVER do upper body - shoulders and back especially! Now I’ve found what works best for me. Adding in the skiing machine as a warm up has been such a game changer! #UpperBodyWorkout 💪🏼😅💜 at Los Angeles, California

22 hours ago

Does nice ever win? I think so ... At the end of it all. So don’t give up and allow negativity to eat away at the goodness in your heart or your willingness to overcome it. A well trained and strengthened mind can charge through the noise and bring light into an otherwise seemingly dark world. Vent your emotions. Clear your mind. Be strong. Be kind. See all perspectives. Be understanding. Lose your ego. Forgive and Best of all LOVE. @amandacerny #amandacerny #teamcerny #gorgeous #followme #cute #sweet #smile #beautygoals