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4 hours ago

Big thanks to all the Alley Cats that made it to last nights Public Domain Movie Night! It was a ball! And btw. The Robot vs The Aztec Mummy was a much better movie than I expected!

5 hours ago

VHS collecting - my other love. It is so damn cheap I can’t help myself. I’m surprised I’m still married. I’ve always said that the best job I ever had was working at an independent video store in the mid 2000s. Minimum wage, free movies every night and almost zero responsibility Picked up this gem the other day - never seen it - maybe a little bit like Rad meets Karate Kid on a surf board? No idea. Need to sit down and watch this tonight. @ericstamsos @matty_newvillage maybe we open a video store when we are retired and old - or maybe we do it in a couple of years? - I’d tag cup but he’s not on here. #vhs #vhscollector #notvideogamesbuttheshit #northshorevhs #northshore #surfmovie #surfing #vhstape #tapehead #tapeheads #bekindpleaserewind #videorental #vhslife #nintendo #rentingmovies #sparksonthejob

6 hours ago

Today my #freddyvsjason VHS arrived, finally completing my U.K. rental VHS movie collection. Now, do I start collecting the sell-thrus, foreign tapes and Freddy’s Nightmares?? 😍📼

13 hours ago

Grabbed a few tapes at the Thrift today. 2 Talespin tapes I dont have yet, The Wiz on dvd and 2 for the Trade pile, The Killing Time (Starmaker) and Undercover Angel (PM Entertainment)

13 hours ago

Got some tapes at Value Village yesterday. Kull the Conqueror, Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis, Black Angel (Vidmark, Upgrade), Duran Duran: Dancing on a Valentine. For the Trade pile,: False Identity (Prism), Never Cry Wolf and Hanna's War (Media).

17 hours ago

You can’t be beat the cover art from a horror flick!! Half the fun is choosing based on the artwork alone, so come choose from some of the classic and cult titles we just got in!! at Al's Music, Video, & Games

18 hours ago

Public Domain Movie Night! Tonight at 10pm central time! Come hand out! Link in profile.

18 hours ago

I need caffeine. Like, right now.

20 hours ago

Summer is right around the corner...but so is this S.O.B.!!!

21 hours ago

Where my #tapeheads at? You can get vintage SEALED cassettes on my eBay page (link in bio)

1 day ago

Void goes treasure hunting at 112 Video and picks out some rare and obscure titles on #VHS and #DVD! 📼 #Ghouligans

1 day ago

Had to put this on the new car ;)

2 days ago

Steve McQueen never made a bad film. April 23rd - Released on this Day in 1980 Tom Horn Length: 1h 38mins Distributor: Warner Bros Classics Stars: Steve McQueen, Linda Evans, Richard Farnsworth, Billy Green Bush, Slim Pickens, Elisha Cook Jr., Roy Jenson, Geoffrey Lewis, Harry Northup, Bobby Bass, Mickey Jones

2 days ago

One of these is not the same...🤷🏻‍♂️🤷‍♀️

2 days ago

This was too damn hard to capture , I feel like it should be one of those pinterest meme fails 😂. Recently watched thriller that I loved 💚 I've been watching a lot of these type of movies lately.

2 days ago

In light of both Earth Day and one Android phone image of a black hole 6 billion times larger than our sun, it’s only natural to think that last unconquerable environment may not be on this planet. Long before Interstellar (2013) teased the idea of a botanical apocalypse, an effects guy from 2001: A Space Odyssey and the future creator of Doogie Howser and NYPD Blue scared audiences with “Silent Running” (1972): 🌱 For those unfamiliar with Bruce Dern (father of Laura), check out Nebraska, the black and white drama that earned him Best Actor at Cannes in 2013. 40 years earlier, his character Freeman Lowell has the same impulse and conviction; sacrificing a human crew to save a geodesic terrarium speaks volumes 🌱 The detailed space models are as impressive as advertised, with repurposed scenes originally reserved for 2001. The support drones (and primary co-stars) are comically humanized, but conceptually believable given the progress of AI and computer programming at the time 🌱Our boy Carl Sagan dissed the scientific accuracy, specifically the neglect of an “inverse square” physics principal that exponentially reduces the effects of sunlight at great distances but cmon NERD 🌱Joan Baez has two crooning folk ballads on the soundtrack, no doubt the baby making music of future vegan crusaders. But even as a meat boi, I find Lowell’s cult-like devotion to organic contributions more favorable than the current food industry’s synthetic detritus we have inherited

2 days ago

“No tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering.” . . . . . My Hellraiser stack so far. I adore the little green horror stickers on VHS. 💚 (Twilight Zone tattoo by @leeny_cat)

2 days ago

Check out our updated and heavily stocked Hungry Ghost Press vintage VHS collection 📼 New titles ready for the MYSTERY GRAB BAG! Pay $5 and get a RANDOM vintage VHS Inspired from the best days of corner store grab bags, you never know what you'll get! Some bags contain extra goodies, some bags have amazing picks, some terribly amazing picks, you never know! Hand picked by Chris, the owner of Hungry Ghost Press, the collection consists of Horror, Sci Fi, 80's & 90's Comedies and the best and worst Christmas movies around. Share your pick when you get it and join in on the NAME THAT MOVIE instagram stories game! 📷: @colingravy www.hungryghostpress.com at Hungry Ghost Press

2 days ago

Just wanted to say, love you folks. It’s been a lot of fun out here. Thanks to those that get the vision and understand the “very inside” world we are all apart of. This little operation and its customer base have really sparked a new appreciation for some stuff we almost forgot. Nostalgia is a strange bird. I like it here in this revolving and evolving Deja Vu. What a fantastical world it continues to be! Long live the resurgence!!! #vhs #vhs4life #tapehead #tapeheads #vhscollection #vhscollector #vhscollectors #vhscollecting #slab #slabs #tapes #videotape #videotapes #horrorvhs #vcr #videohomesystem #blackplag #vhsaddict #vhsaddiction #feedyourvcr #ihavetoreturnsomevideotapes #horrortape #horrortapes #vhsfriends #📼 #i❤️vhs #itsawayoflife #bricks #beta #betamax at Oshawa, Ontario

3 days ago

•1 VHS $3.50📼 •2 VHS $6 📼📼 •EACH ADDITIONAL ONLY $1.50 MORE➕📼 •FREE SHIPPING 📦🇺🇸 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• **SOLD** •predator, el mariachi, problem child, & trading places •First Power , I’m gonna get u sucka, life pod , Neighbors, opposing force •aberration, scanners, shadow zone • Goosebumps clamshells (2) •Deadly force ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #Feedyourvcr #vcr #vhs #vhscollector #vhslover #vhstapes #vhsforever #vhscu #vhslove #vhslife #vhsishappiness #vhsmovies #vhsfinds #vhscollection #vhsandchill #vhstape #analog #cinephile #moviebuff #cinephilecommunity #deadmedia #vhshaul #physicalmedia #tapehead #tapeheads #videostore #vhsforsale

3 days ago

Late Night Flick. April 22nd - Released on this Day in 1994 Chasers Length: 1h 42mins Distributor: Warner Bros. Stars: Tom Berenger, Erika Eleniak, William Macnamara, Crispin Glover, Matthew Glave, Grand L. Bush, Dean Stockwell, Bitty Schram, Gary Busey, Seymour Cassel, Frederic Forrest, Marilu Henner, Dennis Hopper

3 days ago

No matter how hard I try, I will never understand the widespread #SlipOfTheTongue phobia among fans. Many believe that this release (in part, due to its affiliation with #SteveVai) lurched the sword of commercialism right through the heart of the Snake and gutted its trademark sound. While I agree with the notion that the album strayed further beyond the candy-coated outskirts of 1987, the finished product is undeniably strong. Though it may constitute social (media) suicide to say this, “Cheap An’ Nasty” remains one of my go-to #Whitesnake jams. 😂 Feel free to rip me apart in the comments. 🐍 #80sRock #HardRock #GlamMetal #HeavyMetal #80sMetal #MetalHead #MetalCD #CassetteCollection #MetalCassettes #TapeHead #CassetteCulture #Analog #MusicCollection #MusicAddict #NowPlaying #WhitesnakeFans