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7 minutes ago

Continuing with the illustration trend, an antique watercolor sketch of a hammerhead shark. Our Coco's Island Hammerhead Project aims to tag 24 of these beasts to track migratory patterns and publicize the results. Go to our website to find out more! #hammerhead #TIRN #conservation #marinelife #nonprofit #research #tagging

1 hour ago

I’m going to try and post all of these old school 90’s graff on Thursday and Friday. A few at a time. I’d like to start it off with my first wall I ever did a piece on. This is the Failing st. Overpass in N. Portland. I lived two blocks away from the Alibi restaurant and this was my spot. 1990-The SEK one I did and it was supposed to be SEKZ. No clue why I didn’t finish it. The SDB I did for my mom for her birthday. I wrote DEVEL AF and later switched it to COMA when we started DK but my name was getting a lot of heat and people very interested in finding me. So here I am, DEVEL👹 I hope you enjoy the pictures to come. #devil #portlandgraffiti #graffitiporn #handstyles #dvs #oregongraffiti #thedevelmademedoit #slaps #graffiti #tagging #tags #oregongraffiti #graffitiphotoalbum #90sgraffiti at Portland, Oregon

3 hours ago

Being back in Venice was really good. I'd go catch @veniceglowflow on wednesdays to get to the beach, watch the sunset and dance in the company of skilled flow artists. Sadly I wasn't able to attend a meetup during this visit. On any given day Venice beach is lively and has festive vibes. at Venice Beach - Venice Boulevard