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1 month ago

No olvides lo que fuiste. No le temas a lo que serás ♥️ . . •It borthered me before when someone didn’t see me for who I really was. I felt the need to explain myself. But not anymore. I’m realizing that the way that people see me is out of my control. And the way I see myself is more important than the way that others see me. No one walked in my shoes. So no one has the right to tell me what path I walked or how marred I was. And I have also learned that I can not do it with others either because I am not the one to judge them• @najwazebian . . #blondegirl👑 #tbt #throwback🔙 #throwbackthursday #tenerife #canaryislands #canarias #ocean #sea #lovemyself #thewayitisistheperfectway #lasteresitas #taganana #tagananabeach

11 months ago

Коли мрії здійснюються❤ at Taganana