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17 days ago

REAL TALK from Carol Hedges, Executive Director at the Colorado Fiscal Institute. Did you know Colorado ranks 45th in state taxes? "State taxes are a source of revenue to allocate across inequities. We starve ourselves at the state level for resources." The current system is not fair and these rules perpetuate inequity. This is what our reps need to be reminded of. #ColoEdLobbyDay #CuttheBSFactor #COleg #COpolitics #TaborSucks at Denver Capitol Building

6 months ago

Thank you Colorado for SENSIBLE voting laws in most cases (aka Mail in/drop off ballots) but as for TABOR, you suck! It just took me two hours to research the 16 items on the ballot none of which have to do with whom I want as an elected official. So I guess I am proud I spent the time to vote and I encourage everyone else in Colorado to do the same. Try not to get frustrated and just do your part. #taborsucks #endtabornow #rockthevote2018 #vote #denvercountyvoter

4 years ago