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3 hours ago

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1 day ago

So it’s Midland Masters Championships today, it’s a 1 o’clock warm up which gives me some time to find all my ‘lucky’ items to pack 😅😁🏊‍♀️ I have many strange superstitions I now have to do (including going out to buy some shorts with a certain swimmer @adsleyrob at nationals from now on.. long story 🤦‍♀️) When you swim well or badly, you try to reason with yourself why... it becomes a bit obsessive to some but all part of it 👍 What does anyone else have to make sure they do before they race? ( doesn’t have to be just swimming)

4 days ago

H20, that life blood. Got a nice set in this morning. Rolled outta bed at 3:45 for this morning’s swim & It. Was. Worth. It. 💙 Swim Set: •500 Warmup •5-50 Choice •4-200(IM every other) •10-25 Fly •4-100 (IMs) •500 Warmdown Unfortunately, I didn’t get to tread weights today. I forgot to grab them. #waterbaby #swimset #myowncoach

4 days ago

Here we go again...a little mix of everything today to keep it interesting! Warm up: 200 choice Drill set 4 x 50 Head up drill. 25 head up, 25 regular free Working on keeping your head still and not letting your body drop too much! Good drill as we get into open water swim season. Main Set: do this 4 times: Each time through, you work hard on a different part. In round 1, #1 should be hard effort. In round 2, #2 is a hard effort and so on. The other parts are at moderate pace, thinking about your strokes/recovery. 4 x 1. 4 x 50 kick @ 10 rest 2. 3 x 100 choice, descend 1-3 @ 15 rest 3. 1 x 200 pull 4. 4 x 25 drill/swim Warm down 200 Total: 4000 #swimming #swimbikerun #poolday #swimset #swimmingworkout #wod #tri #triathlon #ironmanswim #ironman #mastersswimming #mastersswimmingcanada #usmastersswimming #swimretreat #swimcoach #triathlonswimming

6 days ago

Open water swimming season has most definitely started. Where's the best place you've swum outdoors?

8 days ago

This is a 2k Swim set which gives you the opportunity to time 4 individual 200m reducing the rest 1-4 You can then use these as a benchmark and repeat the set again after a month... 🏊‍♀️ 🏊‍♂️

8 days ago

Back on the bike... back on the numbers . . Yesterday we put together a bike session to see what it looks like 14days on from #IRONMANTexas ❤️ . . Recovery has been key post Texas with the focus now set on Challenge Herning on the 8th June and IM Frankfurt the 30th June 🇩🇪 . . The session was PM after my regular Friday 7am PT at @woodlandsleisurebodham.. followed by a #swimset @intellitri calls "VO2 Max are you serious?" with @samproctortri . . Bike numbers 🔢.. The aim of the session is Endurance FTP-D working for a total of 24mins at 100% FTP for 6mins with 6mins recovery, front loaded with 90mins of riding and 35mins off the back. Total duration yesterday 2hours 51minutes covering 82.7km . . This session isn't the time to be a #Hero and beat the numbers.. just to get the head down, work hard and fuel appropriately.. @torqfitness . . For me this broke down as the following adj. Watts, Cadence and Speed; 6mins@258W 74rpm 36.8 6mins @259W 74rpm 39.5 6mins @260W 71rpm 35.7 6mins @258W 72rpm 40 . . #AllTribesOneClan #bikebold #beconsistent #headdown at The Woodlands, Texas

9 days ago

The Black and White Tropical Set 🔥 The time has come! You can now pre-order the rest of our Summer collection now #deadlegacy #createyourownlegacy

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Korea swim set blue pink #RM39 Jellyfish blue #RM49 . Size M L XL M bust32-34ABC L bust34-36ABC XL bust36-38ABC #swimset #泳装

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Swim set #RM35 inside have bra⚠️ . Blue color only Size M L XL XXL M bust32-34AB L bust34-36AB XL bust36-38AB XXL Bust34-38ABC cup #suncloset #swimset #泳装