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A couple solid landmine variations⬇️ - 1️⃣ LM goblet squat to press: was short on time and wanted to get a full body workout in, so this was my go to. These fried me after just 5 sets, as a result you can see some slight extension in my lower back. - 2️⃣ Rotational LM press: great way to develop explosive power. Don’t need to go super heavy with these, focusing on force production. at Push Performance

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Anthony Potts with proper lift form 💯 Doing WERK😤 Keep at it 💪🏾 . @grade_a_fit . 545lbs @ 181lbs . MC Score: 165.1🔥 . Deductions: -1 use of Lifting Belt . Current Male MC Score Conventional Deadlift Tourney Record: 223.11 . Current Male Conventional Deadlift Most Weight Lifted: 881.4lbs . All Time Male Conventional MC Score Deadlift Record: 223.11 . All Time Male Conventional Deadlift Most Weight Lifted: 881.4lbs . Think you can beat him?! . DM us for a chance to win FREE PRIZES & MASSive DISCOUNTS from us and all of our sponsors! 🏆@mass_cast@olympiadagear 😤@zonesmellingsalts 🦍@gorilla_gang_worldwide 💦@sheepdogdrinks 🧬@enraged_labs 🦌@buckedupsupps . RATE THE LIFT! —> In the COMMENT section below comment with the following symbols and offer advice so people can learn from their lifts and in case we miss anything 😉👇🏼 . DEDUCTIONS -Form judged by YOU! -You judge, we adjust! . For Form: ✅ = 💯 🚨 = No Bueno 🧣 = Straps = -2 🦵🏽= Ramping = -2 🎞 = Belt = -1 . Thank you all for your comments we will use them and take them into consideration when we score all of our contestants! Happy Judging! 💪🏾 . RULES: Your score will be determined by your Wilks Score minus deductions . Automatic Disqualification: -Failure to Lockout with Shoulders Back -Failure to Lockout Knees . BONUS POINTS: - 10 BONUS POINTS - Compete in Mass Cast Gear! - 5 BONUS POINTS - Compete featuring Sponsored Gear! - 2 BONUS POINTS - POST your PR submission video ON your PROFILE & TAG us before u DM it to us! . @olympiadagear MASSCAST 👉🏾 25% OFF . @zonesmellingsalts MASSCAST15 👉🏼 15% OFF . @enraged_labs MASSCAST 👉🏻 15% OFF . @buckedupsupps MASSCAST20 👉🏿 20% OFF . @gorilla_gains_worldwide MASSCAST 👉🏼 15% OFF . PLEASE NOTE WHEN SUBMITTING: -ALL WEIGHT MUST BE SHOWN IN VIDEO -Please Use INSTAGRAM FORMAT to make our lives easier ;) -We have a ton of submissions please be PATIENT and we’ll respond to ya ASAP!! . 🏵BONUS PRIZE🏵 -The submission video with the ❤️MOST LIKES❤️ on our page WINS a prize too so TAG YOUR FRIENDS when we post you and have them shoot us a REPOST!! . 🌎 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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💥20% off Arnold tee💥⬇️ - The 2019 Arnold Sports Festival @arnoldsports is right around the corner. If you’re heading to the event, show the world that you’re “ALL IN ALL THE TIME” in the EXCLUSIVE Redcon1 Arnold Classic Tee! Supplies are limited so act now before it’s too late, because unlike Arnold they won’t be back! - CLICK LINK IN BIO & USE CODE T20THOMASMC TO SAVE 20% OFF. - 👉🏼Wear this shirt to the Redcon1 booth( #1) at the Arnold for additional savings👈🏼 #redcon1family #redcon1 #redcon1tieroperator #redcon1apparel #redcon1army #redcon1official #asf #asf2019 🔴🔴REDCON1ARMY.COM🔴🔴

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💥PRE OF THE WEEK💥 Core PEAK X ✔️ Increased Vasodilation ✔️ Increased Endurance and Stamina ✔️ Decrease Fatigue and Increased Performance ✔️ Increase Nutrient Delivery Take your workout to another level with this comprehensive pump and performance product 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Only $3 per serve at our Barbell Cafe🔥😍 If one serve isn’t enough, talk to one of our friendly staff about securing your own tub. #worldgymalbury #worldgym #worldgymaustralia #supplements #preworkout at World Gym Albury/Wodonga

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Throwin’ up some classic poses after a deadly chest and back pump, main chest exercises were: •barbell bench (3x3) (3x3 paused) (3x6) •incline dumbbell (4x8) •decline barbell bench (3x15) •decline cable flys (3x12) PS: thanks for the posing tips @madsenrandy 🤘🏼 at GoodLife Fitness - Fredericton Uptown Centre

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#shoutout Sunday to my family @ironbrotherssupplements its honestly the only preworkout I trust anymore. Make sure you follow these guys as 2019 is going to be huge for them! ・・・ Iron Brothers Relentless V2 lets the label speak for itself instead of a bunch of fancy marketing. 💯 . . 4000mg - L-Citrulline 3200mg - Beta Alanine 2700mg - Betaine 1000mg - Agmatine 1000mg - Taurine 275mg - Caffeine Anhydrous 150mg - Norvaline 100mg - Dynamine 75mg - Hordenine 50mg - Theobromine 50mg - AstraGin 200mcg - Huperzine A . . With 3 great flavours to chose from. The hell y’all waiting for? . . . . . . #ironbrothers #supplements #relentless #v2 #preworkout #powder #ironbrotherssupplements #ifbb #ifbbbikini #ifbbpro #ifbbbikinipro #motivation #inspiration #muscle #dedication #instafit #instafitness #fitfam #bodybuilding #gains #picoftheday #weightlifting #doyouevenlift #gym #gymrat #hellyeah

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You signed up for the Open? It’s not just for seasoned crossfitters it’s for everyone. Put your skills to the test. Find strengths you never knew you had and weaknesses that will make you better over the next 5 weeks. Don’t bitch out, sign up today! #crossfit #fitness #workout #workoutmotivation #weigjtlifting #muscle #strengthtraining #strong #n6strong #personaltrainer #nutrition #gym #gymlife #shredded #crossfitgirls #crossfitgames #workout #strengthcoach #fit #powerlifting #bodybuilding #bestgym #keswick #results #gymlife #supplements #eatright #nutritioncoach #competition #barbell at CrossFit N6

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Synephrine is one of the worst supplements out there to help boost your energy. Why? Because it’s very stimulant heavy. It’s the stuff that’s added in many pre workouts that make you either sick after or make you crash. Take your pick on which is worse. If you’re looking for something less stimulant heavy but still packs a punch, then the best supplement for you is an energy booster. To learn more check out the link in bio 🔝 #maintainyourbody #apolloplus #supplements #functional #fit #betterlife #nurtureyourhealth #maintainmuscle #maintainweightloss #onelife #betruetoyourself #protein #leanmusclesupport #getfit #gamechanger #gymrat #Helpingothers #healthylifestyle #MentalFocus #consciousliving at Toronto, Ontario

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What is your perspective on this ? My first couple years of working out was all about work hard at gym and come home and eat whatever is in my refrigerator. Worst part of this is that more calories that I burned, more the craving of calorie-dense food. Here is comes trick. You can still enjoy the sweetness that you have been craving for. 💥Important part is how you consume it.. Portion of the meal and counting the macro play huge role in building the perfect physique that you desire. 💡So everything comes down to time versus money.. If you have time, meal prepping is highly recommended, but someone like me, who is busy most of the time, sometimes it is convenient to outsource. 🧬I am currently using one @xsnation protein bars right after workout. Then eat my meal.. Late snack Or sometime I replace my entire meal with either @nutriliteusa meal replacement shake or bar. I satisfy my craving with healthy choice of sweetness 🍧🍬 and at the same time consume all necessary nutrition intake.. . . . #nutrition #bodybuilding #bodybuilding_motivation #bodybuildingdiet #supplements #mealprep #nutritioncoach #bodytransformation #fitspo #inspiration #physiques #gymsharkwomen #fatloss #weightlosstransformation #weightgain #musclemass #muscleup #femalebodybuilder #healthyfood #foodrecipes #amway #nutrilite #xsnation #protein #carbcycling #goodcarbs #ketodiet #challengers at Los Angeles, California

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Meals that’s about to be distributed. . Keto friendly diets available. . ✅Nutritional food . ✅Fulfilling Food . ✅Tasty Food . ✅Properly weighed . ✅Macros available . ✅Shipping Available . #mealpreps #distribution #work at Columbus, Georgia

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Soooooo happy with how @rhicunnerz performed this weekend at the BDFPA Single Lift Championships. . Extending her British Record twice in the Squat and taking 1st place. Adding 5kg to her comp PB. . Taking 2nd place in the Bench Press and another 2.5kg PB on top of the 2.5kg added at the December qualifier. . Taking 2nd place in the Deadlift. (All vids in the comments). . I’m not only happy with all she’s achieved above, but I’m really happy with how her self belief, confidence and ability to really work for her Lifts has improved. It was great to see such a difference today compared to when she first came to me for support a few months ago. . She’s now onto her next challenge, in just five weeks time, in her first Thai Boxing match. I’m sure that with the development in confidence and self-belief, and off the back of such a successful meet, that she will do amazing in this goal also. Wishing her all the best with that too.👊🏻. . For enquiries on 1-2-1 training in a private studio, training programming, online coaching, contest prep, posing support, nutritional support, drop me a message. . #Repost @rhicunnerz with @get_repost ・・・ Successful day yesterday at National Single Lift Championship 8/9 lifts. Extended the British record I set last year twice in squat, got myself a bench pb placed 1st in my category and two 2nd places, in bench and deadlift. I deffo made this squat look harder than It should have been 😂 but hey takes balls to get up there. Massive thanks to my coach @glenn.branch has total faith in me even if I don’t stick to his diet plan and end up running rings and spitting in the car park to make weight 😂. Thank you. @alternationpt. . #alternationpt #bionicbranchbarbellclub #bionicbranchbarbell #bodybionicnutrition #club3b #powerlifting #strength #strengthtraining #strongman #strengthandconditioning #fatloss #weightloss #supplements #personaltraining #bdfpa #wdfpf #personaltrainingstudio #onlinecoaching #billericay #basildon #ingatestone #chelmsford #squats #benchpress #deadlift

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CrossFit is just so weird...

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Hood on and focused. Understand that you are here, and your life has meaning. You have the decision everyday to tap into your potential, regardless of what you are going through. Make the most of what you have now, and continue moving forward. 🦁 at Montana

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Bombshell Fat Fighter! Let this BOOST your daily routine!

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People ask me— What should I expect when starting my 3 steps? Here is a run down! Days 1-4 ▪️You might want to give me a hug ▫️You may not like me... ▪️You could feel amazing (day one Thriver- I was!) ▫️You might feel a tad icky... could be due to detoxing or not enough water ▫️You will see the simplicity of the 3 steps Day 5 ▪️You might have slept better than you have in a long time ▫️You might remember why you walked into a room 😂 or the grocery list on the counter before you go to the store ▪️The brain fog is LIFTING ▫️You’re not near as irritable ▫️What is in this stuff? This is actually worth the money!!😊 Day 7 ▪️You’re feeling better than you ever have ▫️You’ll message me that you LOVE this stuff & you’re sorry for any thing bad you said about it 😂 ▪️you’ll feel ready to conquer each day Day 10 ▫️You cannot ever be without this stuff ▪️You start rearranging your budget in your mind. Because obviously you need more 💁🏻‍♀️ ▪️ You May want join my business or tell your friends so you get the stuff for free. It only takes 2 friends to thrive for free! Day 14 ▪️Without even trying, people are starting to notice, “something is different about you.” ▫️coworkers and others are suddenly less annoying 😂 ▪️Kids & friends notice ▫️People start to want what you have ▪️ Your house is probably looking cleaner because you actually have energy to clean it. (Mine certainly does!) ...So, there ☝🏻 it is. It’s time to get your happy back. You deserve it.