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3 days ago

My #orgonite double-healer. #created with mostly #amethyst shards, #steelshavings #aluminumshavings big round #magnet on the tip, increasing the #superenergy #flow and small round #neodymium #magnets on the tip of the shards poking out on the end. My other piece is a WOMC, Weapon of Mass Construction. I point it at another & it shoots a #silverweb around people. I see that in thought every time. So it's one hell of an #orgone Blaster! There are no other pieces like it but can be duplicated!

6 days ago

Daddy Daughter Pizza/Movie Night! ❤ This is my absolute favorite girl alive :) #family

7 days ago

Приводим себя в порядок под потрясную музыку! Спорт очень полезен и не только тем, что в итоге вы получаете красивое тело, а ещё он полезен для мозга и хорошего настроения. Физическая активность стимулирует работу нервных клеток, а также способствует выделению гормона счастья - эндорфина и даже дофамина. Всем советую попробовать и испытать себя на классе SUPER ENERGY 😋🔥 С каждым классом мы становимся сильнее 💪 Пробуйте и ищите тот вид спорта, который вам нравится (не через надо, а через хочу) и будьте счастливы и здоровы 🤗 💪💪💪💪💪 Be super energy! 💪 💪 💪 Находим себя, ставим лайки, делимся впечатлениями, комментируем, репостим! #фурлетoff 💪💪💪💪💪 #камелотекб #superenergy #HIIT #фитнес #функционал #сделайтело #вторчик #Камелот #powerclass

7 days ago

No matter how small, every activity in a Hindu marriage is a rich act of imbibing values into the to-be couple. One such ritual is the mandatory 'Arundhati Darshan' carried out in almost all the wedding ceremonies. Mythology has it that, God Agni fell in love with the wives of the sages during a yaaga...... . . .'s not a shot from a film; but a photo capturing the great Indian wedding that has now metamorphosed ...!! . . #as #as wedding Films #traditions #wonderfulevening #gratephotocapture #nicecouple #weddings #birthdayevent #celebrity #superenergy #eventorganization #birthdayparty #preweddingshoot #postweddingshoot #partysorganizations #commerical . . #as wedding Films by Archana Reddy Contact number:9177488745 at As

11 days ago

《🤵🏼香港古董小店,祝願大家諸🐷事順利!繼續搵到自己鍾意嘅寶藏!!! HKANTIQUE wishes you all have a warm, happy and prosperous lunar new year of 🐷!!!》 多謝客人訂購我哋嘅Mindful Charms 水晶手鏈! Thank you for the very order of our mindful charms! — 有興趣訂購幸運能量手鏈請 PM If you are interest to order our crystal bracelet please PM us — Whatsapp: 61309516 #hkantique #mindfulcharms #crystal #superenergy #energy #能量 #水晶 #古文明 at IFC

12 days ago

🔥Are you ready to SUPERcharge your health during winter season? Try our new superfood💪 salads! Superfoods have extra-large doses of vitamins and minerals that can help us ward off diseases and live a longer, healthier life 😀 . ℹ️ Some of the nutrients that certain superfoods contain include antioxidants, thought to ward off cancer; healthy fats, thought to prevent heart disease; fiber, thought to prevent diabetes and digestive problems. . 🎊 Presenting the NEW superfood selection at L'ETO: 👉1) HARISSA SPROUTED CHICKPEAS. Sprouted chickpeas, also known as sprouted garbanzo beans, are a nutrient-rich ingredient. A primary benefit of consuming sprouted chickpeas is their high protein content and low level of fat. This makes them an ideal meat replacement for vegetarians and individuals looking to make their diets healthier. . 👉2) CARAMELISED BEETROOT AND SPROUTED FLAX SEEDS. Packed with seeds, carrying plenty of nutrients. Flax seeds are loaded with nutrients - protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, in addition to being a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It’s also a very good source of lignans. Lignans are plant compounds that have antioxidant and estrogen properties, both of which can help lower the risk of cancer and improve health. Interestingly, flax seeds contain up to 800 times more lignans than other plant foods. . 👉3) GRILLED CALABRESE BROCCOLI with soybean sprouts (yes, you guessed it right, this will be another supersalad, this time with less seeds though!) Consumption of soybean sprouts provide numerous health benefits like reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, due to the presence of several healthpromoting phytochemicals with high antioxidant properties. . With a delicious selection like that SUPERcharging at L'ETO becomes ultimately mouth-watering😋😋😋 Eat healthy & be happy! #letocaffe at London, United Kingdom

13 days ago

R E - S T A R T We begin our new wellness plan tomorrow, really excited for my girls as I know some had a bit of false, new year new you start. Like many of us I think... 🙈😉❤️ • NOTE • Quite a few messages recently about “I never commit to these sorts of things” or “It’s never worked before” Well I completely understand why and to be very honest - Starving yourself/Depriving yourself/Detoxing yourself/Setting unrealistic expectations are all reasons why we give up. It’s actually scientific! And the reason we feel so utterly rubbish doing it! This is different and if you have these struggles please do get in touch and we can talk through and plan something that will work for you. The Shred10 and associated programmes are all habits for life. We don’t stop eating what we love we just find a healthier way and achieve balance. 80/20 and ultimately learning to love who you are... You can still have a Krispy Kreme or a packet of Wotsits if that’s your vice 😂 just not every day... So here’s to an incredible 10 days of all supporting each other in our quest to look and feel our best. Just think how much of an achievement it will be, come late Spring when we all feel AWESOME 💃☀️🤩💋 I’m planning as we speak and super happy, my meals are going to look a lot like this ❤️💚❤️ and I can still have my healthy protein balls haha YAY! #realfood #newhabits It’s going to be a gradual kickstarting of healthier habits for 10 days but the results we are seeing are tremendous and I can’t wait to see how I feel and look after the 10 day shred. Almost two stone up on my weight gain goal 😁 I’m unable to start anyone who is brand new but you can either begin a day or so later or join us on the 18th, so just drop me a message if you want to still want join us ❤️ #justtendays #valentines #healthgoals #nofads #nourishandglow #plantbased #green #cleaneating #healthy #glowingskin #superenergy #glossyhair #beautifulyou #idealweight #smallsteps #bigchange #happy #feelingfabulous #girlswhocan #oneday #letsdothis #love #sundayfunday at Saffron Walden

13 days ago

What a Beautiful way to spend a Saturday Brunch with a group of professional women who have such strong faith in God, loves their families immensely and are so equally passionate about their careers. Incredible sisterhood bonding and I had the most uplifting time. I need this so much recently and I am eternally grateful for their prayers and support 👏🏻👏🏻 #faith #support #uplifting #momlife #sisterhood #prayers #inspiration #superenergy #readytowork #nothingholdingmeback #greatday #blessed Thank you my dear friend Kelly for inviting me to this event! You are a wonderful host! ♥️ at Castle Hills Page

16 days ago

Panas panas testimoni dari pengguna #BioSunnah. Sejak sejak adanya #BioSunnah ni ramai warga emas yang sakit sakit urat,saraf sakit lutut,strok dah kembali sihat seperti sedia kala. . . Alhamdulillah,dah menjadi seperti suplement harian.Badan jadi cergas,sihat dan bertenaga.Gatal gatal kulit pun boleh hilang. Boleh diambil seawal 15tahun.Lelaki dan perempuan.Korang kalau dengar mak mak ayah ayah korang selalu mengadu tak sihat,lenguh lenguh badan tu apa kata beli sebotol,hadiah untuk mereka.Korang tak nak kerr tengok mak mak ayah korang sihat cergas bertenaga??? #superenergy #biosunnah

21 days ago

Who loves Free stuff!? 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️ . Even Better! Who loves Free Ketones!!!?? 🕺🏻💃🏻 . For the next 24hrs you can bag yourself free ketones by following the link in our bio. Purchace one box of Keto Max and get another absolutely free! . Quickly! While stocks last. . #keto #ketones #ketosis #ketonesforfuel #ketonesforenergy #brainfood #superenergy #ketolife #ketolove #ketotransformation #makepositivitylouder #ketoonrepeato #changethegame #free #theog #thebest #💪❤️

22 days ago

Vida Kombucha is back! Small batch, craft brewed, organic raw Kombucha, packed with love & powerful probiodics! @vidakombucha ~We have Ginger & Triple Berry in stock! Do your body & mind a favor & buch it up! Ask for a sample if you've never tried this ancient superfood tea & we'd love to get you started! GF, Vegan, Raw. 🌿🦋🍵🖤 #healthyandhappy #veganoptions #probiodics #wellness #superenergy #kombucha #powerfulteas #supportlocal #lazyhummingbirdlamesa #collegeareasd #acai #lamesa #rolando

22 days ago

​​Что такое Красота? Что это по Вашему..? 🖋️Напишите в комментах Ваше видение красоты😍 Ваш Master⚡Sveta

25 days ago

El zumo de hoy está bautizado como “ Roger Rabbit “ . La primera vez que escuché el nombre no entendí por qué le habían puesto ese nombre, pero hay que probarlo para comprenderlo 😉 Su color tan intenso es debido a la zanahoria 🥕 pero no es el único ingrediente 🤓 👉🏻 Zanahoria 🥕 👉🏻 Manzana 🍏 👉🏻 jengibre 🎋! ( cuidado con la cantidad, con un trocito pequeño es suficiente, siempre dependiendo de lo grande que sea la zanahoria y la manzana y, por supuesto, de si te gusta o no el jengibre. Si no lo encuentras entero puedes añadirlo en polvo, una cucaradita de café < rasa > es suficiente Te atreves a probarlo ?? 😜😜 . . #zumo #juice #suco #zumonatural #naturaljuice #jengibre #zanahoria #manzana #zumossaludables #healthy #healthyjuices #carrot #apple #gingembre #rogerrabbit #orange #naranja #supercolour #colorjuice #healthylifestyle #morning #superenergy #energico #energetico #zumosdefrutas #fruitandveg #frutasyverduras