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Haha. Da schleicht sie sich ganz langsam den Kratzbaum runter aufs Fensterbrett damit die Vögel sie nicht bemerken und wegfliegen xD #kitty #cat #love #pet #birds #sunshine

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The sun is out and the mud is all around! 😆 — This is from a few days ago when the mud was at its worst, but this sweet cow isn’t worried about. She is enjoying her salt block! 😋 — Thankful for sunshiny days but looking forward to when that doesn’t equal mud mud mud!!!! ☀️ —- What is your favorite season? Mine is without a doubt summer! I am looking forward to the day that me and my husband can migrate to a warmer place in the not sure that will ever happen. 😂 — — — #mud #cattle #cow #countrylife #farmlife #mompreneur #entrepreneur #outdoorphotographer #kansasphotographer #southwestkansasphotographer #mwgraphicsphotography #outwest #raisingcattle #sunshine #ineedwarmth #midwest #midwestphotography #westernlife #blackanguscattle #beef #beefusa at Kansas

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Title: The Day That Nothing Happened Author: Sonal Sehgal Publisher: Destiny Media Genre: Sci-fi Format: Hardcover Language: English No. of pages: 148 My review: For a debut novel, The Day That Nothing Happened sure packs a punch. Sonal Sehgal’s novel is a surefire and one which will undoubtedly spark quite a few discussions among the readers. Although a sci-fi, it is not a very hardcore one and as such, I think this book can be understandable by everyone. The words used may seem pretty new to many but the author has not failed to describe and talk over all the concepts through her characters. Apart from usual sci-fi lovers, I think other who may want to dip a toe into the huge ocean of sci-fi can surely begin with this one – it is easy to understand for any newbie, does not use very many jargons etc. One other thing that I think will make it easy for new readers to ease into this genre through this book, is that it is not hardcore sci-fi like I have already said. As such, the author has included various perceptions and stories in it. The family, romance angles have also been shown which makes it a pretty smooth read. The concepts of the multiverse, portals, parallel universes, astral projection, etc., are so very fascinating and keeps the reader hooked on. The length of the novel is not that huge either so it is a quick and understandable read too. The characters of Samara, Veer, Dev, Desiree are well made and individualistic on their own. I would have loved a more of a backstory to Desiree because she is quite fascinating. Samara and Veer, and their character evolutions are also well plotted and very much relatable to us individuals as we work and sleep and work, and live or lives. The research done by the author is quite evident in this work. I personally really liked the way the author ended the books on such a real note – and I shall leave it at that, and not give any spoilers. The cover of the book is also amazing and beautiful. Must read if you are a newbie! . #indiabookstagram #assambookstagrammers #guwahatibookstagrammers #guwahatiblogger #bookblogger #bookaesthetic #flatlay #sunshine #wintersunshine #newrelease #scifi #fantasy #indianwriter at Gauhati