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Never settle for a life that’s anything less than extraordinary 😍 at Downtown San Diego

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#Repost @physiotrition with @get_repost ・・・ DIY MEALS🍔 If you aren’t a fan of tracking calories, this simple template is a handy and effective way to intuitively track what you eat. • Follow @physiotrition for daily motivation and training tips! • TAG a friend who doesn’t know how to eat to build muscle and lose fat 🔥🔥🔥 • #fitness #physiology #nutritiontips #fitfam #summershredding #fitnesscoach #musclebuilding #fatlossjourney #macronutrients #mealplan #weightloss #flexibleeating #balanceddiet #fitsporation #myfitnesspal #healthy #weightlossprogress #weightlossinspiration #weightlossprogress #hypertrophy #justlift #armday #cardiosucks #musclebuilding #getripped #gainscity #irishfitfam #ukfitfam #hiit #6pack

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I have got 1 space available for online personal training! 💪😎👙 Personal training booked up till December at my studio. So I am looking to take on just 1 new online client. 10 week transformation. Training Programme via my online app, Nutrition & Supplement Plan, Cardio Plan, weekly check ins, on-going updates and my full 24/7 support. Everything you need to transform your physique in just 10 weeks! 💪 I'm a fully qualified and experienced personal trainer worked in the fitness industry for 12 years. First come, first serve! Inbox me or email below to get started! 😎 📧 💻 #evrim #evrimekafaatmak #de #fitness #fitnessmotivation #bodytransformation #bodybuildingmotivation #gym #worldgym #spaesthetics #justlift #leg #taiwan #Gymlife #man #gymshark #alphalete #goodnight #summershredding #loseweight #getridofthefat #bodyfat #weighttraining #stout #workout #aerobic at The PT Studio

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Easy baking - mix and done 👏 Protein Pandekage med Chokolade smag 🙏 Indsendt af @maleneeldrup ❤️ Få kalorier, ingen tilsat sukker og GLUTENFRI 😍 Køb I dag på ❤️ . . 🇩🇰MADE IN DENMARK🇩🇰 . ▶️ PROTEINBAKER.DK ◀️ . .. Visit ❤️ #simplyshredded #bodybuildingcom #benchpres #shredz #shredded #denkeysport #classicphysique #mensphysique #vqfit #ifbb #alphalete #summershredding #instagrambodybuilding #classicbodybuilding bodybuilder #mrolympia #gymlife #gymrat #gymaddict #workoutmotivation #workoutvideo #gymvideoes #workoutideas #fitnessvideoes #fitlifetv at Punta Cana Republica Dominicana

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MASSIVE CHANGE IN 12 WEEKS! 😱 - We have an awesome, longer term game plan in motion here... PHASE 1 = COMPLETE ✅ - PHASE 1 = Get healthy and drop the bulk of the fat PHASE 2 = Get strong with a flat stomach PHASE 3 = Get in the best shape of our life at 57 years old - What’s even more spectacular about this transformation? Not a single weight was lifted, he didn’t even go to the gym once 😳 This is all nutrition and just walking the streets 👊🏼 Obviously that’s not ideal but circumstances didn’t allow for gym based training in this phase but we’re bringing it in for phase 2 😈 - I’m SO excited to see what the future holds for this absolute legend! I couldn’t be prouder of you Mate 🤙🏼 at Gold Coast, Queensland

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It doesn’t have to be perfect 👌🏼. Just got a quick home workout in because not enough time for the gym!!!! CARDIO CIRCUITS ARE NO JOKE! I’m not dieting at the minute just focusing on eatin enough protein!! I’ve lost my mojo with the gym atm and I’m just enjoying working out at home and going for short jogs... yeah I’ll probably lose some strength but it’s ok :) #fitness #girlswholift #igfitness #squats #weightloss #fitspo #iifym #dietplan #hiit #hiitworkout #fatburning #myprotein #usn #squatslow #standardshigh #lovetolift #wolf #trust #relationshipgoals #quotes #gymmotivation #summershredding #abs #sw #youtube #vlog

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3 AB Tips You Were Never Taught😱 by @trainwithcarsen _ BREATHING✅- In order to maximally work your abs you need to understand how to sync your diaphragm breathing with your movements. In this case, you should be exhaling air from your diaphragm before initiating your ab contraction. This will allow for a more maximal contraction💪. For instance💢- If you are performing ball sit-ups, exhale your air before beginning the sit-up. If you are not properly breathing from your diaphragm to begin with, start to add some diaphragm breathing drills to your routine. You can even do these at home. _ AB ACTIVATION✅- One of the main reasons people struggle to build their abs is because of their ❌inability to activate the abs. You should be able to squeeze your abs as easily as you can squeeze your bicep💪. If you cannot, you need to work on an activation before aimlessly doing 100 crunches. Work on isomeric holds like hollow holds, or even just holding in the contracted position of a sit-up. Squeeze your abs HARD for 3-5 seconds, then repeat. This will better develop your mind-muscle connection with your abs. _ DEADLIFT✅- A lot of people today struggle with a weak posterior chain which leads to an anterior pelvic tilt (hips tilt forward). When this happens, the ab muscles become long & weak. ❌You cannot efficiently work your abs when they are fixated in a lengthened position. SO - strengthening your deadlift (and all movements that work the posterior chain) will help to bring those hips back to a normal alignment, allowing you to work your abs maximally. Also, heavy compound movements are some of the best exercises you can be doing to light up 🔥 your core. _ #physiotrition #physiology #nutritiontips #irishfitfam #summershredding #fitnesscoach #musclebuilding #fatlossjourney #macronutrients #mealplan #weightloss #flexibleeating #balanceddiet #fitsporation #myfitnesspal #dietstartstomorrow #weightlossprogress #weightlossinspiration #weightlossprogress #hypertrophy #justlift #armday #cardiosucks #musclebuilding #getripped #gainscity #irishfitfam #ukfitfam #hiit #6pack

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Plan to hit push today, so far this morning I’m not motivated with my loss of appetite recently too, starting to think it’s just because I’m ill though. What you guys training today?

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I am so grateful to have a passion as rewarding as fitness. There is nothing I love more than moving my body, challenging myself and being able to learn and grow everyday. Bring on the next three months worth of hard work and dedication

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Finally hit a PR of 315 😭😤 reps coming soon and 405 is next 🔥

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Don’t neglect your back! Having a solid back is 🔑 to having an overall aesthetic physique. Lat pulldowns done correctly are a great way to build your back width. Really fight the weight and feel the stretch on the eccentric. Keep constant tension on your lats throughout the whole movement 💯💥 at WESTCA

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Beltless top sets for a 3x3 with 260 lbs. Best angle to record squats is from the side as you can see if you hit depth clearly and you can`t cheat the angle. I know a lot of people like to record them from the front or back but those angles are difficult to tell if you hit depth or not. #squats #squat #torontogym #kingofallexercises #kingofalllifts #summershredding2018 #summershredding #squatcardio #thisiscardio #cardio #cardioworkout #cardio✔️ #cardio🏃 #legday #legdayworkout #traininglegs #dontskiplegday #gym #gymlifestyles #ironaddicts #fitfam #fitfamlifestyle #liftingweights #liftingweightsmakesmehappy at Goodlife Scarborough Markham

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🔥 What You Didn't Know About Pushups🔥 by @gym_target - Pushups are, in my opinion, one of the most effective upper body exercise there is due to both its versatility and how much it actually works the upper body muscles! They work the chest, anterior deltoids a(front of your shoulder) and your triceps! Think about this for a second. No one ever didn't have a solid chest from being able to do a hundred pushups. They also have an amazing benefit of working your core because it has to stabilize your body as you move through space! Now, while doing 20 or more regular pushups won't do much in terms of building strength and mass, different pushup variations make it easy to progressively make this traditional exercise harder! Start with incline pushups, then perform regular ones, then perform diamond and wide grip and archer and typewriter and eventually one arm! Get fancy, get dancy, and fricken rock the world! - #physiotrition #physiology #nutritiontips #irishfitfam #summershredding #fitnesscoach #musclebuilding #fatlossjourney #macronutrients #mealplan #weightloss #flexibleeating #balanceddiet #fitsporation #myfitnesspal #dietstartstomorrow #weightlossprogress #weightlossinspiration #weightlossprogress #hypertrophy #justlift #armday #cardiosucks #musclebuilding #getripped #gainscity #irishfitfam #ukfitfam #hiit #6pack

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Give this kneeling OH shoulder DB band press Per Jeff Cavalier, the resistance comes not only from top to bottom but also in front of you allowing you to work rear delts as well. This is a killer exercise and slow and controlled reps are recommended There is no need to go heavy on this one; at least not right away. Try to keep the reps between 6-10 and play around with various weights. If it is too hard, start with just the band and work your way up Strong and healthy shoulders should be a part of anyone’s body since they are such a vital muscle - - - - - - #instafit #alphalete #ghostlifestyle #workout #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #guide #diet #gains #shredded #work #summershredding #arms #getbetter #pushworkout #beseen #delts #shoulder #shoulders #armworkout #successdriven #dailydriven #fitness #getfit #active #instafitsociety at Dubuque, Iowa

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Added some carbs back in 👀.

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Summer + Salads = True happiness 😍🥒⠀ ⠀ If you tuned into my ‘day in the life’ on my story you would’ve seen I made this ⠀ BOMB Salad 🥗 for lunch today and it was soooo good and super easy anyone can make it!⠀ ⠀ Here’s what ya need:⠀ • Asparagus (as much as you want) ⠀ • 1 chicken breast 🍗 ⠀ • 1 Tbsp oil (I used avocado oil) 🥑 ⠀ • Salad mix (lettuce, kale, spinach, bean sprouts etc.)⠀ • Cucumber 🥒 ⠀ • Dressing of choice (I used mayo and avo oil)⠀ • 2 Soft boiled free range eggs 🥚 ⠀ • Salt & Peppa ⠀ ⠀ How to:⠀ Boil eggs in a saucepan for about 7 minutes. Once cooked “shock” eggs in cold water. ⠀ Fry up chicken and asparagus with oil of choice, salt and pepper.⠀ Make salad and toss in oil of choice. ⠀ Put all the topping on and add your favourite dressing 😍🥗⠀ ⠀ All done! Easy as that.⠀ ⠀ Enjoy my loves xx⠀ ⠀ P.S it’s almost Christmas wtf! What’s your favourite Christmas food/recipe I’d love to try it! DM me 😘 👩‍🍳 at Stoke, New Zealand

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Today, I met a role model of mine. It wasn’t long after I began my fitness journey that I stumbled across @christianguzmanfitness YouTube channel, and the content he puts out has helped me so much, from teaching me effective workout splits to explaining how to count macros. I definitely would not have made the progress I have to this point or found fitness as my passion without his help. I’m beyond ecstatic that I had the chance to meet him today and I’m looking forward to competing in the #summershredding classic in 2019! See you in Houston, Christian! (Also, peep the shirt I’m rocking 👀 more on that soon 💪🏼) #tailormayde at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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I have been very unhappy with my glute gains recently so you will be seeing a lot more my leg day workouts coming soon!🍑 - When you are not happy with something make sure you are working towards these things to change them. Never give up and stay unhappy, your life is your life & you have the full control of changing it! - I will be changing my unhappiness with three leg days a week🙌🏼 - Part of today’s s workout consist of . . . . 🍑Rope pull through (SQUEEZE THEM GLUTES) . 🍑Sumo deadlifts (SQUEEZE EM TIGHTER) . 🍑Close stance rope assisted squats (BURN OUT, do right after the pull through!)💦

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Doesn’t matter how much I gain my limbs chest and back keep lean 💪my midsection on the other hand 🤮

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🔥 INCREASING HEIGHT 🔥 - 🤷‍♂️ Uh, you don't. Height is typically typically determined by genetics. I would say that in your twenties, you've probably stopped growing. If you're still going through puberty, there's still hope to increase height. - 🤷‍♂️ Don't believe any sort of scam that says that exercises will increase height. The only real advice I could give you in terms of exercise for height is doing some sort of postural exercise or flexibility work to allow yourself to stand more upright and be less compressed. - 🤷‍♂️ Other than that, it doesn't matter that much and confidence in yourself is key. I'm 5 foot 5 so take it from me, height doesn't actually matter that much and if anyone says it does, maybe shy away from them... "Ain't nobody got time for the haters." - 🤷‍♂️ That's all for tonight, peace love and tranquility! - 🤷‍♂️ How tall are you? Tell me in the comments! ⤵️ - - - - - - #torontofit #howtoincreaseheight #heightexercises #summershredding #confidenceinyourself #shortpeopleproblems #fitnessentrepreneur #fitnessvideo #5foot5 #syattfitness #fitnesstips #ghostlifestyle #fitnessadvice #viralvideo #fitnessvideo #pickeringfitness #torontofitness #myprotein #gymshark #alphalete #bodybuilding #consistencyoverperfection #myfitnesspal #memes at Yonge-Dundas Square

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Froooback to them shredded days! Really getting into this bulk this year, building some good strength and muscle.. So aim to look 10 times better than this when I diet next summer, you just watch!! 👀💪🏼 📸:@cambiggs #throwback #summershredding

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I totally forgot what having 7 meals a day was like, stuffed/bloated isn’t the word🤢so have a picture of me in the morning, but it’s all well in good though! My body is absorbing everything nicely💪🏼 #bulkingseason at Waterlooville

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You are your only competition when you truly think about it June 29th this is getting smoked. Mark my word🦍 at Stafford Centre

1 month ago

If you want to see results, you really need to put your BACK into it! Get it? Back? No? Worth a shot. Bodybuilding update: I’ve been floating around 176 all week so the cut is going well! About 7-8 more pounds until I think I’ll be ready to start my lean bulk. I’m right on the pace I wanted to be to compete next summer so now’s the time to remain consistent and stay hungry 💪🏼

2 months ago

That feeling when you double your cardio on a 90 degree day 😂 quick bodybuilding competition prep update: I’ve been floating around 180 over the past week, which is 5 pounds lighter than the beginning of my prep. I feel like I’m on a good pace to be around 170 on thanksgiving which is when I plan on starting to bulk up before my final cut to get to stage weight. My diet has been on point besides a day or two and it’s been translating well to my workouts 🏋🏼‍♂️ I’m starting to see more definition and vascularity than I ever have before so here’s to that keeping up!

3 months ago

Recently I’ve realized that since I’ve undergone my weight loss, I’ve been without a goal when it comes to fitness. I’ve just been going through the motions, continuing to work out with no clear purpose. So, I’m deciding to change that. I am going to attempt to compete in a natural bodybuilding competition before I turn 24 (next November). I’ve got a loooooong way to go to get there, but hopefully this goal is gonna give me the drive I’ve been missing for quite some time!