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19 days ago

I still need some satisfaction. A little less talk and a little more action.

24 days ago

All glowed up ✨

4 months ago

I think I am quite ready for another adventure! 🏙 at Makati city

9 months ago

Like mother like daughter 🐒🐒😉😜 Can't help it! #summerindublin made me jumping, smiling, laughing...all day long. Яблочко от яблоньки, как говорится 🐒🐒...нереальная летняя погода в Дублине заставляет меня делать crazy things.😁 Солнце включают с раннего утра и выключают прекрасным розовым закатом, воздух пахнет летом, когда асфальт горячий и запах крема от загара, обожаю! Лето - я скучала! Поговаривают, что нас настигла жара потому что был снег зимой, и не раз. О! Я согласна на снег пару раз за зиму, чтобы потом было это чудо - это лето! 🤗🤗🤗 #summertime #summerinthecity #summer2018 #summermood #summermademedoit #lifeisgood #lovely #canthelpit #dublin #beautifulireland #irish_peopleru #лето #этолето #настроение #жара #летнеенастроение at Dublin, Ireland

10 months ago

An impromptu trip to the beach tonight with my little love, she lasted all of 10 seconds before she demanded to be naked and started stripping off! She then proceeded to run (at what felt like 50 miles per hour) towards the sea, I who was carrying all clothing garments previously worn by the child including her sunglasses & trainers, my phone, purse & carkeys had to awkwardly run after her before she was washed out to sea never to been seen again 🙄. We are so lucky to live so close to the coast, a fun evening but next time I’ll remember to bring a bag and an extra pair of hands. #evenings #summermademedoit #loveitwhenitssunny #livingnearthebeach #beachbabe #summerevenings #summereveningsarethebest

10 months ago

☀️ Kesä kesä kesä ☀️ Luulin eiliseen asti etten tykkää hattarasta, mut sit söin tän kauniin kuvausrekvisiitan melkeen kokonaan yksin 🤷🏽‍♀️ #summermademedoit #cottoncandy at Linnanmäki

12 months ago

Sun flowers 🌻

12 months ago

Are we there yet?

1 year ago

I want this forever, I swear I can spend whatever on it ✨ at Dicasalarin Cove

1 year ago

One Night You Will Never Forget But Wish To Remember One Night You Can Unleash Yourself Tomorrow It’s Going Down At The Sands Don’t Be Caught Sleeping #summermademedoit