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5 days ago

Meet Peggy! A friend asked if I’d be willing to take in this little #sultan hen as her foot was frost bitten. She was being picked on badly. She will lose all of her toes on the one foot but I’m hoping she will heal and learn to get around in time with this disability. She’s very sweet and chatted with me as I got her all set up. ❤️ #sultanchicken #lovemychickens #specialneeds #alllivesmatter #farmlifeforever

25 days ago

Just when i thought i was finally accepted into the flock, the mommy felt that Queen Carlos was a bit quiet and spent a bit of time by herself under different trees. So she carried the Queen around and trimmed a bit of feathers around her eyes. BIG MISTAKE. Now the Queen could see again and started chasing me all day once again. 😭😭😭 And we all thought that the queen just grown to be nice. Nope, she just couldnt see 🤣🤣🤣. #savethesparkles #nomoretrimmings #fluffyisgood #queencarlos #carlosthechicken #sultanchicken #sultana #backyardchickens

1 month ago

4 DAYS LEFT as we #countdown to our #FirstHatchOf2019! Today we are featuring one of our favorite #rarebreeds, the SULTAN. This old, ornamental breed was once favored by the rulers on Turkey. These beautiful all-white birds have a top hat (crest), muff, beard, vulture hocks, fully feathered shanks and toes, and a fifth toe. Males sport a larger crest and tail, while females have a dainty, rounded crest and shorter tails. These docile birds have a sweet disposition and are truly a special breed. Learn more and order day-old baby chicks at #sultanchicken #livestockconservancy #rarebreed #exoticpoultry #chickpeathesultan #elviethesultan

1 month ago

Not many people understand someone loving a chicken as much as I loved this one. She was a random pick out of a TS bin and ended up being a pure Sultan breed. At the time, I had no idea what she was but I knew she was different. A chicken that runs for you to pick her up every time you go outside? I realized I had something special. She was my buddy. When I picked her up she would immediately cozy up under my neck and occasionally give me kisses back when I would kiss her beak. The girls and Stoney would roll their eyes and call me the crazy chicken lady when I would bring her in, trim her crazy hair and feed her yogurt. Today she is gone, but she will last forever in my heart and be in lots of peoples homes when Stoneys book comes out. Flip to Chicken farming 101 and find our picture and always remember, it’s the little things in life that can make you happy🐣🐔💖and fill your heart. #sultanchicken #crazychickenlady #freerangechickens #chickensofig #chooksofig #ilovemychickens at Perkins, Oklahoma

1 month ago

Since having Easton, my feed has become primarily about her (duh!), which I love, but I wanted to highlight some of the other little loves in my life! Each month during 2019, I'll be featuring one of my 4 (or 2) legged loves! To kick us off, here is Eloise! We debated naming her Tina Turner, but Eloise stuck! She is a Sultan chicken. Her breed originated from Turkey and they are mostly used as ornamental (I mean, look how cute she is... and that hair!!! Totally makes sense!) She's about 1/4 the size of our other chickens. For that reason, she's the bottom of the pecking order. The bigger birds pick on her. While she spends her days free ranging, she keeps to herself and even gets her own indoor sleeping arrangements (lucky cluck!). She's one week older than Easton, and even though I was super pregnant, when I saw her, I knew I HAD to have her! Her eggs are tiny but delicious! She lays about 50 eggs a year. She's by far our friendliest chicken and will let you hold her whenever you want! We love our sweet Eloise so much! #Eloise #animalofthemonth #chickenofthemonth #esquibelfamilyhomestead #sultanchicken #bantamchicken #backyardchickens

2 months ago

Mister, one of our Sultan Roosters, thinks he’s hiding. Sweet little guy is definitely bottom of the pecking order. He’s extremely people friendly and would make a great indoor pet with a chicken diaper (yes that’s a thing!) Come visit Mister and the entire flock. Link in our bio. 😍🐓🙏 at Ministry of Natural Alignment

2 months ago

Ginger and her favorite roo, Tiny Tim 💕 All of the hens absolutely adore Tim. He’s super calm and doesn’t mate with them, so they all collect around him. Ginger likes to push her head into his feathers. It’s so sweet to watch 😭

3 months ago

Chickaletta: Let’s jump Puerh! Puerh: No Chickaletta: Let’s jump Puerh! Puerh: No Chickaletta: Party Pooper!

3 months ago

One of our many furry friends 🐥

4 months ago

I’m the worst- In my previous post I forgot to include WHY we named him Nigel!🤦🏻‍♀️Doh! This is actually the genius of my fiancé @kevlarskimmer ; he noticed that the Sultan looked like Nigel from those animated Rio movies. Which he does. The character in the movies is a sadistic bad guy and usually has an angry look on his face. Our wee little Nigel also has the angriest looking face, especially straight on, but he’s just the sweetest chook and not at all like the character! So yes, even though I still do think Nigel looks like Mr Squidward from Sponge Bob (see previous post), we agreed that Nigel was the better choice for a lifelong moniker. #nigelthechicken #sultanchicken #riomovie @theriomovie @riomovies @riomovieposts @rio2_movie

4 months ago

🤩Nigel🤩 Like I do with all chicks I buy from the feed store, earlier this year I purchased three Sultans at once. One of them didn’t survive 2 days at our house. It had a hard time staying upright and was clearly demonstrating some kind of neurological issue that didn’t present before. Once we realized her condition, we tried everything we could to help her improve, but she didn’t make it through the night. A few weeks later, after the chicks had been with their mother for quite a while, I discovered a second chick dead in their enclosure. These ornamental breeds can be delicate sometimes. Nigel here is the only one who made it to “adulthood” although he’s still quite juvenile. He is most definitely a rooster- it was obvious from the start- but he doesn’t yet crow or show any aggressiveness. He’s actually a very mild mannered little dude, who handles well and isn’t prone to freaking out. He’s even enjoyed s bath and blow dry in the Lush bathroom! He has all of the things: feathered hat, muff/beard, feathered feet and some impressive thigh feathers that make his rear end very striking. I am quite fond of Nigel and will be sad to see him go when he starts crowing. But thems the rules. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Nigel is number 23- I can’t believe I’m only halfway through! Who are the rest of these crazy birds?! : : PS. Swipe to the last pic to see Nigel’s cartoon doppelgänger!!! : : meetmyflock #sultan #sultanchicken #freerange #freerangechickens #poultryofinstagram #urbanfarming #urbanfarm #backyardchickens #backyardpoultry #raisingchickens #citychickens #chickenlover #chickens #chickenlady #crazychickenlady #motherofchickens #smallfarm #homesteadlife #homesteadher #babychicks #chickensofig #chickensofinstagram #mypetchickenofficial #thechickenworld #bayareafarm #mypetchicken #citychicks

4 months ago

These two lovebirds formed the perfect heart as I snapped their picture💖

5 months ago

I’m pretty sure Sultan was a Rockstar in his past life. 🎸

5 months ago

Baby Sultan giving Natasha worm tips! 🐛

5 months ago

Baby Sultan giving the side eye🙊

6 months ago

SWIPE to see this chook’s pantaloons and #fluffybutt ! 😂This little dude (pretty sure it’s a roo but there’s still a chance s/he could surprise me!) may look mean from straight on, but he’s just a sweet lil baby and actually seemed to enjoy his first #fluffybuttfriday photo shoot! This dude has it all- a poufy crest, mini muff, feathered feet and legs, PANTALOONS and extra toes! He is still a baby chick, so he has more growing to do, but he will stay smallish and drowning in bright white feathers. He’s the only survivor of 3 of his kind- an extra special chook💖💖💖 🐔 🐔 🐔 #backyardchickens #backyardpoultry #sultanchicken #babychicks #pantaloons #freerangechickens #urbanfarm #chickens #chickensofinstagram