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5 days ago

This is what ‘vacation’ looks like when you run a farm and have 48 hours to load sheep at 3am, deliver them to the slaughterhouse by 8, heads and pelts to a processor at 4, a quickie over-night hang-out with your bestie (who lives 5 hours away), then a herding lesson the next morning with your number 1, and still be home in time for evening chores at 6. #sugarfield #sweetlife #countryqueers #queerswhofarm #modernshepherd #farmlife

9 days ago

Trying to make myself go to town and do 239596 errands...truth be told, I’d rather be riding. #sugarfield

11 days ago

Mama’s pissed about me showing up to dip umbilical cords and force snuggles on the littles; I can’t resist that freshly-born baby smell. I justify my harassment with ‘the stress of separation makes the mama and baby want each other and the lamb will rush back to pacify it’s anxiety with nursing, proving to me that they are actually bonded and the baby knows where the teat is’ #sugarfield #sweetlife #jacobsheep #modernshepherd #countryqueers #queerswhofarm #iamamodernfarmer

14 days ago

I’m taking the horses on longer rides; hoping to do some backpacking with them this summer, or at least some camping trips. I’m very proud of my scare-mare (always on the look-out for cougars). She’s becoming a fine, better-thinking leader. She’s going through water, staying steady on narrow trails, cantering instead of power-trotting, and staying close to graze on breaks. Also, I think she knows how good she looks in her new trail saddle. #sugarfield #sweetlife #trainyourride

27 days ago

Ok, all you #sugarfield fans! It’s late but it’s here; the Sugarfield 2019 (chock full o’ babes and kinda nudie) Farm Calendar!! I’m only printing 50 and asking $15 each (to cover cost and shipping) so get in touch and place your order today. DM or email me: #sweetlife #farmlife #countryqueers #queerswhofarm

2 months ago

おはようございます‼️昨日は古宇利大橋へ取り敢えず西原から許田まで沖縄道へ❗タクシーの車窓から😊生まれてはじめてタクシーで高速乗りました‼️高速代は運転手さんに現金で支払いました😂 G'morning!We took this taxi to go to the second longest bridge in Okinawa dubbed"Kouri-ohhashi or Bridge first.Anyway we went there by the express way.I paid for its driver with cash for its express. #タクシー #旅 #沖縄自動車道 #西原 #許田 #高速代 #初めての支払い #古宇利大橋へ #japan #okinawa #naha #nishihara #kyoda #thelastinterchange #expressway #thefirst #kouriohashi #車窓から #fromthewindow #サトウキビ畑 #sugerplant #sugarfield #ゆるしだではありません #きょだ at Okinawa Prefecture

2 months ago

Today’s ride took us to Medicine Mountain. I can’t believe it’s taken me three years of living here to finally explore my neighborhood. #sugarfield #countryqueers

2 months ago

Two years ago I picked up this neurotic little ding-dong, sheep-herding, K’ass-a-roll. I got her because I had sheep, but now I think I keep sheep just for her. #sugarfield #sweetlife #herdingdog

3 months ago

Fall feelings, Scorpio season. #sugarfield

3 months ago

[Fr] Mon coup de coeur en Guadeloupe c'est vraiment l'arrière pays de Grande Terre. Quand on s'éloigne des côtes, des plages et des lieux touristiques. Entre les champs de cannes à sucre, les villages et les maisons isolées, quand l'architecture oscille entre la traditionnelle case créole et le style colonial, c'est là que j'avais l'impression de vraiment voyager et qui me donnait l'envie d'en apprendre toujours plus sur la culture et le passé compliqué de cette île... . [EN] I was really taken with the hinterland of Grande Terre. When you move away from the coasts, beaches and tourist places. Between sugar cane fields, villages and isolated houses, when the architecture oscillates between the traditional "case creole" and the colonial style, it is there that I had the feeling I was really travelling and that made me want to learn more about the culture and the complicated past of this island... . #Guadeloupe #caraibes #Caribbean #countryside #campagne #purelight #sucre #sugar #sugarfield #Landscape #Nofilter #Notourists #archtecture #reallife #hinterland #arrierepays #instatravel #nationalgeographic at Guadeloupe

4 months ago

PORTLAND DELIVERY this Wednesday, November 7 from 6-9pm. All lamb is 100% grass-fed, pastured, free-range. $9.00/pound. Available cuts: boneless shoulder/leg roasts, ground, stew, kabob, shank, arm/leg steaks, osso bucco, rack of lamb and loin chop. --- Two sheepskins still available. --- Message me to place an order. 917-613-3560 #sugarfield #sweetlife #meetyourmeat

4 months ago

These two beauties are the last of the 2018 Sugarfield lambskins. Wonderful, warm winter gifts for you or your loved ones. $300-$350 each. Get in touch to purchase! #sugarfield #sweetlife #jacobsheep

4 months ago

原總爺國小1樓,歡迎來玩:) 糖學埕-麻豆糖業大地藝術祭資訊站 Sugarfield - the information center of Madou Sugar Industry Art Triennial 開幕 Opening Reception:2018.11.09,10:00 展期:107/11/09-108/11/8 地點:行政中心1樓展覽空間 2019麻豆糖業大地藝術祭展期自2019年2月1日至3月3日止,邀請53組藝術家,創作60組作品,以麻豆與糖業為主題,地點包含總爺藝文中心、龍泉車站舊址、中華街日式宿舍及10所學校,思考文化地景的價值,從點的耕耘到網絡的扎根。 藝術創作:吳芊頤,陳敬寶,黃微芬 Artistic Creation: WU Chien-Yi、CHEN Chin-Pao 、HUANG Wei-Fen 空間創作:共感地景創作 Spatial Creation: ArchiBlur Lab 計畫主持人:陳宣誠 Project Director: CHEN Xuan-Cheng Eric 計畫策展人:蔡明君 Project Curated by: TSAI Ming-Jiun #sugarfield #糖學埕 at 總爺藝文中心

5 months ago

Found this little gem. Nothing but sugar fields out here. at Clewiston, Florida

5 months ago

My absolute worst trait is that I'm extremely hard on myself. I'm a perfectionist in a very imperfect world; which is probably a slight form of insanity and definite self-induced torture. Regardless, I hold the highest expectations of myself and consequently, can feel disappointed in my own performances, believing I should have done it better, faster, more efficiently and with greater success. These feelings can also creep in more frequently as we approach Scorpio season. I was reminded by some very wonderful, sweet friends that I am impressive, bold, daring, lovely, funny, talented, successful and valued and that I need to be kinder to myself in the ways that I am kind to others. I may not always take the time to take care of myself as much as I should, but this autumnal stag bolo I picked up today might be a small self-reminder that I am, indeed, dear. #sugarfield #sweetlife #countryqueers

5 months ago

One of my riding students is this little dude, who up until yesterday, was too scared to get on his horse. But look at him now! Look at that smile. What a milestone achievement. I firmly believe in the therapeutic value of horses. They can tap into parts of us no one else can reach. #sugarfield #sweetlife

5 months ago

Victorias is notable for the St. Joseph the Worker Chapel, which was declared as an Important Cultural Property of the Philippines in December 2015. It is also the site of Victorias Milling Company, the world's largest integrated sugar mill, sitting on a 7,000 hectares (17,000 acres) compound that makes it the Philippine's largest sugar refinery. Victorias City also serves as the access point to the Northern Negros Natural Park, popular among hikers visiting Mount Mandalagan and Mount Silay. -wikipedia- . . . . . #cityhall #building #vmc #architecture #art #pole #color #green #blue #victoriascity #victorias #sugar #sugarfield #travel #travelguide #travelph #travelpinas #north #northnegros #photo #photography #wander #wanderlust #yeshua #keepgoing at Victorias City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

6 months ago

Seven beautiful sheepskins are now available for purchase. They will be posted on as soon as this ludite farmer can remember how to make updates! All info will be posted on the website but feel free to enquire and make reservations for the one you want now. Prices will range from $250-$350 per pelt. #sugarfield #sweetlife #jacobsheep

6 months ago

Just had, probably, the best ride of my life. The majority of the credit goes to @vicki.bauer.376 and Cowboy, the horse, for their knowledge, skill, ability to teach and infinite patience with my dummy self...but I think partial credit needs to go to finally getting grippy riding pants, half-chaps and shoes that fit. What's that phrase? Dress for the job you want? #sugarfield

7 months ago

I met this amazing woman almost ten years ago when I moved to Portland to work with food and began the dream of becoming a farmer. We talked about the American food system and my goals of becoming a livestock farmer. I dreamed of raising lamb and she said ,"I'll buy that!" And today she did. Get a delicious breakfast burrito this Saturday from @nourishmentpdx @hollywoodfarmersmarketpdx , I suggest ordering The Shepherd. #sugarfield #sweetlife #jacobsheep #meetyourmeat

7 months ago

This nut-job and I are heading to herding camp in Olympia and making meat deliveries in PDX this Thursday! Get at me to place an order. All animals are pastured and organically fed. ---- Whole Chicken $6.00/ # ---- Whole Fryer Rabbit $7.00/ # ---- Lamb (any cut) $9.00/ # Ground, stew, kabob, shoulder steak, leg steak, boneless roast, shank, osso bucco, rack of lamb. ---- Broth Bones $3.00/ # #sugarfield #sweetlife #meetyourmeat

8 months ago

We've got more ground, stew, kabob, racks, boneless legs, leg steaks, shanks, loin chops, necks, and broth bones than we can shake a stick at! All USDA. So get at me if you're a chef wanting pastured, heritage lamb for your restaurant or just an average Josephine looking for a hit at your next BBQ. #sugarfield #sweetlife #meetyourmeat

8 months ago

And, just every once in a while, you decide to take a few hours off. #sugarfield #sweetlife

8 months ago

In the wise words of Canadian pop-star, Carly Rae Jepsen: I just met you and this is crazy, but here's my number... call me, maybe. #sugarfield

8 months ago

TGIF. Aw, shoot. It's only Wednesday. #sugarfield