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Underestimate me. That’ll be fun Photogapher: @_samhuitt

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Basi atau tidaknya sebuah basa-basi itu tergantung siapa yang mengajak ngobrol -fiersabesari

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I don’t get it. I mean I do but then I don’t. I’ve told this story multiple times but I guess maybe I should share for those of you who are new to who Ruvimbo is. • • • Growing up I never found beauty in my curves. Nor did I love who I was as a woman. I wanted to be in the body catergory much like the great @naomi Campbell or the beautiful @duckieofficial. Don’t get me wrong these women are stunning and I admire them greatly! I always struggled with the thought of being wanted enough by men, validated by the fashion industry when I went to buy my clothes or simply being the bigger girl in my friendship circles. I’ve never been skinny except for the time in my life where I decided starving myself was going to make me feel more beautiful and more desired based on society’s view on what beauty is. It got to a point where one time my own mother asked why I had lost so much weight because literally my pelvic bones were visible. At the time not only did I suffer from my own body insecurities. I was also battling with the thoughts of suicide among other things that made me question who I was. My life hasn’t been easy and I know y’all see this amazing young woman. Some of you probably envy what I have. But I didn’t just wake up one day and be like hey I love my body. I love me. It’s been a struggle. I still struggle with somethings but just like everyone on this earth we’re all learning something about ourselves and discovering what our roles in life are. I know for a fact the majority of my followers are female ( Hey Sister girl 👋🏾) I know you see your favorite celebrities body. I know you see the new body trends big butts and curves. I know you see men thirsty for that body type. I know you question whether your own body is good enough. I know you’re probably contemplating surgery. Because hey that’s the norm nowadays. I just want you to know YOU are beautiful the way you are. Yes society lied and told you your body type , your skin tone, your weight, your lips etc aren’t good enough. I’m here to tell you YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. Don’t make a life altering decisions based on temporary feelings. Trying to find status/identity getting under the knife ————>

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There is so much success, abundance and happiness available to you. Crave it. Consume it. Do what it takes for you to create what you need. You will lose on the journey, you will be told no, but that doesn’t mean you are not worthy. Success is a choice. Choose it. #FashionStylist #TeairaBlount #GirlPlusGod

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The light is coming to give back everything the darkness stole.

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С праздником, дорогие наши мужчины! Спасибо, что защищаете и оберегаете нас! И еще хочу поздравить девушек, которые при погонах! 💐 Вы настоящие красотки! Вы украшение нашей армии😘 #23февраля #праздник #армия #blogueira #blogger #styleblog #artplay #followme #bloggerlife #youtubeblogger #beautyblogging #blogs #маникюрбеляево #покрытиеногтей #blogged #гельлак #beautyguru #шеллак #youtubechannel #likes #bloglife #youtube #shellac #bloggerfashion #blogg #bloger #blog #follover #bloggerstyle at Moscow, Russia

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Got my hair, the way I wanted. Thank you @neusalonzindia for the amazing hair color, and not over doing it. 🙌🏻 . Always wanted shades of red in my hair after watching Fitoor. 🙈❤️ Will upload a better picture of my hair tomorrow 🤘🏻 #ZingyZest

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Джинсовое платье SAHOCO!🎈 . Мы работаем пн-вс, ⏰ с 10:00 до 21.00⏰ . •Отправляем по России✈️ . •☎️ ‭+7 (999) 443-55-88‬ ——————————————————————————— #egostyle #sale #парка #ликвидация #style #stydia #мода #красота #fashion #fashionable #fashionablog #fashionpost #styleblog #streetstyle #самыестильныеподборки💃🏽 #кашемировоепальто #одеждакрасноярск #шоуруммосква #шоурумспб #шоурумновосибирск #шоурумкрасноярск #шоурумиркутск #одеждаизиталии #отличныецены #egostyleviktoriia❣️ at Krasnoyarsk

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You in Flemington? Pop around and see jimmy if you are keen to get a haircut on the street! at Flemington, Victoria

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Feels like we just began....❤️ #H10M 💕

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دور و بر ما پر از دراماست. درامای سنگین، خُرد کننده. و انتخابِ اینکه درگیرش نشی، یه جنگِ مداومه. پر از آدمایی که چشم دیدن موفقیتت رو ندارن، آدمایی که از کاه، کوه می‌سازن، آدمایی که جایی یا کسی رو دوست ندارن اما به اونجا می‌رن یا اون شخص رو فالو می‌کنن، آدمایی که از هر چیزی یه داستانی درمیارن، کسایی که قدردان نیستند، آدمایی که شخصیت سرکوب‌گر دارن، آدمایی که از هرکاری که براشون می‌کنین یه ایرادی درمیارن، آدمایی که به محیط زیست و طبیعت و حیات وحش اهمیت نمی‌دن، آدمایی که تولید زباله می‌کنن، آدمایی که درگیر تجملاتن، آدمایی که درگیر مادیاتن، درگیر تظاهرن .. اووووه، خیلی زیادن. تقریبا ۹۰٪ افرادِ اطراف ما رو تشکیل می‌دن. و ما هر روز صبح که بیدار می‌شیم باید آمادگی مواجهه با اینا رو داشته باشیم. برای همین آدمایی رو می‌بینم که بعضی سوالات و رفتارها خیلی براشون ساده‌س و متوجه قبحش نیستن. مثلا وقتی کادو از کسی گرفتی می‌گن مبارکه، چند؟ یا مثلا در مورد زندگی شخصیت، کارنامه‌ی درسیت، رتبه‌ی کنکور، معدل دانشگاهت، ازدواج کردن یا نکردن، بچه دار شدن یا نشدن، مقدار درآمدت، یا هرچیزی که حریم خصوصی محسوب می‌شه، خیلی ساده سوال می‌پرسن یا دخالت می‌کنن. می‌خوام بگم بیشترش به خودمون ربط داره. که چقدر اجازه بدیم این سوال‌ها حریم ما رو بشکنن. جواب من در قبال این سوال‌ها اینه: "به نظرم قبل هر سوالی از خودم بپرسم به من چه خیلی بهتره، تا بهم بگن به تو چه!" خلاصه که، هر روزِ ما یه جنگِ مداومه. و فقط با قدرت نه گفتن، یا مطرح کردنِ اینکه سوالی شما رو آزار داده و کنار گذاشتن خجالت و رودروایسی و مراعاتِ سن و سال و مقام و .. می‌شه ادامه داد. همین. رو دلم مونده بود. [عکس امروز صبح با نیما] #makeuplover #makeupartist #blogging #blogg #foodblogger #blogspot #beautyguru #beautybloger #blogueira #prilaga #beautyblogging #blogger #bloggerfashion #bloggers #blogs #makeupbloger #bloger #bloggerlife #styleblog #youtubeblogger #youtubechannel #bloggerstyle #bloglife #beautyblog #blogged #blog #youtube #follover #likes at Bandar `Abbas, Hormozgan, Iran

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Stepped out of my comfort zone when I bought these wide leg jeans. But I’ve gotta say, I really dig sporting this pseudo-70s style 🕺🏻 #ootd #london at Camden Market

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Corazón negro

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Life has a way of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen at once. - Paulo Coelho. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #fashion #fashionblogger #instagood #picoftheday #photooftheday #denim #ootd #outfitoftheday #style #styleoftheday #instafashion #styleblog #blog #bloggerstyle #streetstyle #stylish #fashionstyle #liketkit #styleblogger #styleinspo #lotd #wiwt #whatiwore #womensfashion #fashiondiaries #outfit #look #blogger #fashiongram #whatshewore at Houston, Texas

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This by far is Kendall’s best work. Of course she has had other high fashion campaign ads in the past, but her campaign for Vogue Italia is undoubtably her best work. The teasers for the short film Ossessione, are very well put together. With each scene showing, and depicting something different.

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Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding Gucci, one thing I can say, is that I am in love with their new Gucci Guilty ad. I am a huge fan Lana Del Rey. The 1950’s theme, with the modern day upscale attire, is such a classic. As for Jared Leto, he complements Lana perfectly. The supermarket shopping and waiting in the hair salon scenes go perfectly together. This is truly one of my favorite ads.

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This issue of Harper’s Bazaar featuring Cardi B, is so unique, and by far my favorite issue. The visuals and effects remarkable. This is a new high for the magazine, as well as Cardi. I think the stylist did an amazing job styling her, for the shoots. Cardi in the Balenciaga dress, while breathing fire? Iconic. This is their most creative issue yet.

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It’s that time again 🥂🍾 Bottomless brunch with the gals ✨ at Weymouth, Dorset

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you know when your pull your top on over your head & your hair gets stuck inside it and you realise what you’d look like with a bob? well, yeah. at Weymouth, Dorset