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You only need one light to make something happen in the studio. Wishing the best of luck to all my fellow Dukes and other college students heading to school for their first, last and every other time in between haha. --------------------------------------------------------- 🔥Account Spotlight🔥: @mattkomo His video editing and movement through the frame is second to none. --------------------------------------------------------- Godox SL60w NikonD5500 50mm 1.4 Aputure light dome ii #StreetPhotography #StreetArt #Travelgram #RuleOfThirds #2InstaGoodPortraitLove #LongExposure #Vignette #LightPhotography #portrait #VSCOcam #Snapseed #Macro #LeadingLines #Symmetry #people #Panorama #DepthOfField #GoldenRatio #Monogram #Monochrome #DodgeAndBurn #livemusic #ThroughTheLens #UrbanPhoto #ReflectionGram #Lightroom at Union Stage

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“If we all make today awesome for someone else, today will be awesome for everybody” ▫️▫️▫️spotted this sign on our walk around Aberdeen today and it stuck with me. We get so caught up in our own little world that we lose sight of how we can ease someone else’s day, a simple smile or gesture of kindness or something grander. Whenever life feels to heavy it’s good to take the focus off of ourselves and think how can I make someone else’s day better ... #foodforthought #inspiringquotes #spreadkindness #aberdeen #streetart #weareallinittogether #human #being #hope #gratitude #lifeisgood at Aberdeen

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Corujinha-do-mato / Tropical screech-owl - Megascops choliba This owl in Portuguese is called ‘Little owl of the woods’ and is recognisable for its distinctive black border to its face. It is thankfully not on the endangered species list and is found all across South America, particularly in the region where we are painting the mural. #art #painting #wall #wallart #urbanart #mural #muralart #stencil #streetart #graffiti #school #community #children #education #brazil #arte #pintura #escola #comunidade #crianças #educação #brasil #nature #animals #design #graphicdesign #illustration #illustrator #corujinha #owl

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New Episode is Up, link in bio

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"chickity-check yo self before you wreck yo self"

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“Big mouth horse donkey dog “ . (Mutated animal series) . 24” x 18” mixed media on foamboard 2018 $350 obo . To purchase send direct message for details . at Downtown Des Moines, Des Moines

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Every trip to Goa takes me back to those Goa trips during college. Zipping around on battered scooters from one cafe to another or cautiously and precariously driving after long nights at Cubana and Love Passion Karma. Over age I've incredulously chosen to rent a car instead of a scooter and with the intensive road projects around Central Goa, I've been glad I chose a car. While getting a self drive car on rent isn't very difficult, it's important to not get too overwhelmed by the swarm of touts that approach you at every beach or hotel entrance. After much haggling and looking I came to this conclusion about how much the following rides will cost from the numerous car rentals across Goa. -A basic manual car without a driver - Rs 800 to Rs 1500 a day -An automatic car or a bigger manual car - Rs 1500 a day -A scooter - Rs 300 to Rs 600 a day. -A driver will cost you an average of Rs 300 to Rs 500 additional per day. This time post a red-eye flight in search of a transport to the hotel, I came across this stall of GoaMiles by the Government that helps you take a ride (similar to Uber). It's simple to use, efficient and extremely reasonable compared to the other car rentals at the airport. We used the App twice and have only good things to say about it! Try, try, try! at Goa

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. “ No jaw platypus porcupine with big foot“ ( mutated animal series ) 24” x 18” mixed media on foamboard 2018 for sale send me a message for more information at Louis Vuitton

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"All eyes on me" (Labuan Bajo,Flores Island, Indonesia) (07-2018). - Often certain local habits of the places to which we travel are impressive to us by measuring it under the parameters on which Western society is based. In this example, the evident lack of conservation measures for the fish is remedied with a high product rotation and its maximum freshness. The result is undoubtedly delicious at Labuan Bajo Night Fish Market

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"Power belong to..." (Segovia, Castilla y León) (10-2018). at Aqueduct of Segovia