Strahanwildernesslodge Photos & Videos

10 months ago

Im so pleased with the pretty little glass beaded light shade I picked up on gum tree a couple of weeks ago it matches the stripey pelmet I made perfectly! . . . #strahanwildernesslodge #strahanbnb

10 months ago

I'm working on a design for a curtain pelmet in one of our rooms. The design will be transfered onto fabric and then appliqued (sewn) onto the pelmet fabric. The second picture is a prototype of the pelmet. My sewing machine is at the doctors (3 hours drive away) so everything is on hold and opening time is getting closer and the power keeps going off!! I chose a Bird themed design because I just love all the wild birds that hang about our place. . . . . . 🐦🕊🦅 #intetiordecorating #strahanwildernesslodge #curtainpelmet #birddesign at Strahan, Tasmania

10 months ago

Less than a week to go before new carpet gets laid! The old floor boards are lovely (see where a rug has been in the olden days), but too cold and noisy for our liking. We are going for comfort. . . . #strahanwildernesslodge #bnbstrahan #bnbtasmania

12 months ago

“Red sky in the morning fisherman’s warning” - hold onto your hat and enjoy the ride. Rain and wind forecast today. Photo taken from our front yard. #strahan #tasmania #strahanwildernesslodge