Stormy Photos & Videos

40 minutes ago

After last nights eventful weather a few trees fall around the neighbourhood #Hornby #stormy #windy

2 hours ago

Stormy skies adding some serious mood to this already incredible backdrop during a surprise proposal shoot 💍 at Sydney Opera House

2 hours ago

3 hours ago

Stormy drive from yesterday 😸🌊⚡️

3 hours ago

“I know I took the path that you would never want for me” . We took a showmanship class yesterday, this is the after math(with a few tricks in between)! . Sorry for the bad quality, I didn’t realize it till after I was inside. But Lacie finally got a nice rebound! . (Not my music) #rescuedog #rescue #redheeler #trickdog #agilitydog #cattledogtricks #australiancattledog #trickheeler #dogo #puppylove #dogagilitytraining #agilitycourse #dogrebound #skilleddog #amzingpup #athleticdog #prouddogmom #rainyday #coldoutside #puppylove #stormy #amazing at California

4 hours ago

My first lightning shots 🤙

4 hours ago

Zeus have I angered you 😂

5 hours ago

Stormy skies and wild waters... there is no better place on earth to reflect, re-centre and nourish your soul. Incredibly blessed to have all of this delicious wonder at my doorstep 🙌🏼 at Mullaloo Beach

5 hours ago

ℓιвєяту #rrliberty - - So today I got up pretty early because I was pumped for liberty. Me and Stormy love liberty I think that’s her favorite thing to do with me. As I walk to go get her I think she knew because she was all the way up to the fence and waiting for me. As I went to get her costume on a lot of people were complementing my outfit and I was very happy. I was very confident today. As me and Stormy got called I walked out with her and started with a quick bareback mount. I mounted up and we walked around a little bit to show everyone. As we were walking we did our first trick she put her knee down and it was beautiful. As she got up I got off. Then we did a quick rear of two. She went quite high for her height. Then next I was walking and she had to follow my steps that’s her favorite of all time. I know she was enjoying it so far. As we were doing our last moves she was very excited and just did outstanding. I wasn’t expecting her to do this well with this but she did. As we were finishing up she definitely calmed down a bit from the beginning. When we were walking out she had the big confident walk. I was so proud of my little baby today. As I went to take her costume off and get her groomed. She just looked amazing out there I was so happy with her so for most of the grooming I just hugged her. I didn’t know how to get my feelings across to her. I think she understood because she hugged back. It was the cutest. As I was putting her back in her paddock I decided to go in the paddock and see her run off with her friends. I was thinking the whole time she is such a amazing horse I don’t know what I would do without her. - - As I was watching other people I was so happy about my day I went home and had some waffles for dinner. I love some breakfast for dinner. - - Yesterday my dad went out to try and find those horses that went missing. They didn’t have any luck but found 3 of the 5 that are gone but today they found the 4th but still looking for the fifth I have faith in my dad I know he’s going to do this. This outfit was inspired by my Mom she couldn’t come because she was working at the diner which was what inspired my outfit. - -

3 days ago

La Sal Mountains. Driving down a road along the Colorado River in June. Utah has become one of my favorite states to visit, with views such as this one looking east toward the La Sal Mountain range is what first won my heart over, to this beautiful state with vast desert landscapes. #utah #moabutah #lasalmountains #deserts #stormy #redrock #utahphotography