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6 months ago

Yieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh ! Después de años por fin todo el priorato de fuo está completo jajajja #fuo #yieh #stormrides

1 year ago

Ride the future on a @stormridesnz Storm Electric Cruiser. Check them out at stand E160 at the Spring Home Show, on this weekend at ASB Arena Baypark! at Tauranga, New Zealand

1 year ago

Thank you so much for your wishes guys, appreciate it a lot. And those who sent messages without proof reading, I'll be sending your marks to you shortly. 😅😋 But seriously, even though I'm not a Birthday=cake=party kind of person, I'm truly grateful for all the phone calls, the kind words and thoughts I receive on this day, especially the once-in-a-year conversations with a designated few. And I also apologize in advance for my amnesia when it comes to wishing you back on your special day, I try, I do. But conceptually, I feel birthdays should be more about our mothers than ourselves because come on, be real, we didn't do much on this day all those years back other than cry and piss all over. So I hope you don't mind if I redirect all that lovin towards my one and only. P.S. I don't know how to caption multiple posts individually, so: Pic #1 is my reaction when someone tries to pull off a candid on me. Pic #2 is my mom thinking this stuff is still funny and that I'm not too old for this. Pic #3 is me getting some cooking done. Pic #4 is the summer storm brewing outside, just perfect for a bike ride. Pic #5 is the most hungry doggo at #KennelClubIndia, I think I'm more tired feeding him than he's of eating all that food! #birthdayshenanigans #somuchlove #humbled #blessed #only26 #mom #dad #chicken #summerrains #stormrides #doglove #dayspentwell #shotononeplus #oneplus5t