Stogel Photos & Videos

8 months ago

Japan Airlines 777-300ER First Class in 10 Pictures for the flight home, Tokyo - New York. Redeemed using 72,000 AA miles. Great service, comfortable seat, excellent bed. Bring your own kosher food (Stogel is served) and entertainment for the flight (lack of appealing options). #JA733J. at John F. Kennedy International Airport

8 months ago

Garuda Indonesia A330-300 Business Class in 10 Pictures. Good (but not great) bed for the 7 hour flight to Japan #PKGHC. Meal was the infamous pet food from Stogel. Service was phenomenal throughout the flight, pure Indonesian - genuine and from the heart. They also had a great landing soundtrack playing. Great option to redeem Delta “SkyPesos” on at just 40,000 miles for the trip. at Kansai International AirportーKIX 関西国際空港

9 months ago

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