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15 hours ago

The Road to Kindness I believe the road to kindness is paved with memories. They become stepping-stones for us to place our feet when the river we call life becomes terribly rough. When we have to cross a chasm of discontent and anger, they forge a bridge for us to cross. When we are in turmoil, these positive memories build a raft for a us to cling to. This isn’t to say that you forget the bad, its just to say that when you feel yourself start to slip into old habits, or devolve into anger it becomes a personal choice for you to shift your thinking. This becomes infinitely easier as we age because I think we start to notice our time is getting short. I’ve had a rough couple years and when the hits keep coming it can become increasingly difficult to notice the good that is happening in the midst of your own turmoil, but I challenge you to do so. Love is difficult, I’ve talked about this before, but when we truly have love of any kind for a person we shouldn’t let it go. Love is a limited commodity and every single being on the planet deserves it. I didn’t stutter either, EVERY. SINGLE. BEING. So when your anger starts to take over, or you feel slighted by someone you care about I challenge you to first think about your favorite thing about that person, write it down, commit it to memory, create a muscle memory, so to speak that way if you get angry again, or sad and you feel it is at the hands of someone, your first thought will be about your favorite moment with them. It will change who you are and you’ll be paving a road that will always lead to kindness, love, hope, and happiness. I’d like to hear your favorite memory of me if you have one. Comment below. I’ll respond in kind to your comment. Life is short, way too short not to love hard. I don’t regret any person who has a piece of my heart, my friends (those that are still there and those who I no longer speak to), my partners, my family (even though I don’t speak to all of them either), and my patients. I’ve included one my favorite memories of all time, shared with my friend Heath. The time I met Tank, from Tank and The Bangas. (excuse my sweatiness) Cheers everyone, have a brilliant week.

19 hours ago

Well I needed to see the vet today as my right ear is giving me some hassle and I keep shaking my head. The vet has put some special gel in my ear and took a swab. If it doesn't work I will have to go back in a week. But I'm hoping it does. I'm still my happy normal self though!! I was also weighed, and I'm now 28.1kg!! #beastmode #gains #stocky #bulkingup #vets #earinfection #vetbill #sharpeiissues #sharpei #sharpeipuppy #sharpeiworld #ilovemysharpei #sharpeiofinsta #sharpeiofinstagram #instasharpei #dog #pet #dogsofinstagram #instadog #instapet #petsofinstagram #bestfriend #loyal #myboy #furbaby #sharpeilife

1 day ago

Day 4 of 5... every single day has been nuts, everything hurts, I’m so sleepy i could just go back to bed.. but... here i go!

1 day ago

Christian folks say I should quit it. I just smile and say God Bless.

2 days ago

Papi & Chica was the official beginning of us becoming Breeders ❤️🐶 We will always miss and love these two babies. I wish we never had to down size 😞😘 Also I wish the new family who has them would still had kept in contact #bullterrierlover

2 days ago

The Heart ❤️ of M|A Frenchie this photo will always be Legendary to us.

2 days ago

Lets talk about sex! Seriously, I want to talk about sex a little bit, in particular sex positivity. I am not the kind of person who wants to yuck anyone’s yum, but we need to be having frank and open discussions about this stuff. Sex positivity is a movement that is trying to end the stigma surrounding idea of having multiple partners and the idea that sex between consenting adults is never a bad thing. I think we need to go further than this because sex positivity is a fine line. So, my ideas on how to make sex positivity, more.. positive? I guess. 1.There needs to be a level of maturity between all people involved. This isn’t speaking to age, just maturity. There cannot be one person who doesn’t truly understand the ramifications of what is going on and another who knows exactly what is going on. It just won’t ever work. When you cross the line from sex positivity into betrayal or loss of loyalty then someone is going to get hurt, and this is supposed to be fun! Remember? 2.Open communication, if your relationship, sexual or otherwise, is going to be open you HAVE to be able to communicate. Everyone needs to have a say in what the rules of engagement are and leaving things up in the air is a recipe for disaster. You and your partner (or partners) need to be able to bring up anything without being worried about backlash. 3.Safe sex, any conversation about sex positivity should also include a conversation about safe sex. I’m talking old standard here too, use condoms (correctly), every single time, utilize PrEP (if having any kind of homosexual encounter), use lubricant for anal sex, utilize condoms during oral sex, dental dams during anilingus, cunnilingus, pretty much if you’re going to lick it, put a dental dam on it. Lots of people forego this and honestly when it comes to safety the safest way is to use dental dams so that is what I am recommending. Be safe, every single time.

2 days ago

It’s the full week in March, are you doing anything you didn’t do in February? • I was slacking on Instagram and was on vacation last week so that’ll change this month March. • All it takes is a small change for your life to change massively. • DM me now to invest 📩 • Backtesting has been going really well, I’m coming for the live markets soon 💪🏼📈 . . . . #stockholm #stock #stockings #stockroom #stocks #stockwell #stockton #stockist #stockpile #stocking #stocklot #sweden #stockbridge #stockphoto #stockmann #stockcars #stockport #stocky #stockyards #bitcoin #stockx #fashion #stockholm_insta #photography #investing #forex #stockmarket #love #money #readystock

2 days ago

พร้อมขายแล้วนะครับ Collection #6 กางเกงชั้นในชายสไตล์บ็อกเซอร์ trunk ลายพิมพ์รูปกางเกงยีนส์ขาสั้น (มีลายรูปแบงค์เหน็บด้วย คล้ายสายเปย์ 555) เมื่อใส่แล้วดูเหมือนใส่กางเกงขาสั้นอยู่ ดูไม่ออกเลยว่าใส่กางเกงในอยู่ เหมาะใส่เดินทะเล หรืออยู่บ้านชิวๆ ยกกระชับให้ดูสมชายทุกสัดส่วน ใส่แล้วช่วยเสริมสร้างขนาดน้องชายให้ดูใหญ่ขึ้น สบายตัวทั้งน้องชายและคนใส่ ใส่ลงเล่นน้ำได้สบายๆโชว์สรีระกล้ามเนื้อต้นขา หน้าขา บั้นท้าย ให้คุณดูดึงดูด เท่ ไม่ซ้ำใคร เนื้อผ้าไม่ยืดย้วย ด้วยผ้าโพลีบวกสแปนเด็กซ์ ราคาโปรโมชั่นตอนนี้จาก 400 เหลือเพียง 350 บาท รวมค่าจัดส่งฟรีครับ!! สนใจทักแชทได้ที่ Line ID: tonky1 #tonkybearwears #gymmotivation #muscleboy #flex #guyswholift #gym #massivepecs #massive #hunkyguy #hunkybear #beefybear #beefyboy #asianbear #muscle #beefy #hunk #hunkybear #fitness #hunkyguy #beefyboy #bearmuscle #straightbear #musclebear #muscle #fitness #hunk #brawny #asianbear #bear #bearmuscle #beefcake #stocky #strongbear #musclebeard #mustache #beard

2 days ago

Darn they got me 😞 I’ma just try to play it cool and give doc a couple licks😎, Oops that didn’t work if you look closely you can see I peed a little 🤦🏽‍♀️

2 days ago

I’ma just play possum hopefully this will work🤞🏽 #vetcheck

2 days ago

Me and Lil sis @kimora_the_frenchie trying to figure out how we going to escape this doctor visit 😩💉

2 days ago

My Human said I’m Glowing ☺️

2 days ago

Me and big sis @ma_bulldogz trying to figure out how we going to escape this doctor visit 😩💉

2 days ago


2 days ago

My Human drag me to this vet for another set of shots 😩💉

12 days ago

“I’m loving me a little bit more each day‼️” Swear this body journey has been a challenge mentally and physically. About 80% mental 🤦🏾‍♂️😂. It’s cool though, I KEEPS IT PUSHING 😉........ • • • • #mantitties #manboobs #beefymen #beefyboy #stocky #locs #thickgay #gaythick #thickgays #thickgaymen #gayblackman #gayigers #gayblackmen #gayblackbear #thickthighssavelives #gayfitness #blackgaymen #blackgay #fitnessgay #blackgayfitness #gaymuscle #beefygay #gayfat #workinprogress #thickboyproblems #thickboyswag #thickboysrock #bigmenofcolor