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6 months ago

Pictures don’t do any part of this weekend justice, but maybe that’s the point. This weekend was all about living in the moment, with awesome people, in a beautiful place and it was everything my soul needed. We hiked past this part of the river initially, but stopped at it for awhile on our way back to our campsite. We played in the water, threw rocks, talked, hungout, and took in the beauty around us without the distractions of modern life (aka cellphones and social media). I was admittedly very excited to come home and shower, drink water without filtering it first, and I can’t wait to sleep in a real bed tonight, but this weekend was so much fun and a great reminder of how beneficial it is to switch off for a few days. #backpacking #hiking #playoutside #liveinthemoment #nocellservice #lostinthought #stmaryswilderness at Raphine, Virginia

7 months ago

Needed to see my therapist today, so a hike it was. Last time I tried to hike to the swimming hole 🤔maybe 4 years ago, I couldn’t find it due to a storm that changed the trail. Found it today! My girl had fun swimming and we just let nature soothe our souls. 🙌🏻 The good news is... I can now find the swimming hole again and the trailhead is about 20 mins from my house. If you’re up for a fairly easy, 4 mile round trip, peaceful ✌🏻and soothing😌 hike soaking up St Mary’s beauty- let’s go! #findyourhappy #hikeva #stmaryswilderness #vahikes #vamountains #swimminghole #virginia #virginiahikes #virginiamountains #lovewhereyoulive

8 months ago

Yesterday we went to the mountains to escape the heat, and the heat was there waiting for us. Today we tried hiking through--and sitting in--a river, and we outsmarted the heat! Tip: go early, because everyone else knows the secret too. . . . . . #saintmaryswilderness #stmaryswilderness #wilderness #riverhike #stauntonva #hikingwithdogs #hikingvirginia #saintmarysfalls #swimminghole #hikevirginia #hikewithdogs #doghike #swimmingdog #waterfallhike #waterdog #summerhike at Saint Marys River (Virginia)

9 months ago

9 months ago

9 months ago

First 3 shots are along Rte . 56 between Vesuvius and the Blue Ridge Parkway - near the start of the Tye River Fire. The 4th shot is looking E from Cold Springs Rd. (just N of Vesuvius). #tyeriverfire #stmaryswilderness at Vesuvius, Virginia