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I don’t quite have the words yet, but watching the sunrise over the Grand Canyon with my mom this morning will no doubt be one of my favorite memories 💕 at Grand Canyon National Park

20 minutes ago

Happy birthday buddy. It's crazy to think you are now 7. It honestly feels like not too long ago you were just a tiny little baby. If you could stop this whole growing thing that would be grand 😂. You're making aunty feel old. Love you kid 🧡

21 minutes ago

Not all portraits are merry and bright 🤓 I don’t normally share personal photos on this account, but heres a dark and moody shot of my dad taken during a recent family adventure that I enjoyed too much not to post — What a wild month it’s been! I’ve just returned to Denver from adventures near and far and have a ton of photos to share in the coming days. I’m excited though to be home where I can finish some long anticipated projects and get started on a bunch of new work as well... — Let’s shoot together! Portraiture, business branding, couples, and real estate are all services I’m currently offering, check my website for details and send me a message... I’d love to be YOUR photographer at Hawaii

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Southbound to Detroit. I’ve got Novo Amor on the radio, nodding along as I watch the pastel rainbow unicorn clouds, floating puffballs against a purple sky. Passing window panes on roadside office buildings burn orange, flashing the setting sun. I’m grateful for the clear skies we’ve had lately, grateful for the unexpected moments of calm a sunny day can offer. Soak it up.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #weddetroit #detroitwedding #detroitweddingphotographer #michiganphotographer #michiganweddingphotographer #midwestwedding #wanderingweddings #adventurouswedding #belovedstories #sharethelove #radstorytellers #momentsovermountains #loveandwildhearts #authenticlovemag #wedfind #campfireandlovestories #staywild

31 minutes ago

My happy place ☀️ ~ ~ ~ On my last post I asked you what made you happy & I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the comments you’ve left. It’s made me so happy hearing about the things in life that bring you joy. Things like: sunshine, birds singing outside your window, watching flowers in your yard start to bloom, your jobs, helping others, watching others succeed, being outside, family, your pets, traveling, etc etc etc. thank you for sharing your joys with me🌈 at Southern Utah

32 minutes ago

I got myself lost today, we where able to make our way back using landmarks and where soon on the right trail...and in truth it really wasn’t that big of a deal, but that split second when you realize you messed up its scary! It’s a lot like life, when you think your headed one way and all the sudden you’ve made some bad decisions and you find yourself in the wrong place, you start to panic and think about all the ways it’s gone horribly wrong. That’s when you gotta take some deep breaths and find some landmarks back. Not always easy, but definitely worth it. Keep moving forward friends! #staywild #letsgosomewhere #findmeoutside #getoutthere #wildme #liveadventurously #outdoorlife #findyouradventure #liveferal #adventureculture #keepitwild #beautifuldestinations #wanders #adventurerislife #climbing #seekthetrails #thehikemovment #digitalnomad #travelislife #wanderwithme #beautifuldestinations #seekthetrails #thehikemovment #idhikethat #optoutside #whyihike #wildernessvibes #natureaddict #getlost #sheisnotlost #mountaingirls #neverstopexploring #bealpha at Emerald Lake Trail

34 minutes ago

Thank you for loving me on the good days + the hard days, the fun times & the definitely the not so fun times. I am only lucky lady to have you by my side🧡

40 minutes ago

Where I’d like to be this weekend😛✨ at Iceland

47 minutes ago

“Everything the light touches” I suggested The Roost, he picked The Perch. Happy to celebrate his 1st Birthday, his way 🐺🎂 at Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia

50 minutes ago

Solid load out as always from @uncle.tito.outdoors . Hope everyone has a great weekend outdoors! #stayhydratedmyfriends . 💦💦 Repost from @uncle.tito.outdoors Backpack contents @bear.essentials.outdrs original bucksaw @meandering_maker possibles pouch, saw and axe sling @gransforsbruk small forest axe @heavycoverinc USGI titanium canteen kit @maloneknives Nessmuk knife Hexa ferro rod @hestragloves @thehiddenwoodsmen 30L day ruck Classic @badger_claw_leather bush pot drawstring pouch

54 minutes ago

My sparking boy ✨🌈 ↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠↠ Welcome to the weekend y'all! 🙌 Tomorrow we're going to see Captain Marvel with the fam, and enjoying the gorgeous weather! ☀️ What are you guys up to? Before and after in my story! • • • • • • #pnw #westcoast #wetcoast #staywild #adventuredog #crossbreed #bordercolliemix #blackdog #mydogiscutest #getoutdoors #nikon #lightroom #dogsoffb1 #weeklyfluff #optoutside #dogsofcanada #muttsofinstagram #pnwonderdogs #bestwoof10k #britishcolumbia #outdooradventures #outdoors #dailybarker #thegreatoutdogs #tgif #fridaymood #weekend

55 minutes ago

Durante minha passagem por Urubici-SC conheci o Dhiego e a Meire, um casal de fotógrafos super gente boa e depois de umas conversas eles me chamaram para tirar umas fotos na Serra do Corvo Branco, aproveitaram também para gravar esse vídeo. Obrigado Dhiego e Meire ❤️❤️

57 minutes ago

Let me drink about it and get back to you. 🥃🌫 . . It’s Friday and Half-Off #happyhour starts now! At Twin Creeks, try our smoke box drinks like “The Smokin’ Sazerac” featuring @drinkhighwest campfire whiskey, simple syrup, bitters, soda and lemon. . . We’re playing #marchmadness games at all bars, lounges and of course the sports book so you won’t miss a minute of the action. Food and drink specials going on all night! . . 👇Comment below with an emoji of your fave drink or what you like in your drink. at Silverton Casino

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Lavender Healing Bath Salts 🌿Lift Seasonal Depression Blues 🌿Release toxins 🌿Heal the nervous system 🌿Reduce inflammation 🌿Clear airways and sinuses 🔮open your Third Eye Chakra Now in 🌿Live True Healing Apothecary 🌿. Link in bio! #thirdeye #chakras Live True Healing Bath Salts are crafted with 100% all natural ingredients. Soothing the body, mind, and soul, the healing salts used in Live True Healing Bath Salt Blends are ancient remedies known to signal the body to heal emotional and physical ailments. Soaking in a Live True Bath Salt blend will draw out toxins within the body, relax the nervous system and heal seasonal depression symptoms. One of the simplest forms of self care and a natural mood lifter. Live True Salts are supplemented with therapeutic grade oils to enhance the body in specific ways such as: invigorating the spirit (wild orange) lifting mood + calming the body for sleep (lavender), detoxification for rapid healing of cold and flu (Eucalyptus)🌿. Regulates enzymes, reduces inflammation, helps muscle and nerve function, and prevents arteries from hardening. #spirituality #spirit #wip #light #protection #spiritualawakening #spirit #love #loveyourself #divinefeminine #divine #chakras #rose #handmade #bathsalts #candles #a #fun #livetrue #joy #happy #wild #staywild #crystals #crystalhealing #fullmoon #newmoon #ritual

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🌿Elegant Power Ritual Kit 🌿 ready for delivery!!! The goddess within is asking for a cleanse and recharge. Elegant Power Ritual Kit is specially designed for the daily self-care rituals of releasing, clearing, recharging, and cleansing to rise once again. Each kit comes with a custom Live True Lavender Healing Bath Salt Blend. Our salts are set with healing intentions and crafted with organic ingredients, and crystal charged. The items in every kit are unique and will slightly differ from the image. Elegant Power Ritual Kit Includes: * Lavender Healing Bath Salts * Custom made amethyst + citrine, sage, witch hazel, and lavender medium alter candle infused with healing, loving magic. * Black Tourmaline Crystal for repelling negative energy and transmuting negative energy into postiive vibes. * Selenite Crystal Plank for positively charging all energies and spaces it resides. * Palo Santo known as "The Holy Wood" #spirituality #spirit #wip #light #protection #spiritualawakening #spirit #love #loveyourself #divinefeminine #divine #chakras #rose #handmade #bathsalts #candles #a #fun #livetrue #joy #happy #wild #staywild #crystals #crystalhealing #fullmoon #newmoon #ritual

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Bali and rain....nah dont like this about you?? . . . . . . . . . . @travels_wishlist ・・・ Just STOP📛 and LISTEN it. When it rains in Bali, it's really, really beautiful 💦 Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Video by @deeedaaa87

1 hour ago

An accurate depiction of our spring stoke levels 🌵 ready for hikes, desert adventures, and tent times.

1 hour ago

At the top of Bear Peak. It was about 11 miles start to finish including Green Mountain. The conditions suckeddddddd. It was wet slippery and mushy. My feet were soaked. The trails were all over the place, leading us to basically rock climb the last part of Bear (which is NOT ideal!) My feet are happy to be DRY and warm at home now. Another successful hike with my big weighted pack. 😍 I'm coming for you Grand Canyon!! at Bear Peak

2 hours ago

A passage from Wendell Berry’s The Body and the Earth that I think of often: “Apparently with the rise of industry, we began to romanticize the wilderness— which is to say we began to institutionalize it within the concept of the “scenic.” Because of railroads and improved highways, the wilderness was no longer an arduous passage for the traveler, but something to be looked at as grand or beautiful from the high vantage’s of the roadside. We became viewers of “views.” And because we no longer traveled in the wilderness as a matter of course, we forgot that wilderness still circumscribed civilization and persisted in domesticity... and as we transformed the wilderness into scenery, we began to feel in the presence of “nature” an awe that was increasingly statistical. We would not become appreciators of the Creation until we had taken its measure.” Film from the Sequoias last year.

2 hours ago

Bloom. We woke up when it was still dark and drove out before the sunrise. It was epic, but by the time we got back to our car to leave, 50,000 people had swarmed the hillside. It felt like Disneyland, but I saw the superbloom for myself I understand why so many people drove so far to see it. California is alive with color right now. More pics to come. #superbloom #stepswiftly #wanderlust at Walker Canyon Poppy Fields

3 months ago

TWO in ONE is ME. 🧑

3 months ago

Good days and bad days are a part of life, stay positive and you'll always be happy. 😃

5 months ago

black +white =white +black. 🧑

5 months ago

Elevator to another world. 🧑