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13 days ago

Had the honor to work on these gorgeous bachelorette invite evelopes for my friend Jordan! Real maid of honor, MVP move! How gorgeous is that wax stamp too? This is one of the most exciting projects I've worked on so far! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #handlettering #handlettered #handletteringdaily #handmade #calligraphy #lettering #brushpencalligraphy #brushpen #letters #lovetoletter #freehand #brushlettering #worspo #modernscript #modernlettering #livthetypochondriac #madebyhand #craftaholic #smallbusiness #calligraphycommunity #bacheloretteparty #bachelorette #invitations #stantionery #tombow

21 days ago

Sueño, planifico, trabajo duro, y... ⚡️ » c o n s i g o « ⚡️ · Confío en el poder de la papelterapia para desestresar y quitar penas. Tanto a través de la escritura, como de la planificación o la lectura. Para algunos el papel tiene propiedades curativas 🤗. A mí es abrir un libro, olerlo y… ¡soy feliz! 🖤 Seguro que hay más de un amante del papel por aquí 😆 · ¡Último día de enero! ¿Cómo habéis llevado la lectura este mes? Yo he conseguido acabarme cuatro libros y tengo un quinto al que le quedan unas 120 páginas, así que estoy contenta. · Mucho ánimo que mañana ya iniciamos el fin de semana.

1 month ago

Introductory Thursday! Its about time I introduced myself to all of you! Hello beautiful people, my name is Leila Kaddoura and I am the owner and creative director of Lilo K Design. Here are 10 short fun facts about me! 1. I officially launched Lilo K Design Stationery October 3rd, 2015 2. I took Graphic Design at SAIT and have been working in the field for 6 years now 3. Lilo K Design was the first stationery company to launch the laser cut in all of Alberta 4. I got married October 6th, 2018 to my best friend 5. I LOVE to laugh. You will usually catch me smiling and laughing 6. I have a kitten (3 months old) named Iggy and I think she is the cutest 7. I am an avid reader. Mystery novels are my go-to and have in fact ran out of shelf space for my books 8. Coffee. I LOVE COFFEE. Enough said 9. Before becoming a graphic designer, I always wanted to become a teacher 10. I am an avid hockey fan (Go Flames!) and in fact met my husband playing ball hockey 5 years ago • • • #lilokdesign #weddings #stantionery #yyc #yycbusiness #invitations

3 months ago

FRIYAY vibes! Whoot whoot! This planner was shipped to one of my most loyal customers - it gives me all the feels when I see her name in my order list around this time every year 😊.

3 months ago

🔈BLACK FRIDAY DEALS ON NOW!!🔈 -------------------------------------------------------- A3 Poster Design Was £55 Now £27.50 -------------------------------------------------------- Single Sided Business Card Design Was £35 Now £17.50 -------------------------------------------------------- Logo Design Was £55 Now £27.50 -------------------------------------------------------- Social Media Banner & Profile Picture Design Was £80 Now £40 -------------------------------------------------------- More on offer, contact us today on 01902 393940 or visit #blackfriday #deals #sale #business #stantionery #web #banners #posters #businesscards #megadeals #whywait

5 months ago

. 🔮🔥10x10 텐바이텐 단독 런칭! 🔥🔮 스탠다드러브댄스가 텐바이텐(@your10x10 ) 에 런칭하게 되었어요! 어릴 적, 문구덕후였던 제가 꿈에 그리던 텐바이텐과 함께 할 수 있게되어 영광입니당😭🙏🏻💖 텐바이텐에서 다이어리 포함 15,000원 이상 구입시, 텐바이텐과 콜라보레이션으로 제작한 <이공 키링>을 선물로 드려용! 앞으로 텐바이텐도 스탠다드러브댄스도 많이 사랑해주세요!👋🏻💕 . 🛒 스탠다드러브댄스 온라인몰도 동일하게 판매됩니당 🛒 이제 텐바이텐에서 해외배송이 가능해요! ✈️ 🛒 새로운 신상품들도 계속 업데이트 될 예중입니당! 🛒 키링 선물은 텐바이텐에서만 진행되는 이벤트이며, 랜덤으로 발송되어요! .

9 months ago

An old subject since I've been being procrastinate as hell lately. Why did you guys started learning another language?

9 months ago

Can we just talk about gorgeous stationery for a hot minute!? (Also that it’s stationERY not stationARY) legit didn’t use the right word for a year or so 😂 what a sad excuse for an English major I am 🙈😂😂 . . ANYWAY——check out this DOPE suite by the one and only (and brides you better snag her QUICK) @handsofhollis she’s such a visionary, skilled at her craft & such an eye for’s to all you stationers & calligraphers and the crazy amazing art you produce 🙌🏽🙌🏽✨ . . Invitation Suite: @handsofhollis Calligraphy (vow books): @paisandhaze . . *spoiler alert* all my brides & grooms get these sweet little vow books as gifts a couple of months before their big day! Great pieces to have in your images & as keep sakes for forever and ever 🖤🖤🖤 at Brik Venue

1 year ago

something a little different on the blog!- GORGEOUS invitations from @basicinvite you can create your invitations online, custom, and absolutely gorgeous! Link in bio click blog and head over to their page to follow! 💚 photo by basic invite. 🙌🏼 at Destin, FL

1 year ago

My recent project, made in 16mm cardboard. A play kitchen for a special little warrior who thought me that is really unique, the feeling of being alive, and breath and enjoy life! Thank you Maria Rita!!! 🤘😤🤘 #darthvader #starwars #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bujo #bujocommunity #bujoaddict #bujoart #bujoinspire #bujolover #illustration #cardboard #cardboardkitchen #littlewarrior #fightcancer #costumize #design #designers #industrialdesigner #designerslife #feelsgoodtobealive #blackandwhite #follow #followme #geekstantionery #stantionery #artistofinstagram #picoftheday #fuckingawesome #you