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. Manchmal ist das Leben auf dem Land doch ganz schön. Ruhe, Natur und Freiheit.. trotzdem fehlt mir mein Hamburg doch ganz arg! Und ich bin froh, in zwei Jahren an das schönste Fleckchen Erde zurückgehen zu können. ⚓ ___ Aber erstmal geht's heute zum Gottesdienst. Wir inszenieren heute das Abendmahlgemälde von Leonardo da Vinci. Hoffentlich geht nichts schief! . . . . . #gutenmorgen #helloworld #derfrühevogel #landscape #countrylife #horse #pauline #details #photography #nature #naturelover #throwback #sunnyday #bluesky #haveabreak #gemeinsamdurchdenmaerz #gemeinsamdurchinsta #gdi_mitmachprojekt #kleinerfeinerfeed #vscocam #whitagram #springvibes

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Coffee & sunshine – I ain’t complaining! ☕☀️ Ps. Now by following @segafredosuomi you can win an open travel gift card (value 400e) to start your travels! ✌🏻

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“The secret to a happiness is a small ego. And a big wallet. Good wine helps, too. But that's not really a secret, is it?” Robert Louis Stevenson {The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde} • Hi Everyone! How was your St. Patrick’s Day? Like so many Americans, I have a wee bit of Irish ancestry but tbh, I have much more of the Scot in my DNA. My great-grandparents immigrated to America from Scotland in the early twentieth century and I’ve always had a special fondness for all things Scottish. So when some friends here decided to do a month of reading devoted to novels set in Scotland, I went about making a list of those books that I wanted to read. You should know that I made this list while I was subbing. Which explains why, when I launched into reading Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, I realized within the first chapter that this was NOT the Stevenson novel set in Scotland that I had intended to read (somehow mixing up Kidnapped and this one. Who knows how? 🤷🏻‍♀️). But I‘ve been enjoying the book and hated to put it down, so I’m continuing with it anyway. Alas for my Scotland read though. • p.s. please don’t tell me that this kind of stuff only happens to me... • p.p.s. Age of Innocence readers, info and reading schedule will be announced in my next post! I’m SO excited!!

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PROSTO & OSTRO new! "Florence" collection by Alena Modnaja 🌷 Искренне рада презентовать мою новую весенне-летнюю коллекцию "Флоранс", ключевым образом которой является девушка флорист 📷 Photo: @denis_vinnichenko Model: @_lrnsmlv_ Model agency: @ma_likstar MUAH: @make_updina Clothes: @prosto_ostro Location: @ecomarketperm #fashiondesigner #аленамодная #prosto_ostro #newcollection #spring2018 #ss18 #editorial #campaign #lookbook #springvibes #springmood #styleblogger #fashionblog #instamoda #outfitpost #fashionmodel #fashionphoto #photooftheday #fashionlover #fashioninsta #fashionaddict #flowerslovers #flowerstagram #flowerpower #fashionstyle #inspirational #instashot #sundayvibes #sundaymood #denvinpro

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Sweet & Lucky 🍀

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#꽃 #프리지아 #springvibes 노란 프리지아 한 단을 샀다. 봄이 오려나보다🌸🌼

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We can’t wait to show you @kanomiworld swim and resort wear colllection!!! Only available in NC here in our showroom!🧡 DM us to schedule your visit soon!!

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can you guess what my spring color is? in fact is my fave color 💃🏻

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Spring Equinox ideas: Meditate on the season's flowers. Flowers are the sexual organs of plants, consider what this says to you. Perform magick to give back to the earth. Raise and send energy to return to the Earth, our mother, some of the bounteous energy and fertility She gives to us. Meditate on the Moon-Hare, rabbits provide an obvious symbol of animal fertility and see what comes to you about literal or creative fertility in your own life. Honor the spring or Earth goddess or god of your choice, or a goddess or god of balance. Light a bonfire at dawn on the Equinox to honor the light half of the year. Meditate or perform ritual at dawn or sunset. Meditate or perform ritual for balance in your life and in the earth's life. Do a ritual denoting the passing of the year's dark half. You can use the energy of this time of year to fuel any new project or goal. Meditate on beginnings, on the East, on air, on dawn. In meditation, note how these symbols connect organically and how you relate personally to them. Taking a long walk in nature with no intent other than reflecting on the Magick of nature and our Great Mother and her bounty. If you don't do your spring cleaning at Imbolc it is an ideal time to clean your home to welcome the new season. Offerings of food and milk are left for the fairies and other spirits who live in and around rocks and are responsible for the fertility of the land. Leave a few fruits from the last harvest for the nature spirits. #Ostara #SpringEquinox #Spring #renewal #balance #creativity #springvibes #pagan #Wicca #witchy #witch #Goddess 🌬🍃🌫🌄🌱🐇💐🌸🐣🌹🌷🍀💖🌈✨🌙

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More spring items coming very soon to the shop, including this gorgeous Corey Lynn Calter top. Can't wait to show you all the goods 😍

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Sunday picnic🥪🍎🏕 . キーがピクニックといえばこの柄やろ!つって買ったシート。(テーブルクロス)😂✌🏻

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Loving the colors.