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I release all of which no longer serves my higher self for the greater good. ⁣ ⁣ I let go of all relationships that no longer serve my higherself.⁣ ⁣ I release self-doubt and fear of failure.⁣ ⁣ I let go of expectations.⁣ ⁣ I release any pain or suffering so that I may heal and grow. ⁣ ⁣ 🙏🏻 I thank Mother Earth and the Universe for her energy 💚 I am blessed and loved 🙏🏻⁣ ⁣ #fullmooninVirgo #moonchild #supersnowmoon #connected #onewithearth #letgoandgrow #growth #spiritualjourney #life #love #cosmicenergy #higherself #vibratehigher #moonlovers #onewiththeuniverse #releasewhichnolongerservesyou

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bubble wrap | 2.19.2019

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♍︎ ☾ I’LL BE HAVING NUN OF THAT!..ok maybe just a little...Todays FULL SUPER MOON in VIRGO IS upon us. 🌿🌕 She’s the biggest, closest and brings feels right up into your grill to be sorted. ⭐️Let her work her magick - ✨click the link in my bio then head to BLOG page - ✨🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏿‍♀️ . . Image by @edpurnomo for @fashionjournalmagazine , original copy by me . . #magic #virgo #astrology #supermoon #fullmoon #moon #virgomoon #mooninvirgo #star #starpower #modernmystic #mystic #crystals #yoga #naturalhealth #naturalmedicine #perfection #perfect #astrologymemes #astrologersofinstagram #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #ritual #ritualmagic #witch #snowmoon

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#Throwback last years😍😄 Ich liebe mein Leben und geniesse jeden Augenblick. Das Leben hat auch harte Tage und manchmal holen uns Emotionen ein, die noch in ins vorhanden sind, die noch geheilt werden wollen. Wir erleben Yin und Yang. Wir leben auf einem dualen Planet und durchleben schwarz - weiss ( ein pol ), Liebe - Angst ( ein pol ), Gut - schlecht. ( ein pol ) usw. Geniesse die schönen Momente und auch wenn du gerade keinen hast, geniesse auch den, denn es wird wieder Bergauf gehen. Alles ist Schwingung, alles ist Wandel. Ohne Schatten können wir nicht das Licht finden. Ohne Angst können wir nicht vertrauen lernen. Ohne das Schlechte erkennen wir das Gute nicht. Alles hat Pole, alles gehört zusammen, wie das Yin und Yang. Wir sind hier um zu lernen, dem Leben zu vertrauen und um die Liebe wieder in uns zu aktiveren. Es ist ein kurzer Aufenthalt hier auf der wunderschönen Erde und jeder Moment ist kostbar. Danach gehen wir wieder zurück nach Hause. Geniesse deinen Weg. Geniesse dein Leben. #love #life #selfie

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The light of the full moon makes us aware of the things that need to be changed at this time. That might mean more arguments, stress, headaches, anxiety, or wanting to be more isolated from people. It’s time to face your fears and transform them into power. Transform your anger and sadness and weaknesses into love, happiness, confidence. Transform your confusion into clarity. Your pain into love. Your chaos into peace. It is a time for cleansing, for healing. Be present. Trust your intuition. Breathe. Cry. Talk. Meditate. Walk in nature. Drink water. ✨✨✨ #manifestyourdreams #supermoon #fullmoonritual #healyoursoul #cleanseyourbody #selfawareness #selfhealing #plantmedicine #shamanicrituals #trustyourintuition #alchemy #lawofattraction #manifestation #healingenergy #higherself #spiritualjourney

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They say that sometimes when things feel like they are falling apart, . . they may actually be falling into place. . . Painful endings often make way for bright new beginnings. . . It is the case in this week's blog post. I'll be sharing the story of Inanna's Descent to the Underworld...and most importantly, how you can follow her. The link is in my bio. . . 📸 @elementsofsage ‍ . . . 🌝Holistic Life Coach 🌞Inspirational Speaker ⭐️Links in bio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #itslisawelsh #beyourownguru #unleashyourinnergoddess #lightworker #goddessculture #descentofinanna #goddessinanna #ereshkigal #heartcentred #reclaimyourinnergoddess #createthelifeyouwant #selfdiscovery #authenticself #risesisterrise #goddessrising #soulseeker #raiseyourvibration #gowithin #spirituallycurious #spiritualcoach #mindsetcoach #intuitivehealing #spiritualjourney #soulcoach #universalguidance #everythingisenergy #collectiveconsciousness #thirdeyethirst #higherawakening #makeeverymomentmagic at Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

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I have appointments available via Skype for Life Coaching Counselling Couples Counselling Family Counselling Spiritual Guidance Bereavement Counselling and Support For more information and to book a free consultation email sarah_6600@hotmail.com #Skype #LifeCoaching #Counselling #CouplesCounselling #FamilyCounselling #bereavementsupport #BereavementCounselling #personaldevelopment #selfdevelopment #lifecoach #changinglives #spirituality #SpiritualGrowth #spiritualguidance #therapy #qualifiedtherapist #Namaste #VibrateHigher #BodyMindSoul #spiritualjourney #BecomeTheBestYou #Shine #Couples #Family #Spiritual #individual #focus #loveyourself #loveyourlife

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The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you 🧡✨ ~ Rumi

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😂😂😂 Truth 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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You are not lost, just buried. You don’t need to be found, just uncovered. The work has always been to explore and challenge the conditioning and programming, and to reevaluate the conclusions you came to as a young one in order to remain protected. Here’s the news, we were really resilient little beings who were super observant and aware of our surroundings. We figured out who and how we needed to be in order to try to protect ourselves the most. And here’s some other news - a lot of those same qualities are qualities that we cherish present day too. They made us direct, hard working, independent, attuned, mindful, and aware. But the flip side (because there is one) is that who and how we became in order to stay protected in this world can also be the same things that block us from intimacy, trusting others, allowing them to have a role in our lives, and being deeply integrated into relationships. It’s the conflict of “I’m totally fine on my own” and “I crave a relationship.” “I can’t trust anyone” and “I want desperately to be able to trust someone in this world.” It’s the extension of “I don’t need anything...except I actually do. I do need...I just don’t know how to trust it.” We can understand our story all we want, but if we don’t start doing something with it then the story will continue to lead our lives. What’s the story you want in the driver’s seat? Keep the qualities that “made you who you are” (you know the ones you really like) but get rid of the counter qualities that keep you in the dark. The ones which block you from the opportunity to be seen, understood, acknowledged, loved. What protected you before might be blocking you today. Yes, it’s a careful, deliberate unveiling, but a process that requires our attention. Ready to unpack the conditioning and programming? Start by building a solid foundation with Level Up 101 - use Discount code: VIPLAUNCH for special pricing starts March 1st Enroll Now: https://www.inschoolwithangela.com/p/level-up-your-inner-vibe-101 link in the bio☝️❤️☝️ #modernlearning #selfdevelopment #selfcare #learning #selfgrowthjourney at Nanaimo, British Columbia

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Welcome to our Tryptamine Palace, where all souls flow with the Sacred Geometry of sound and vibration. Tune in to leave your conditioned human self and return to your Martian Family. The global consciousness sees you and invites your heart to expand. We are waiting. 🦋😉🐋🕉 . Link in bio for Cosmic Sacred Teas 🌎🌠 . . #Ayahuasca #ayahuascaceremonie #ayahuascaretreat #ayahuascaart #ayahuascaspirit #Spirit #spirituality #spirit #spiritualawakening #spirits #spiritjunkie #spiritualgrowth #SpiritualJourney #spiritualgangster #spiritualquotes #psychedelic #shamanism #shaman #shamanichealing #consciousness #peru #sacred #ceremony #plantmedicine #thirdeye #trippy #astrology #luciddreams #multidimensional #psychedelicart

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Conscience and intentional travel is what I’m bringing into this space. When traveling to the Philippines I had fears and judgements on a culture I’d never been exposed to. I thought the area would be dirty and crowded and majorly off putting. I traveled because my brother fell in love with a beautiful and loving Phillipino woman and they married there. I quickly realized all of my preconceived notions were wrong and had no true basis other than some American films leading to those misconceptions. I am white. And it comes with privileges I’m just beginning to truly see and feel. I’m also a woman, not as many privileges and mostly annoying when traveling alone. I’m also someone who doesn’t truly no her ancestral past and traditions. I’ve been colonized and labeled. I am getting a DNA test and traveling to those places. I’m also going to allow intuitive traveling to be present this year and go to places my body is calling to me. I’m on a quest to find the lost beliefs of my ancestral past, to heal old, deep wounds, and by healing the past, make a better future. My first small, local trip is to the Mounds at Mounds State Park. To honor the people of the land I now benefit from. #consciousness #conscioustravel #sacredtravel #sacredtraveler #spiritualjourney #gratitudetravel #explore #travelhealer #healingtravel #hoosierexplorer at Minesview Park Baguio City

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You call me out upon the waters⁣⁣ The great unknown where feet may fail⁣⁣ And there I find You in the mystery⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ~⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ When I was depressed I tried looking for Grace in humans and I miserably failed in this conquest. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ But because of the Divine power of the Universe, I found Grace when I discovered God. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ This phase in my life made me realize that humans are indeed unreliable. But when I discovered who Jesus really is, somehow, my hope in humanity restored. at Philippines

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🌝🌺 Here is the reveal for today’s full moon guidance draw! Enjoy your messages ~ Happy Full Moon, Nicky 🌹🌝 ✹ ˚ 1 ~ Piercing the Veil ~ “Self-awareness, Seeking Wisdom” This Full moon calls on you to reach for your higher self. Now is a time to move beyond your physical limitations and the boundaries of your ego, and explore pathways beyond the conventional. “It is by purity of purpose and the ability to focus intentions that this becomes possible.” Try this simple daily practice: Before you react to any situations throughout your day, ask yourself - am I doing this for the benefit of my spirit OR am I doing this for the benefit of my ego? As you become more aware of the WHY behind your actions, you can and will start to make more spirit centered choices…bringing you closer to your highest and best path. :) ✹ ˚ 2~ Mermaid Hearts ~ “Friendship, Laughter, Play” This Full moon is calling on you to embrace PLAY. You are encouraged right now to think less and laugh more… and within that, to seek out and enjoy community. Get together with loved ones… make magic through your connection and love for each other. Over the remainder of this moon cycle, prioritize fun in your life. Ask yourself if laughter comes easily to you, and if not - why? Is there something missing from your life (like community), or a simple shift in thinking that needs to occur? If laughter does come easy to you, that is wonderful. Remember to spread your laughter, play and joy to others as well… spread the love and reawaken the inner child in those around you! ✹ ˚ 3 ~ Divine Mother ~ “Celebration, Activation” This Full moon calls on you to embrace the feminine aspects of life and to celebrate the “divine mother”- the creator and champion of compassion and empathy. Take care this month to embrace your own vulnerability and feminine side; consider which parts of the feminine you may have been locking away up until this point. Could you grow by practicing loving more openly, or perhaps receiving love more openly? Could you benefit from observing life with a compassionate heart or maybe by answering the call to create more freely (with YOURSELF or others)? It’s time to...CONTINUED IN COMMENTS

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🕯🕯🙇‍♀️ Happy full moon everyone 🌚 . . . For Self-healing Contact: 1+(678)349-6023 Via Email @ psychicofchicago@gmail.com 📧 WhatsApp available 📲 . . . #lawofattraction #meditiation #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #faith #manifestation #upliftingquotes #lightwarrior #consciousness #spirituality #fullmoon #oneness #quoteoftheday #positivevibes #positivethinking #presentmoment #love #thirdeye #higherconsciousness #success #gratitude #divine #loa #thesecret #spiritual #energy #1111

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{ F O R G I V E • Y O U R S E L F } Forgive yourself for any mistakes you made • For what you didn’t know • For feeling sad, angry, resentful • For feeling like you wasted all the years with a stranger • For feeling lost • For questioning why you stayed • For any guilt • For not listening to your intuition • Because you’ve beaten yourself up enough • For holding on + doing everything you could to make it work • For envisioning a dream that wasn’t reality • Because your children deserve it • Because your heart deserves it • ...because you loved • And it’s time to move on.

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Things don’t have to be perfect.. They don’t have to be in that box, live outside the box and embrace life no matter what it looks like right now and work your butt off to make it even better.. #HottMessMomma #EmbraceYourHottMess

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I thought the title of the book will help to provide good context about what I wanted to share today. . Some of you might know this, most of you probably don't. . I haven't been attending a local church in years. . What initially started out as a #backslidding, turned into the most personal encounter I could ever have with God in my life. . No, I didn't quite have the burning bush experience like Moses did. But God definitely did help to plot the course of my life. . I eventually made a lot of bumps and stumbles along the way, before I came to a point in my spiritual journey where I said, "You know what, God. I'm done trying to do it myself. I fail every single time, no matter how hard I try. So know, I'm ready to do it Your way." . What happened after that, was that I got to experience God in a very real, and practical way. . Just earlier today, the Holy Spirit made me realize that God had been plotting my course all along, just like the captain of a ship trying to get through the storm of the century. . As I began to really trust Him, things in my life started to work out. That was the real turning point. . It wasn't easy at times. Sometimes I still struggle, most because His ways sometimes really doesn't make any logical sense. But I did any way. And boy am I glad that I did. . Through my journey with Him, He has taught me about what it really means to BE A CHRISTIAN and not just to carry around the title of a Christian. . He showed me what's real and what's not. . I guess my biggest take away from this whole journey is learning that He is real. And that is something that we have to each encounter on our own. You'd know when you've experienced it. . . . . . #godisreal #real #true #truth #spiritualjourney #spiritualgrowth #spiritualreflections #christians #christianliving #christianlifestyle #beingachristian #faith #god #inspirational #motivational #godhasaplan #trustinggod #walkwithgod #relationshipwithgod #sginfluencers #influencers #sgbloggers #bloggers #downtoearth #doingitgodsway at Singapore

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Knowing this will change your life 🖤

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Kapernaum (Capharnaum atau Kfar Nahum) berarti Kota Nahum, merupakan kota yg istimewa dalam kehidupan pelayanan Yesus dimana Ia sering mengajar di kota ini pada hari Sabat (Lukas 4:31). . Banyak mujizat yang dilakukan Yesus disini. Antara lain: * Membangkitkan anak perempuan Jairus yg telah mati (Mark 5:22; Lukas 8:41). * Melepaskan orang yg kerasukan setan di sinagoga (Mark 1:21-28). * Menyembuhkan orang lumpuh yg diturunkan dari atap (Mark 2:1-12). * Membuat 4 murid menangkap ikan dengan cara yg ajaib (Lukas 5:1-11). * Menyediakan uang 4 dirham dalam mulut ikan sebagai pajak yg harus dibayar Petrus (Mat 17:24-27). * Menyembuhkan hamba panglima Romawi yg lumpuh (Mat 8:5-13). * Menyembuhkan anak pegawai istana Raja Herod Antipas (Yoh4:46-54). . Seperti halnya Khorazim dan Betsaida, kota inipun dikecam Yesus (Mat 11:23-24). Mengapa Yesus mengecam? Dan mengapa Kapernaum hari ini hanya sisa reruntuhan saja? Temukan jawaban anda dengan jelas dan pasti.. . Yuk, segera bergabung dengan kami @bethanyholylandtours Perjalanan Rohani Menuju Jerusalem. Mengunjungi Israel, Palestina, Yordania & Mesir. Berangkat setiap bulan. Paket 11/12 hari Silahkan hubungi kami di: Gabriel +6281805674691 Michael +6287874211651 Rev.Andre +628116043678 Riris Nababan +62811305238 Jangan lupa tambahkan #bethanyholylandtours serta mention @bethanyholylandtours pada foto perjalanan anda bersama kami 🙂 #israel #tourisrael #visitisrael #discoverisrael #exlporeisrael #jerusalem #tiberias #canna #bethlehem #palestine #egypt #jordan #petra #dubai #ziarah #pilgrimage #napaktilas #wisatarohani #perjalananrohani #tourrohani #bibletour #biblicaltour #holyland #holylandtrip #bethanyholylandtours #spiritualjourney #jerusalemspiritualjourney #affordablechristiantour #seniortourleader #andrerolandklein at Capharnaüm Israël,

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This evening card “SAPPHIRE - Easy Does it” from the Crystal Angels Oracle cards, Doreen Virtue is such a powerful and empowering card. 🦄 Your health, happiness and abundance require a gentle approach to life and work. 🦄 The Angels send you this card because you’ve been pushing yourself past your limits with multitasking, rushing against deadlines and worrying about other people. You may have also overdone it socializing or partying in your night life. Now is the time to rest and a good detox can help you recover your energy levels and health. 🦄 Enjoy your present life and stop any overwhelming activities and stress. 🦄 Love 💗 Light

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Full moon vibes ✨ Release what is no longer serving you ✨

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👉 That's definitely true. ‼️ Turn on Post Notifications ‼️ Follow 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾 @limitlessambitions Follow 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾 @limitlessambitions Follow 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾 @limitlessambitions • If you want to get Inspired daily Follow our page @limitlessambitions for more. 👆👆👆 • 📸 Background Image's credit goes to the respective owners. . . . #limitlessambitions #instagramacademy #businessgrowth #spirituality #spiritualgrowth #spiritualgangsta #highvibration #intuitiveliving #raiseyourfrequency #spiritualgangster #spiritjunkie #spiritualjourney #spiritualpath #beherenow #highvibes #soulwisdom #soulcalling #souljourney #lifepurpose #lifelessons #heartandsoul #loveandlight #heartbliss #innerpeace #trusttheuniverse #soulpurpose #soulconnection #lawofattraction at Lower Manhattan

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I know a couple people ask me how I bible study. Well here is one way. I’m starting this new thing where I read a chapter a day from a book in the bible. On one side, I write my key take aways/application/nudges to my spirit and on the other side I do my prayer with the word from that chapter. I basically pray about what God moved me toward based on that chapter. that I read. You don’t need a fancy journal to do this. Simply take out a spiral, your bible, and start feeding yourself. Sometimes I don’t journal my prayer. Sometimes I just have my prayer time outside my journal. I’m not trying to sound spiritual and that I have it all together buuuut I do believe in the power of the Word. Take time to feed yourself. Stop making excuses. The answers are not in self care (even though I try to do a lot of it) the answer is not in more movie nights. The answer that we are longing for are in these pages that have the power to transform. I hope you join in this journey to grow spiritually through HIS word. #biblestudy #biblejournaling #biblethoughts #christianthoughts #spritualgrowthspurts #digitalbible #digitalbiblenotes #digitalplanning #digitaljournal #ipadplanning #ipadplanner #goodnotesplanner #iteachtoo #teachersofthegram #teachergram #teachersofinsta #jesusistheway #christianliving #loveyourneighbor #growingspiritually #spiritualjourney #bibleverseoftheday #biblereadings #biblestudying #biblegroup

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A late Valentine’s day gift for my stepdaughter....isn’t this the cutest gift bag you’ve ever seen!? .. .. She’s with her biomom for a few weeks (it’s summer holidays in Peru), and so I’m missing her from a distance, while respecting their space (easier said than done sometimes, I know). .. .. Do you feel like biomom is being distant, after an initial period of becoming close to you? Check out my advice column in @socialstepmom - today’s article may just be what you need to hear 😉🥰

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Happy full moon brothers and sisters 🌕🙏🏼😌 Take some time to appreciate the simple things in life. Stare out into the night sky, feel the cold wind against your skin. Just feel what it's like to be alive. Goodnight, my friends. Much Love. Namaste. ☮️💗🕉 • • Artwork by @ @matt_henry_photo @unsplash @pixabay • • #live #fullmoon #lunatic #Love #meditation #awakening #awaken #energy #lunarcycle #nightsky #onelove #beherenow #om #spirit #spiritualjourney #divineguidance #spirittribe

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Who wants a FREE TV?? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ @womensrefugenz is an organisation which needs all the help we can give it as a majority of their funding comes directly from donations. By purchasing your ticket to #tswp2019 not only will you be attending an INCREDIBLE experience with the likes of @matootles, @clairerobbie, @simone_anderson, @amyleefit_, @libbywallacelightleader & @victoriafaith.co.nz and donating for a truly worthy cause but we also have some truly AMAZING prizes to give away! 😍😍 One of these incredible prizes happens to be this Brand New Sharp 50" LCD TV worth over $1,200 thanks to our friends at Claro Law!! All you have to do is: - Follow our Instagram page @theselfwealthproject - Tag at least 1 friend in THIS post (the more you tag, the better your chances 😉) - Get your tickets to either our Auckland or Wellington event (tickets are priced by donation and ALL proceeds go directly to Women's Refuge NZ) - Turn up! The lucky winner will be drawn right here on our Instagram page on the 27th of March (Time TBC) so make sure you get following, get tagging and get donating for this AMAZING cause!!

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I would say my Full Moon in Virgo Supermoon cleansing bath today was a success. In this setting I was open to receive and let’s just say I was given way more than I could have ever imagined. Just getting the bath together I was being Divinely guided to grab certain herbs and magical supplies from the earth. I felt so much love and support in this room and also received some valuable guidance. Just gazing upon the beauty of the moon tonight brought such a smile to my face and put a pep in my step. The brightest Supermoon of 2019 so relish in all its power! You still have time! Go charge your crystals, write down your intentions, or take a cleansing bath. Happy Manifesting Luvs 💫🌕 💫 #FabulousandGrounded

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Rural living 🙂 . Nick watching his big sis training ... and he took some friends from school. . I love this Nature 🌴

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Once in a while it is good to simply sit silently and try to pick up the vibrations around you. If you are still, you can feel vibrations in the air and even in the ground. Listen, and ask your Higher Self to help you be more conscious of what type of vibration is there.

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Sushi 🍣 with my dad 💕 I’m teaching him how to use chopsticks 🥢 .. .. Enjoying my time in Canada on this - my first SOLO trip in years since my kids were born. Spending lots of “me” time to make up for the lack of me time that sometimes happens when you’re a mom and stepmom to 4 little ones. .. .. Do you desire a refocus and shift back to you in your life? Need a little help dealing with loss of control and feeling like your life is yours again? Check out the course/group program.... launching in March!!

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B A L I ✨E V E N T S 🎈 For sure one 24h day in Bali can give you the feeling of a whole year journey! It’s amazing what happens when you stay open & starting your own travelling journey! Everything an inner journey to come more and more to the essence of life - to YOURSELF! 🌴 The SUPERMOON PARTY yesterday in the south of Bali was an amazing experience - "high" from cacao & sounds, free & in love together with an amazing community. More in my Bali Story Highlights 🎈 _______________________________________ ✖️|GERMAN|✖️Immer wieder sage ich: „mein 24Std. Tag, war wie ein ganzes Leben!" So viele Erlebnisse, innere/äußere Reisen & Bewegungen - die innerhalb von kurzer Zeit zu mir fließen. Insbesondere auch hier auf Bali: „die Insel der Götter”. 🌕 Gestern war Vollmond & die Energien insgesamt innerhalb & außerhalb uns Menschen wurden nochmal auf die Spitze getrieben. Vielleicht hast auch du die letzten Tage eine kleine Reise der Emotionen gehabt. E-motionen = Energy Movement ✨Kein Hokuspokus, die Wissenschaft von Aspekten der Spiritualität, des Yogas, ... und der dagegen relativ "neuen Wissenschaft", der Psychologie, fließen hier zusammen! at Bali

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Comment below if you are a proud #Taurus ♉️

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Welcome the Full Moon in Virgo🌕♍ 2/19 . . .During the cycle of this full moon, I noticed that I felt drained I wasnt replenishing my energy quickly as usual. I had weird dreams, insomnia, very irritable and low. It seems like time wasnt on my side and I felt like I was never home and I couldn't get things done there. . . But during that time I found myself still being able to function well through the chaos and the lack of energy I thought I had benefited more than I ever time. I relaxed I was happy and everything I was doing was everything I asked for and with favor from the universe comes sacrifices. I worked hard to get where I am with myself, my family, friends, work and my passion and I would hate to feel like I am not grateful for it without expressing recognition!🙏🏾❤ . . For this Full moon, pay attention to your motions and control your emotions by being practical. See what's on the surface. #Fullmooninvirgo2019 #virgo #supermoon #freeenergy #giveyourselfabreak #feelwhatscoming #astrology #signs #staygoddess #spiritualjourney #blackhistorymonth

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When you photograph people in colour, you photograph the external. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their soul. I turned this photo that was taken on retreat in Dec 2018 of @sophiecachia_ and myself into black and white because it was a moment where we were stripped back to our bare soul. This moment and the words Sophie shared about her experience will forever stay with me 🙏❤️ Here’s a shortened version of what she shared, you can read the full version on her page: . “This is exactly what I needed to do and exactly where I needed to be. The past few days I connected with a much greater force. I opened my mind, heart and energy - in their fullest capacity - to the spiritual world and for that, I experienced things I could never even have imagined experiencing. Most importantly - I connected with myself on a deeper level than I ever have before, and one I can now admit I’ve been avoiding for a very long time. I’ve had minimal experience in meditation, and zero in spiritual healing - but I opened my soul up to a myriad of new experiences and for that I’ll be eternally grateful at what I achieved. This year, I became extremely overwhelmed in many facets of my life. I admitted defeat in that I was burnt out, I had my heart completely shattered by someone I didn’t even know was in a position to break my heart, I’ve questioned myself, my career and where / who I’m devoting my time to. And for the first time - I questioned me. Who I was. What I’ve come to realise is that at 28, it’s evident to me that I’m only now starting to discover who I really am. My true self. And after the past four days of some solid workshops & time out, I’m at peace with that and discovering who she is and the life she wants to lead. @belinda.anderson is someone I’ve followed for many years. I resonated with her words, her mindset, her way of living, but mostly her energy I could feel on a daily basis (yes, possible through a phone). I’ve wanted to do a retreat with her for a long time now but found I couldn’t bring myself to be seperate from my kids, but also because I was petrified of what I would discover. But I bit the bullet and signed up.”

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Teach me That Music That Flows Beneath Your Skin ~ Atticus 🎆💜 . . Music is something that we are all exposed to and it touches each of us in different ways. We each have different genres of music or musicians we enjoy, and for different reasons. Music touches our soul because it expresses at times what we can’t verbally express ourselves or that it expresses nearly exactly how we feel. Music touches a cord within us that resonates with our heart, mind, and spirit. At times, music helps us to forget our troubles for a moment and lifts us to another dimension. It reminds us of something that brings a pleasant memory or gives us hope and courage to battle onward with our struggles. . . . . . 🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆 . #raiseyourvibration#spiritualjourney #spiritualgrowth#goodvibetribe #positiveaffirmations#positivevibe #positivevibration#growthmindset #successmindset#abundancemindset #meditationtime#meditations#meditatedaily#mindfulliving #mindfullness#love #organiclove #truelove #lawsofattraction #depthobessed #magic #beautywithin #letmeloveyou #essence #raw #bewild #passion #syncronicity

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So excited for my new monthly advice column “Dear Anna“ for @socialstepmom .. .. Out today! Check it out at www.socialstepmom.com .. .. Want your question featured in next month’s column? Email me at anna@annadeacosta.com

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Truely motivating. ❤

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Ok let’s straight bring it back to the basics here.....self care. I will be the first to admit that I SUCK at this sometimes. Life gets busy. People “need” me. One thing happens after another and before I know it, I’ve let the one fundamental rule slip. Self care. And you know what happened when I let this slide under the radar? Shit hit the fan. In every aspect of my life, I was in chaos. I was crying, fighting, staying stuck, and peddling backward. And for a solid few hours I was like “Lauren, what the hell is wrong with you?!” And then I had that blonde moment of 🙄 DUH. I hadn’t taken time to relax for myself, truly. Yeah I had gone things here and there that I wanted to do and took downtime but not ME time. It is VITAL to do things that keep YOU in check. One of my favorite things is taking a detox bath. What’s the one thing you need to keep you in balance?

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Quit doubting the evolutionary intelligence of every cell in your Being. Your body wants to heal. Get out of the way. Quit doubting the power of spirit to heal your emotional scars. Let your emotions run their course and then give them over to God or the universe. Trust the process. Keep a loving heart and trust that everything occurs for your highest good. Chaos and discord on one level is complete and total harmony on another level. If we could only train our minds to see it that way. I know it’s not always easy. Do your best to keep the faith. I pray for everyone and anyone in need of healing. I pray that you experience a miracle. That you have an encounter with divine love. I pray you experience a life changing moment that shines light on an ocean of possibilities that you never knew existed. 🙏🏽 #ambition #peace #love #positivevibes #soulfamily #intuition #energyhealing #yoga #zen #meditation #holistichealing #warrioroflight #thealchemist #dreambigger #keepyaheadup #quantumtheory #lawofattraction #selfmastery #manifesting #selflove #metaphysics #cosmos #divinity #empower #spiritanimal #spiritualjourney #lightworker #manifest #thirdeye #spiritualawakening

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Spirit Girls Podcast Ever wondered what Ayurveda is? Or what your Dosha Type is? How this is connected to your health, purpose, lifestyle & so much more...? @iamsahararose is the Ayurveda Goddess of our time, Is a best selling author, Host of the Highest Self Podcast AND has been referred to as "A leading voice for the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift." By Deepak Chopra! We are so lucky to have her sharing all of her channeled insights with us in this episode. She even delves into Mystical beings such as Fairies, Elfs, Nymphs, Mermaids and other elemental energies that we can discover within ourselves... It's MAGICAL. Find out your Dosha Type at www.iamsahararose.com Listen now & remember to subscribe! Spotify and iTunes link in bio👆🏼 Much love, Jessie x - - - #dosha #ayurveda #highestself #mysticalcreatures #faries #elves #channeledinsights #elementalenergy #doshatypes #spiritualawakening #spirit #spiritguides #spiritual #intuition #intuitive #energy #universe #healing #spiritualjourney #podcast #podcasts #spiritgirls

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All my crystal grids and choosing is intuitive. I like learning about the stones after I’m drawn to them. I try to keep to natural stones (polished, tumbled & raw), but every once in a while my eye catches man made ones and enhanced natural stones. The pink one in the picture is a strawberry obsidian. It’s said to be a grounding stone that helps you face your own fears and see what needs to be changed. It’s actually a form of man made glass. That explains why it’s so pretty you want to eat it 🍓 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ My favorite stone in this collection is probably the Labradorite. Look at that blue-green-black color. It’s mesmerizing, and completely natural 🤩⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Labradorite is said to allow one's innate magical powers to surface. It should also enhance your mental and intuitive abilities. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Do you like crystals? What’s your take on natural, enhancements & man made stones? 💎 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #crystalgrid #mindful #mindfulnesspractice #mindfulnessmeditation #spiritualgrowth #spiritualjourney #spiritualenergy #holistichealth #searchingfor #livewithintention #raiseyourvibrations #healthyinsideandout #takeamoment #takeabreath #highvibetribe #everythingisenergy #livewithpassion #dowhatmakesyouhappy #adventureawaits #inspirationdaily #enjoythemoment #enjoythejourney #choosehappiness

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“ Accept your dark side, understanding it will help you to move with the light. Knowing both sides of our souls, helps us all to move forward in life and to understand that, perfection doesn't exist. Martin R. Lemieux . . . . . . . . . . . . #spiritually #spiritualawakening #spiritual #spirituality #love #spiritualgrowth #spiritualjourney #spiritualguidance #spiritualhealing #spiritualpath #spiritualawareness #meditation #spiritualenlightenment #spiritualbeing #spiritualist #spiritualconnection #spiritualgangster #spiritualquotes #spirituallife #motivation #spiritualart #life #lawofattraction #spirit #gaia #spiritualdevelopment #happiness #mentally #bhfyp #mindbodysoul

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