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11 hours ago

Looking for a great movie? Last night we watched Run The Race, which was produced by @timtebow who says “he hopes people who see the movie walk away with more faith, hope & love!” - The movie shared an unbreakable 💗 bond between two brothers who endured so many hardships but learned to push through! Life is about relationships & this tear jerker focused on that! - One of the many things that stood out to me in the movie is that there are 2 ways of running...either toward God or away from’s our choice! God is everywhere & always waiting on us! Life is full of highs & lows, but in both we can have hope, we can have faith and we have love! 🙏 #runtheracemovie #hebrews12 #faithhopeandlove #unbreakablebond #relationshipsgoals

1 day ago

[English below] Jak bardzo jestem wdzięczna za to niesamowite miejsce, które mam przywilej nazywać domem. Za każdym razem kiedy tu wracam jestem przytłoczona pięknem i błogosławieństwami, którymi jestem przysypana. Dziekuję Boże! Za rodzinę, za dom, za Wisłę, za wszystkie wspomnienia, które mam z tym miejscem i za ☀️ dzisiaj po tych niezliczonych dniach deszczu (nie narzekam teraz, bo deszcz lubię!). Jesteś godzien całej chwały i za każdym razem, kiedy tu przyjeżdżam, utwierdzam się w myśli tego jak bardzo mnie ukochałeś, bo zawsze Ciebie doświadczałam bardziej będąc blisko twojej natury. PS. Zapraszam do siebie! Lubię mieć gości, i chociaż w domu nie mam za dużo miejsca, to na zewnątrz jest go mnóstwo! A i też się przydadzą ręce do roboty 😝 przy krowach, drzewie, sianie 😉 How thankful I am for this amazing place which I can call my home. Every time I come back I get overwhelmed with the beauty and blessings I am gifted with. Thank you God! For my family, my home, for Wisła (my town), for all those memories I have with this place and for a sunny day today after so much rain. You, God, are worthy of all praise and every time I come here I get confirmed in how much I am loved! PS. Come and visit me. Our space is not the biggest but we have plenty of space outside: rivers, mountains, fields, forest. Also, we could use your hands with farm work so if you want to come and help we can provide accommodation, food, and a lot of coffee time! 💪☕❤️ #blackhanka #Godisgood #home #somanyblessings

1 day ago

Claiming this spot as my “office view” last week was such a good idea! It was the perfect unexpected surprise that I gave to myself for a jam packed work week. I took 2 hours off- swam and laughed with a sweet friend that I don’t see often enough. Those unexpected moments are sometimes the best-right? It’s a wedding weekend! I’ll be shooting today and Monday-💕🌴💕🌴💕🌴 Hoping you’re taking time to inhale deeply and give thanks for the many blessings in your life amidst the activities you have planned for the weekend!💕 What are your plans peeps? at Oahu Life

6 days ago

Anchors began coming to me when my Dad died almost 3 years ago. Their symbolism is so deep and meaningful to me. Strength, recovery, sobriety, my Dad's eternal and unconditional love, my ability to "anchor love", being grounded, and so much more. When anchors show up in my life, I take it as such a blessing. This one comes to me through incredibly deep love and friendship that I value beyond measure. #grateful #anchors #spiritjunkie #love #signs #somanyblessings #healing #theuniversehasmyback #guided #purpose

6 days ago

Did I mention how the struggle has been REAL lately, did I mention that I haven't been 100% lately, did I mention that I've been more off the wagon then on!??! 🤔 Well let me mention this.... I may have been struggling, I may not have been 100%, and I have fallen off the wagon a lot BUT I NEVER gave up!!! I kept going, I kept pushing, and I stayed positive. 💜💪 I did a full 6 days of working out last week, the week before was 5 days, and the week before that was 4 days. Today I weighed my self and I'm back down 5 lbs.!!! Be consistent no matter what!!! 💪 #SoManyBlessings #WomenofFaith #fortyandfit #singleatforty #Believe #Purplelily #TBB #Mindovermatter #Igotthis #StruggleisReal #nevergiveup #Bekind #RiseUp #BackPain #NeverMissaMonday #Fitness #Passion #Strengthandcore

6 days ago

I have so much to be thankful for, and I choose to focus on those things every day. Even when pressures are rising and obstacles are in my path I can always see something to be thankful for if I look for it. Choose to look for your thankful place today and see the clouds part and light shine on your circumstances⛅🌞. • #thankful #grateful #imblessed #somanyblessings #dailywisdom #wisewords #choosewisely #essentialoils #begoodtoyou #healthylife #healthychoices #youareworthit #belief #liveyourpassion #choosethebest #atruefriend #lovetrue #uplift #inspired #encouragement #quotes #surroundyourselfwithpositivepeople #positivity #lookup #reachouttoafriend #tellsomeoneyoulovethem

6 days ago

Ruby- the stone of romantic love. As we celebrate 7 years of marriage today, I think about all the things that brought us to this moment. Like anyone, we’ve had ups and downs. At the end of the day we understand and love each other. Marriage takes work because it’s a gift from God. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. Keeping things simple has been one way we’ve stayed in love- but there are many others. I am very blessed to have my husband and now my two littles. ❤️ #ruby #romanticlove #weddinganniversary #7years #marriagetakeswork #somanyblessings #keepitsimple #marriageisagiftfromgod #wirejewelry #wireart at Aledo, Texas

6 days ago

„The LORD said, “I will go with you, and I will give you victory.” ‭‭Exodus‬ ‭33:14‬ —-—————————————————— Everytime he is on your Side, so praise the Lord!🙏🏼 —————————————————— #mayheblessyou #bethankful #praisethelord #somanyblessings

7 days ago

Aaaaannnnd we’re off. Yessir, Big Guy. Today is the day. No, we won’t be there tonight. We’re going to take our time and have an adventure. I know, man. I’m really excited too. But you’re going to have to sit with me in the seat. Because it’s completely not safe to sit on the dashboard while we’re driving. No, Santa has to move, too. Ok man. Let’s get this show on the road. #movingday #weoftenadventure #texascoconut #roundrockorbust #homeislessofamovingtarget #illmissyoulongbeach #blessed #somanyblessings

7 days ago

So - in the spirit of sharing real life (vs the “perfection of social media”), today has been a tough day as a dad. Kids have been constantly bickering and crazy; which adds to the stress of normal weekend meal prep and Hilary trying with all her might to get the garden in the ground (despite the rain). Stress is higher than normal and I have the headache to prove it... BUT - it’s moments like this that make you stop what you’re doing and enjoy the little moments. Truth be told, this moment (no mater how mundane it may seem to the viewer) brought me to tears as I snuck around the corner to witness what I was hearing from the kitchen. Everett has been super fussy this afternoon but Savannah wanting to be a bigger sister did what she knew would calm him and that was dance and sing to the Greatest Showman with him. Suddenly, nothing else mattered. I just wanted to watch them and be thankful for my blessings. There are so many to count. I encourage you to find the small moments amidst our busy lives; as before we know it, they’ll be gone. AND then - as I was typing this up, the second clip occurred. Little man communicating with what he knows - sign language for juice. Our kids depend on us. We have to maintain perspective and be the parents they need! Be blessed y’all. #dadlife #truthmoment #somanyblessings #justbreathe (I do not own the rights to this song, btw.)

8 days ago

Absolutely cannot wait to have our sweet baby Sloane join our 25-years-and-counting girl group! (And join precious London in it too!) 🎀💐💗 #somanyblessings #life #love

9 days ago

God has blessed me an insurmountable amount in the past few years. I can’t believe I got to go to grad school all while traveling abroad twice. I had to dip my toes in the Mediterranean Sea at least once before heading home. #somanyblessings

9 days ago

I"ve struggled with health my whole life.... I remember going to the doctors office and they would have the Halloween decor up. Then the next time I was there it was Harvest decor, and then Christmas decor. Test after test, poke after poke. No results. New doctors, new tests. No results. A few decades later I still struggle. I know lots of you are struggling with the same life long journey to find health. Joint pain. Arthritis. IBS and Chrones. Stress. Anxiety. I share a lot about how herbs, and especially teas can help but really there is only one thing that will get you through the journey. Faith & prayer love, Faith and Prayer. I guess that's two things ;) God see's your struggles and knows every hair on your head. He leads you through the health journey to teach you lessons and keep you humble. So keep on praying and keep on having Faith. He sees. He knows. What health issue to you fight? . . . . #stressless #begrateful #somanyblessings #blessed #hobbylobbysign #hobbylobbystyle #Godknowsbest #Godseesthestruggle #thestruggleisreal #stressedout #stressfullife #stressfree #herbsforstress #herbsforanxiety #herbsforjointpain #backpain #arthritis #herbsforarthritis #medicinaltea #decoction #infusion #dailyinfusion #teasforhealth #tisanes #herbalteas #chillax #chillaxin

10 days ago

This bracelet! My dear friend and wig sister sent me this darling bracelet. The one medallion reads “side by side or miles apart friends are always close at heart”. My hair loss journey has been much more of a blessing than a curse. I’ve been so blessed to meet many amazing ladies who have become dear friends! #friendship #hairloss #wigsisters #somanyblessings

11 days ago

Yesterday I turn 35... and I REALLY wanted to drink. It was basically a stand-off between me & addiction... Addiction was like, “DRACARYS🔥 🔥 🔥” and I was like “NOT TODAY SATAN!” • For real though- I was REALLY not looking forward to this birthday. Turning 30 was a breeze & I’ve always thought people who freak out about turning a certain age are just being dramatic. Yet here I was... ignoring my upcoming bday & feeling like a TOTAL hot mess today. It was one of the most triggering days I’ve had in... a LONG time. • Here I am: 35. #sober. Living a life BETTER than I EVER imagined. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #somanyblessings #workingmomlife #sobermom #sobermomtribe #soberlife #soberaf #motherhustle #onedayatatime #endthestigmaofaddiction #gratefullness #sobermoments #heathish #healthandhappiness at La Crosse, Wisconsin

12 days ago

The HARDEST part of starting something new is taking that first step into the unknown. And I KNOW it’s hard. And scary. And uncomfortable. And that it can totally SUCK! 🖤TRUST ME🖤 Take that leap into the unknown and watch yourself FLOURISH! • • • • • • • • #sobermom #motherhustle #somanyblessings #soberaf #mombodlove #mnmom #thirtyfive

12 days ago

💎Don’t stop until you’re proud💎 I am opening up the doorway to all the blessings that are about to enter my life. I am so excited to start this new chapter and beyond ready for the challenges and obstacles that are about to come my way. Diamonds only form under pressure😘 at Downtown Spokane

13 days ago

#TransformTursday is not a side by side today. It's a different kind of Transformation. 💪 It's the kind where my life has transform. Working out at 4:45am would have NEVER happened a few years ago. Truth be it working out period would not have happen. 💪 It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. When I started this journey it took me a lil longer to break my habit. But once I did it stuck. I literally feel energized after my workouts and feel like crap when I dont. 💪💯 Let's face it consistency is the key and once you break that non-healthy habit working out will come naturally. 💯💪❤ #GodisGoodalltheTime #WomenofFaith #SoManyBlessings #Coachlifestyle #Fitness #GoalCrusher #BiggerGoalsBiggerJump #believeinyou #Believe #TBB #Transform #Mindovermatter #ConqueringGoals #Purplelily #Strengthandcore #Igotthis #StruggleisReal #nevergiveup #Bekind #21DAYFIX #Challenge #Burn #BeYou

13 days ago

I'm having a reflective moment today as I think about what it means to be a mother and how thankful I am for knowing that it is the most important work a woman can do and the hardest. I remember when I was 5 years old I was on an old TV show called the Art Linkletter Show and was one of 4 children interviewed in front of a live audience. He asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said "a mommy". I've done many things in my life but none as fulfilling as motherhood. I may not have been the smartest, wisest, wealthiest, "yes" mom on the block but as I look at my children and the good, nurturing, protective, inspiring parents they have become, I'm feeling a very full heart and that my best was enough ☺️It is a precious gift to be called "mom"🌸🥰 #somanyblessings #mygratefulheart #godiswithmealways #grandiescallmenana😍 #besthubbyintheworld

14 days ago

I really don’t know how I got to be so lucky to have these two in my life! Lacey and I were talking about an event that happened before she was born and I said you weren’t even in my belly then. She told me that God picked her out for me and put her in my belly😭! I thank God everyday for my two amazing cuties and for helping me find Gary! #somanyblessings

14 days ago

All of God’s grace in two tiny faces ❤️ . . . But really, I deserve none of the blessings I have and these two babies are two of the greatest. I’m so grateful part of God’s plan for their life and mine is that I get to be their momma. Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. #happymothersday #girlmom #texasmom #somanyblessings at Fort Worth, Texas

15 days ago

•Nicu Day 5• Update: I gained a few ounces after losing some which is great. Im so alert and love rolling my eyes at everyone. I’m really trying hard to keep my food down and not fall asleep every time I’m eating. I have to learn how to maintain my own body temperature. It’s a little hard for me since I’m so small and early. I love sleeping on mommy’s chest, it’s my favorite place in the world. I have a little jaundice, but hopefully won’t need that scary light. I’m trying to find a way to escape this place to go home with mommy & daddy. Be back soon. Love, baby Carter 💙 • • • • • • #laboranddelivery #nicu #nicubaby #nicumom #itshard #mybabyboy💙 #babyboy #myworld #miraclebaby #sentfromheaven #gratef #rainbowbaby #ourrainbowbaby #pregnancyafterloss #somanyblessings #momblogger #soinlove #mamasboy #mamabear at Valley Health System

16 days ago

What a whirlwind of a day......4am came bright and early, off to the air port in SeaTac, flight delayed, delayed a second time for a new plane, lost boarding passes, got in line for food and was forgotten, (got my money back, awesome), made it back just in time to board plane, spilled cereal all over the plane, Rad turbulence (like a theme park ride.... I think Ben was the only one on the plane giggling in delight), wonderful Aunt and Uncle picked us up and took us to car rental got a free upgrade, made it to @ktrchandler, amazing biking parents put Ben’s bike together @caidenbmx and @bmxryderlawrence BIG Thank you! Even got an awesome dinner invite but was so tired took food back to hotel and Crashed! Very tired little kid! In all things today’s crazy God’s hand was with us. Thank you for prayers, keep it up. A big thank you to all of Ben’s sponsors! #somanyblessings #hotwheelsjuniorseries #bigair • • @joyridebikesbmx @gopro @odigrips @skullcandy @661protection @ogio @spyoptic @fitbikeco @vansbmx66 @kmcchain_bmx #morekidsonbikes #pnw #bmxfreestyle #odibmx #bmxisfun #bmxpark #hero7black #joyrideboyz #groms #bmxgroms #kidsonbikes #teefbmx #bmxstyle #kidswhoshred #supergroms #pnwkids #sendit #661Protection #RideFastTakeChances #ProtectFun #sixsixone #ogiomoto #seehappy at Chandler, Arizona

16 days ago

Dudettes: READ 👏 THE 👏INGREDIENTS! Funny Story- so if you’ve followed me for awhile you know that I’ve struggled with consistency in my weight and, LITERALLY, tried ALL the “alleged” potions to help you lose weight. ( I know...😖 NOT COOL! Different story for a different day!) At one point I was taking this product that you mix with water & it was supposed to help you lose weight. While I lost no weight on this product- I LOVED the way it made me feel. It, literally, altered my mood. It made me have tons of energy & COMPLETELY took away my appetite. What’s not to love, right?! Wellllll, a friend of mine sent me some research on the product which explained it was PACKED full of nasty & INTENSE stimulants- many of which were illegal in many countries! No wonder I loved the way it made me feel- it got me funked up! 🤪 And as a #sobermom - no wonder I LOVED the sensations this product gave me! It was making me feel HIGH!! 🙈😬💀 I’m embarrassed to admit that but YOU ALL- research the ingredients of the products you’re taking!! 🖤 MORE IMPORTANTLY: respect your body enough to move it often, fuel it properly & stay away from quick fixes. Diets = 👿 . . . . : . . : #ditchthediet #dietsdontwork #mombodlove #workingmomlife #sobermomtribe #sobermom #somanyblessings #motherhustle at Wisconsin

16 days ago

Before heading out to do garage stuff I wanted to be sure I get my workout in. 💪 It was all about Cardio Core! Only had to do frog squats but oh my goodness the burn!!! 🤬💪 Today is Flex Friday and look at them Guns!! I know they need a lil work but they are better then they where yesterday!! 💯 #Photomama #WomenofFaith #Coachlifestyle #SoManyBlessings #Fitness #GoalCrusher #BiggerGoalsBiggerJump #believeinyou #Believe #TBB #Transform #Mindovermatter #ConqueringGoals #Purplelily #Strengthandcore #fortyandfit #21DAYFIX #Challenge #Burn #StruggleisReal #nevergiveup #Bekind #RiseUp #BackPain #FlexFriday #CarpalTunnel

17 days ago

My new favorite pic of Rick. 😍 Then there is my lovey, Sadie Jo, and the sweet baby goaties, Merle & Waylon. #somanyblessings at Kansas

17 days ago

Today is #ThankfulThursday and as I sit here I have so much to be thankful for but this week is a little different. You see, every Tuesday is our payday and this week I opened my back office and literally was in tears because I received my biggest check yet. And I sat there overwhelmed with gratitude and thankfulness because I thought about why my check was so big, and it’s because I’m helping change people’s lives! I’m helping people get their confidence back, have less joint discomfort, lose that extra baby weight that doesn’t seem to want to go away, sleep better at night, get rid of their energy drink addiction..I’m thankful that I get to help people EVERY SINGLE DAY make these changes in their life. I’m thankful to be with an amazing company who doesn’t just care about the dollar signs, who actually cares about their promoters and their customers, who cares about people’s lives being changed, who cares about not having people spend extra money on website fees, or having people be stuck in an autoship they don’t want, cares about not charging those extra fees to not be on an autoship. I’m thankful for an amazing Tribe of people who stand beside me and push me everyday to be and do better. I’m thankful for every single door that’s being opened in my life and I can not wait to see where the future takes me because I know it’s going to be amazing!

18 days ago

You may think you have challenges, but you have so many blessings. Sometimes it takes only a moment of conscious effort to recognize those blessings. Once you focus on the gifts instead of the problems, your whole perspective will change and you will see blessings everywhere. #focusonthegood #somanyblessings