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20 days ago

after four days of using the ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’ method, I finally have my lentils soaking in preparation for Nowruz 🙃 I’ll change the water daily until the 3rd day, when they should be ready to be spread out on a dish/platter and covered with a moist cloth/towel

3 months ago

So I’m taking myself off of my antidepressants which is the complete opposite of all medical advice I have received. I don’t like the dependency. And with my great gig and benefits I still end up spending over 3k a year on them. Complete bs. My doctor and therapist both recommended I take them about 6 mos after my mom passed and I was already grieving and had reached an ultimate low. So I did. Because I wasn’t well, at all. But I have been working. So I have been vegan for a year (yes I have eaten outside of that diet) and I love it! #soakinglentils And in therapy 2.5 years. I have been cleared to lower my therapy visits (not my idea) by my therapist to a schedule of my preference (which to me means, I’m free to go). And I have lost over 70 pounds, started a business, Fallen in love with all of my close friends again because they always remind me they are there. #consistencymatters So I’ve done my research, and I am using the medical prescription dosage to take myself off and I have introduced CBD Oil into my life #shoutout to @capitol_cbd ! My close friend helped me select a specific strand of CBD that has the properties to treat my depression and pmdd. I must say CBD oil has done more for my anxiety in a day than any prescription I have ever had. Time to come out of the darkness and return to the light. #imouthere #takingbackmymind #depressioncantlivehereanymore #donttrythisathome #youonlygetone

4 months ago

#Repost @officialgreymusic #soakinglentils ・・・ #VeganThanksgiving PT3!!! @remixgodsuede on the beat and ADLIBS 🔥🔥 @chefnikkiinthemix @thejackfruitco @plantbaseddrippin #PlantBasedDrippin #HappyThanksvegan #VeganthanksgivingWeek #UnameItChallenge LYRICS: I know the Vegans they been waitin on this, Cuz them tickets sold out too quick/ Got 3 chefs, 2 DJ’s in da mix, 1 5,000 sqft mansion on lit Jackfruit came wit da shits Potato salad lookin a like a landslide/ 3rd year got Chef nikki Plant Based kickin wit da doula on standby Still got da candy yams brackin Wit da southern greens smackin Cornbread lookin like a mattress/ I remember when they said they couldn’t imagine Now they want the recipe the vegan Mac got em spazzin like an addict Raw cheeze cake be da fattest/ Im tryna cut it all out da pan Put it all in my hand Stuffed tofurfy wit da ham/ Plant Based drippin got me feelin like the man with the beans greens potatoes tomatoes

5 months ago

I didn’t go vegan because I don’t like the taste of meat, eggs, or dairy. It was actually quite the opposite. I didn’t go vegan too lose a bunch of weight. I have learned how to shed unwanted pounds, that’s no longer a problem. I went vegan because I made a conscious decision to do better for myself by myself. I learned that food makes a difference. Every meal counts. And I only get one body. If it’s garbage I don’t want it, if it’s stressful I don’t want it, if it’s hurting me more than helping me, I definitely don’t want it. Good in, bad out. Positive In, negative out. Growth. I am surprised I have only had a few hiccups and/or weak moments all year! My health is significantly better than it was a year ago. Glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels are better than most, and I can go ham in the gym. Be well. #buffbrahma #soakinglentils #nationalveganday ❤️ at Vegan Life

9 months ago

Soak one store one. Are you sick of soaking things on the side in your kitchen and it taking up space? I usually soak pulses in a pirex jug and its more washing up. This time i halved it out and only soaked what i wanted in the jar i stored them in. Then put them in the fridge with the lid loose #plasticfreejuly #lesswashingup is the best

9 months ago

#truth from @alkaline_vegan_news ・・・ Repost from @alkalinehuman1 using @RepostRegramApp - Go vegan for your sexual health ! We are superior in all areas not just the kitchen . Being vegan has benefits that go beyond environmentalism and compassion . The other benefits are being able to keep a long strong erection. The number 1 cause of erectile distinction is narrowing of the arteries which is caused by you guessed it meat based animal protein . #vegan #love #health #healthy #healthyliving #nutrition #diet #fitness #plantbased #soakinglentils

12 months ago

I don’t know where along this journey I developed a love for #avocadotoast but i can’t stop eating it. My friends are sick of it, my coworkers are sick of it, and I cant get enough of it. I have passed my 90 day trial as a vegan since Jan 1st. Damn already here. Did I have any desires for other food? Yes. Did i eat any food that wasn’t plant based? Yes. Despite my hiccups, Im sold. My skin looks better, i sleep better, i feel better, i have lost weight, I am way cleaner on the inside, and I see no reason to put the bs back in my diet. #soakinglentils and loving it #90daysavegan just turned into what will hopefully be #veganforlife not going back not looking back. Enjoy your meals but I’ve cut the bs from mine. #soakinglentils #overandout ✌🏾🌱🌾 at All Vegan All Day

1 year ago

#soakinglentils Nseya: Want some chicken Auntie Set? Set: I don’t eat chicken any more babies. Nseya and Deebo:☝🏾

1 year ago

#30daysavegan I made it thirty days! 🤗🙌🏾 I can’t believe it! I actually lasted an entire month with no intentional screw ups! It has definitely been a learning and adjustment process. #yogurt is in more “dressings” than I can count, I have eaten a small amount of yogurt twice, once in a sandwich and once in a bowl. Both times im sure the consumption was no more than a table spoon but still . Eggs are also in every damn thing! Like every vegetarian patty in the world is held together with eggs, i also slipped up and ate one of these, but other than that I was true to my new diet. Im getting more and more creative with recipes and I’m working on some desired acquired tastes I would like to establish. Curry is my friend. Any changes? Yep - my pencil skirts are losing their pencil 😂😂😂they are getting a little lose and my skin looks better than ever! Im feeling cleaner on the inside and my sleep patterns have improved. People think it takes 30 days to form a habit but it really takes 90, so I am pushing on! I still feel really good about this change and now in recent weeks I have learned that I have inspired so many people to take the plunge or at least consider it. My friends are removing things from their diets and we compare recipes. I ate McDonalds every damn day for 100 years as a child/teen. That shyt is for the birds, well honestly it isn’t even for them ❤️ #soakinglentils at Vegan Buddy

1 year ago

As I countdown my last days as an omnivore I have cleaned my fridge of almost all animal products I am beginning to feel excited about this change. Replaced my condiments with their vegan counterparts, beans, rice, hummus and fruit and vegetable galore... from mangos to Brussels sprouts you name it I got it. My body is feeling and responding better to regular daily activities and it’s starting to feel like a win! (Ask me howI feel in three weeks tho🤣) #soakinglentils #goingvegan at Naf Naf Grill

2 years ago

I love finding landscapes in my ceramic work, in my clay off cuts and when I cut slabs of clay; but this one took me by surprise because I found it in my kitchen. To be more precise in a bowl of lentils that I was soaking for dinner. It reminds me of looking into rock pools at the beach. at Collaroy Plateau