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4 months ago

Just kidding, found a computer so was able to upload some photos ๐Ÿคฉ Jumping at 16500 was AWESOME!! at Skydive Abel Tasman

1 year ago

My pre-second landing at any dz other than the Ritz. Going from plains to a forest kept me on my toes. at Skydive Danielson

2 years ago

Dear Photographers, The International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame is looking for some photos that can be used by its design firm in order to create a walk-through mock-up of the International Skydiving Museum. These photos should be of good/high quality. If any of you can aid in filling in some of the requested photo items below that would be a big help. The International Skydiving Museum is excited to show you its progress in the very near future. You can email these photos to #skydivingmuseum #paragear #skydivingphotos #skydiving 1. The interior of a Skyvan as seen in all for directions. Sides, cockpit and tailgate [we do have a usable tailgate shot]. And a shot of the exit lights. Weโ€™re trying to make the inside of our elevator like the inside of a Skyvan. 2. The same thing as above but inside a C-130. This would be very cool. Either way, when the visitors exit the elevator they will be in the theater and in freefall. 3. An early ram air parachute in the air or landing. 4. A 10-way exit [70s or 80s] 5. A 4-way sequential skydive 6. And 8-way sequential skydive 7. A 16-way sequential skydive 8. A medium sized formation skydive 9. A canopy formation skydive 10. A high end pond swoop (canopy piloting) 11. A single sit flyer 12. A single head down skydiver 13. A small vertical hybrid formation 14. A large vertical hybrid formation 15. A flocking dive 16. A proximity skydive 17. The current vertical formation skydive record 18. A good aerial photo of major skydiving center from above opening altitude. 19. The 400-way 20. A head and shoulder shot of Norm Kent with helmet camera on. 21. A head shoulder shot of Jerry Irwin with helmet cameras on. 22. A head and shoulder shot of any other famous phtiograper [except Tom and Mike, which we already have] 23. A rear shot of a tandem rig without jumper [weโ€™re going to put it on a rack so a photo on a sheet or packing mat is fine] 24. A rear shot of a static line rig without jumper [same] 25. A rear shot of an AFF rig without jumper [same]

3 years ago

Las mejores cosas de la vida, no son cosas, son momentos, emociones, lecciones y recuerdos... la vida es bella.. HAPPY 30'S TO ME ... ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ€ 01.16.16 #skydiving #firsttimer #awesome #birthdaygirl #skydivingphotos #adrenaline #skydiving #fun #memories #thebig30 #celebration #freefall #parachute #birthdaygirl #phoenixskydiving #2016 #phoenix #az #arizona #maricopa #phx #fly #itsmybirthday #january #awesome #13000ft #life #saturday #funday #cardinals #gameday at Skydive Phoenix Inc