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5 minutes ago

As we were packing up, we heard the news that a skydiver jumping at coastal carolina had a freak accident today, and didn’t make it. Always be thankful for the time you do have on this planet and the people you get to experience life with 🤘🏼thoughts and prayers go out to the family - #photooftheday #skydiving

31 minutes ago

I now know why skydiving is an extreme sport. Even though I (oddly) have no emotional/mental hesitations about jumping out of a plane, the physical aspect may make me hesitate a little more. But hey, I made it. at Franklin, Indiana

37 minutes ago

Thanks for the jump today, buddy! 👌 Hope everyone had a nice Easter Sunday. 🐰

38 minutes ago

Living from 13.8K feet!! Where do you see your life?! From within or an aerial view?! #worldbydads #livefulltime

51 minutes ago

В одном фильме она вспоминала слова гения: "человек, однажды побывавший в небе, будет мечтать вернутся туда вновь". 🙄Я не могу утверждать, что Леонардо да Винчи втихую летал себе на дельтоплане, но скажите ка мне, товарищи, как эта фраза через 500 лет переселилась в советское кино, а после - нашла место в сердцах парашютистов (и ещё каких то там художников?) ? 😎Врятли автор не знал, о чем пишет. #infly #fly #openmyworld #openair #openyoureyes #sky #skydiving #skydive #insky #air #freefly #extreme #leonardodavinci #небо #полет #внебе #откройглаза #скайдайвинг #скайдайв #фрифлай #экстрим #воздух #свободноепадение #парашют #мысливслух at Planet Earth

1 hour ago

@stratcous & @creightonbaird walked in my office one day and said “hey get your skydiving license” and without thought or question I said “hmmm…ok”. The 3 of us have had some of the most incredible experiences and opportunities. This picture sums up the past 3 years of skydiving and the past 20 years of friendship. We love and will miss you @stratacous, good luck in Hawaii! @paulinap fill the void! #skydiving at Skydive Utah

1 hour ago

INCOMING: Easter bunny 🐰 hide your eggs!

1 hour ago

Jumped out of an airplane at 14k ft today! Hiking Capital peak in Aspen Colorado in August at 14k ft. 14k ft is no joke... My tandem jumping guy told me I would make a good skydiver because I am very emotionally stable... this would have come as a surprise considering he doesn’t know me but the moment we met I instantly knew he was an old soul and felt a connection, so I knew he saw my truth. I haven’t always been emotionally or mentally stable, truth is 15 years ago I was severely depressed and medicated for my depression. There have been times I have been so emotional I have said & done things I regret. Since last October my life has been turned upside down and I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of mental & emotional pain, some of which manifested in my body as physical pain. My intentional practice is to be aware of when I fall into fear and come back to my truth. God didn’t give me the spirit of fear he gave me power, love and a sound mind. That is my truth. I have become stronger than ever through this disciplined practice! Over the next 4 months as I train for this hike up to the summit of the mountain that claimed my brothers life I will become the strongest I have ever been physically, mentally & emotionally. Facing my fears and practicing living in my truth, I may fall but I’ll always get up, I may make mistakes but I’ll always learn!

2 days ago

Two years later... my baby and I are finally ready to send it. For the longest time I thought I wouldn’t ever get to jump this beauty, or any other. Today, as I was gearing up, I came to the realization that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. And it felt good. Behind that grimace was a huge smile. 🖤 . . . . . #skydiving #girl #flylikeagirl #adrenaladies #adrenaline #jump #gear #pink #camo #mindfulness #outfitoftheday #happiness #madrid #spain #fun #view #friends at Centro de Paracaidismo Skydive Madrid