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2 minutes ago

Brukte bare 2 år på å oppdage hvor flotte skiforhold vi har så og si rett utenfor stuedøra! ☀️😄 #ljanselva #skiing

5 minutes ago

Ich fahre heute nach Raurus schiifahren #skiing

6 minutes ago

Хочешь солнце вместо лампы? ☀️ Хочешь, за окошком альпы? )))🏔 at Ötztaler Alpen

9 minutes ago

My first time skiing...after 4 hrs training but it’s still so difficult หัดเล่นครั้งแรก ใครบอกว่าง่าย นี่ขนาดเรียนไป4ชมละนะ #JJJnewact2019 #jjjfootprint #gerlos #tirol #austria #skiing

10 minutes ago

We want to introduce a few participants in the next stage of the Grande Circolo: Christian Penning, who has been working in the publishing industry for twenty years, and who currently works at Alpin Magazine. Perhaps, it would be better to say that he spends more time on the snow than behind his desk. @lucatruchet’s greatest passion is ski mountaineering, yet he takes pictures on the snow using every vehicle (including a bike). @dani_xmountains is an influencer who loves skiing, climbing and the R.V life. #Salewa #PureMountain #grandecircolo #skitraverse #southtyrol #skimountaineering #skiing #backcountryskiing #mountaineering #adventurelife #choosemountains #progressivemountaineering

10 minutes ago

We spent an entire week together in #Austria which we filled with experiences. 🤗 We went #skiing ⛷, ate a ton of food (aka French fries 🍟), enjoyed the #aprèsski 🍻, played games 🐺, and laughed at shenanigans 😂. I am thankful to have gained this many memories. at Flachau, Niederösterreich, Austria

10 minutes ago

Första skidpasset för iår🎿 ❄️🌞 Hej träningsvärk, men så skönt 💪 at Tranås Golfklubb

10 minutes ago

Treated myself to an hour indoor skiing yesterday. I won’t be able to get on the real slopes for a while, so this is a good compromise . I’m always a bit nervous on when I #ski I think it’s because I started older, so I’m not as brave (I wish I was as brave as that kid who tried to make the jump at the beginning of this video - top right) Being 6ft 5ins means my centre of gravity isn’t great either . At the end of the day I just love it. You don’t have to be amazing at something to enjoy it. I’ll be coming here every now and then to practice technique and to imagine I’m on top of a mountain! . One thing I find is having #erbspalsy I struggle stopping in a specific direction. Also, turning to the left I get a bit nervous. Not sure if it’s balance or just scared of falling on my #erbs #bpi side. It’s the same when I’m on my mountain bike . Do you get this? . . #erbspalsywarrior #erbspalsylife #adaptiveathlete #bpiwarrior #bpistrong #beatingbpi #brachialplexus #brachialplexusinjury #skiseason #indoorski #indoorskiing #indoorskislope #skiing #1in1k

10 minutes ago

Spotted 🇯🇵 at Kabayama