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Edinburgh Festival 🎉

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Olha essa postagem do nosso seguidor do YouTube e Facebook @sidneysilvadesa Tirou onda? ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Quer sua 📷 aqui?? Se inscreva no YouTube🎥, curta fanpage👍, use nossa hashtag, nos marque na foto e mande mensagem 📩! As fotos que são harmônicas ao nosso feed serão selecionadas e compartilhadas na medida que apareçam para nós.

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P E P P E R -- slate gray with a hint of blue. So good! What's your favorite fall color? Licorice? Beet? Kale? Mustard? 🍂🍁🍂

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Solar eclipse totality! I can't put into words the beauty and feelings we experienced during this phase of the eclipse. It will always be something I remember and cherish! . . . . . . . #eclipse #totaleclipse

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No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams. Maya Mendoza

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Lovely evening in a lovely company ❤ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ☝ Shop Now - Click Link On Bio ☝ . . . Repost @cupofherbaltea

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Moving on is easy. It's staying moved on that's trickier.

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When we have faith in something, there are no limits to the beauty we can create. It never ceases to amaze me at how impossible it is - at every angle - to capture the magnificence of the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore. The Duomo's character and timelessness practically laughs and casts shadows on the selfie sticks, and says Insta-not-going-to-happen. A gentle reminder that a first hand experience is the only way to comprehend such beauty, and that a true vision (combined with faith and patience) come to life will stand the test of time...century after century 💋(Bonus points if you have investments from the Medici Family, of course).

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Never stop exploring

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Devil's Tears Bay - very aptly named. Giant swells of waves breaking and smashing against cliffs with such power that the water shoots 80 ish feet upwards. Seeing it was awesome in the most direct definition of the word. 👌🏽

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HAPPY TUESDAY ✨ the strongest people are those who maintain that happy soul while failing. Make it your goal to enjoy and be happy through it ALL. #happysoul

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The greatest gift of life on the mountain is time. Time to think or not think, read or not read, scribble or not scribble -- to sleep and cook and walk in the woods, to sit and stare at the shapes of the hills.

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#granada e l'Alhambra 🌺🌼🌸🇪🇸

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i like a little coffee with my almond milk + a little dress with accessories 😏

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Kylooty Ren trying to take over the galaxy 🐹

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"War all of the time"

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✨💫✨ 📷:@braedin

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Back to regularly schedule programming for this near Earth object. . #sunrise #moon

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South Bank Skate Park. The graffiti here's amazing, super artistic. The South Bank is probably my favourite place in London to hang out. The book market's great, there are always people doing crazy stuff on their bikes and skateboards in the skate park, and there's often a musician performing too. Check it out when you visit London.

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Na foto Eu, Lu, Dani e Bruna!!! Mais um ano de sete quedas! São 23 km de caminhada com um peso humilde(sqn) nas costas, esse ano resolvemos acampar por dois dias no mato, foi sofrido, escolhemos uma epoca bem quente e de baixíssima humidade e com o peso nas costas tudo fica pior inclusive os pés, mas tiramos de letra né não gatas!!! Que venham mais aventuras!!!

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Dive into the possibilities. There's so much to explore.

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Workin' from the Gherkin' ...

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Many homemade viewers yesterday. The Shredded Wheat version was possibly my favorite. Other versions included; the Joe Joe's, the Kensie, the Adidas, the FedEx (medium box), the Amazon, the tortilla chip, the home decorated, and the @warbyparker (very smart marketers as they were sponsored viewing boxes and worked great). Though the boxes were impressive, I shared the glasses with as many as were interested and they were always impressed with the comparison. #solareclipse #solareclipse2017 #eclipse #centralpark #newyork #nyc #sonya9 #gmaster70200 #travel #wanderlust #sonyimages

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Fresh new day 💕🙏

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Views // Thailand 002 ----------------------------------------------- "Still young but I sound old, it's all gold in my household, So I know the more metal, the more meddlers, Not incidental, my head is on red alert."

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《2017 Summer Road Trip》 • The view of the end of the Notch Trail. Notch Trail is not long (1.5 miles / 2.4 km) but fun trail. Kids will love this. It was very nice and hot day. • ここはしっかりしたシューズと汚れていい服で。暑い日は水を多めに。この景色とともに道程が楽しいトレイルです。 • • • • #familyroadtrip #campingtrip #nationalpark #southdakota #blackhills #badlandsnationalpark #notchtrail #beautifuldestination #roamtheplanet #lovelifeoutside #welltraveled #goxplore #wonderlust #hike4life #lovetohike #keepitwild #exploremore #wherewillwegonext #makemoments #liveoutdoors #travel #simplyadventure #wildetnessculture #backcountry #photooftheday #alwayshihiking #アメリカ #家族旅行 #キャンプ #野口家2017夏旅行

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Rooftops 👌🏼

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Truly one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed. #eclipse2017

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Had a great time bikepacking in Finnemarka with @johansen.esben and @bicycleimbalance in the weekend and found this cute strip of slick rock running through the forest. Poor Banjo had to wait back home. Next time, puppy.

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Fear is the backbone of freedom. It is the foundation of joy. Behind almost every triumphant summit selfie is at least one moment of self-doubt, one moment when we ask ourselves "Can I really do this?" Everyday life is full of those moments too - often more so. On a rock climb, hopefully there is only one really scary or really difficult part, but in any given day you could have a number of scary conversations, risky confrontations, and face any number of fears and stressors. My ability to act courageously in the face of these fears has gotten better, but it's not easy for me, and even little acts of courage make me feel absolutely exhilarated. But even though it's hard, I'm learning that these small acts of courage are the threads weaving together a life worth living.

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Brunelleschi's Dome that covers the Florence cathedral, birthplace of the Renaissance

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This little dude here is Symon (like Sim - on). Symon has found himself in a position all men fear.. living in a house with 5 women. Ya see me n Sym weren't able to share many conversations, a direct side effect of speaking different languages. So without language, all we could do was chill. I hooked Sym up with a little tech deck skatie I had and he was stoked! We would spend a couple hours a day just busting out tricks on the polished concrete floor. I saw in Sym so many traits that have unexpectedly inspired me at this point in my own life. Like how at 10 years old he is looking to become his own man and calve out an original path, much the same as I try to do with each of my "posts". I watched him take on each day with a set of tasks, showing me how much more effective it is when you prioritize and don't constantly switch between them. Most resonant with me and something I hope I can fully interpret here on this page, is the want to help that I saw in Symon. He would leap up to help and would spend his full attention getting the task done. I didn't expect to get inspired by a 10 year old and I also didn't ever expect to say the word inspire so much! But that's the way it is when you let your guard down and just give (whatever it is you love doing) a crack ✌ #inspire #dowhatyoulove #writer

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lavender fields forever...💜

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Really though - if you knew 100% that you could earn what you earn now, in 1/2 the hours or less; & you can work those hours from a smartphone or a laptop anywhere in the world you feel like being at anytime; you'd do it. You CAN 100% do it.. it's only YOU that's preventing it from happening. Here's my question: if that's what you really want why aren't you taking action to make it your reality? 🤔 . . . #thelaptoplife #lifestylecoach #lifestyles #lifestylechoice #lifestyledesign #money #timefreedom #cashflow #wealth #cash #healthyliving #healthylife #moneybags #moneymakers #travelog #travelgrams #roamtheplanet #peoplewhodofunstuff #simplyadventure #weliketotravel #roam #businesscoach #fitnessbusinesscoach #fitbizcoach #healthylifestylechoices #healthylifestyleclub #weliketotravel #healthylifestyletribe

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Missing the sunshine and the waves💙

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2 çay biri demli olsun! . . Çok sevdiğimiz arkadaşlarımız Ece ve Güney'in @cesmekoy deki düğünlerinde deliler gibi eğlendik, bu da kanıtı🙃 Hiç aklınıza gelmeyecek bir lokasyonda hiç aklınıza gelmeyecek bir manzara sunan Çeşme Köy'e bayıldık. Bir dahaki sefere kahvaltıya da gitmek istiyoruz ama bakalım taşınma arasında fırsat bulabilecek miyiz? ......……........................... Siz de en beğendiğiniz seyahat fotoğraflarınızı kokladunyayi hashtagi ile paylaşın, beğendiklerimizi yayınlayalım. 😊 / Share your favourite travel pics with #kokladunyayi hashtag and we will share the ones we choose on our instagram! #iamtraveler #seyahat #wonderfulworld #earthpics #travelmore #worldwide #awesomeearth #lovetheworld #lifewelltravelled #travelandleisure #worldtraveler #getoutstayout #huffpostgram #mytinyatlas #welltravelled #seetheworld #voyage #viaggio #wonderlust #seyahat #seyahatblog #çeşme #izmir #düğün #tatil #paradise #crewlife #simplyadventure #wedding

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Life is an adventure But we still meed more

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You can touch it ⛅️

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Are you sure we are still on Earth?