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Добро пожаловать во вселенную Лавркафта! К выходу готовится мрачный приключенческий детектив The Sinking City, созданный по мотивам произведений Говарда Лавкрафта. Действие происходит в прошлом столетии в вымышленном городе-призраке, который постоянно страдает от наводнений, а местные жители, в свою очередь, страдают от массового безумия. Игра выйдет 27 июня 2019 на ПК, PS4 и Xbox. #TheSinkingCity #Лавркафт #ГовардЛавркафт #ТонущийГород #frogwares #action #adventures #silenthill #ghosttown at Трехгорная мануфактура

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Our uniqueness makes us special, makes perception valuable - but it can also make us lonely. This loneliness is different from being 'alone': You can be lonely even surrounded by people. The feeling I'm talking about stems from the sense that we can never fully share the truth of who we are. I experienced this acutely at an early age. #nature #green #water #quite #wild #silenthill #silent #brightening #future #adapt #travell #traveller #adventure #cyclinglife #cyclist #love #fear #courage #stories #storiesofindia #decathlon #decathlongreaternoida #decathlonsportsindia #india

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Just got a tattoo I’ve wanted forever. It’s the 9 save points right before the twin Red Pyramid Thing/Pyramid Head boss fight. It’s a symbol of safety and progress, as well as confronting the desire to be punished for your sins and absolving yourself by accepting them and moving on. Silent Hill 2 is my favourite game and means a lot to me, and this tattoo and what it means is something I’m happy to carry with my for the rest of my life. (The top row looks patchy but it’s just light reflecting off the cream) #tattoos #newtattoo #silenthill #silenthill2 #silenthillfan

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🎥 #MovieReview: the #SilentHill double feature continued last night with #SilentHillRevelation! Format: #Bluray 💿 Synopsis: When her adoptive father disappears, Sharon Da Silva is drawn into a strange and terrifying alternate reality that holds answers to the horrific nightmares that have plagued her since childhood. Film: 4/10. The less said about this the better. The sequel jettisons continuity and style for a simpler, less effective approach. Ultimately, after witnessing it for the first time I guess my reaction can be summed up as "meh". The director changed so many things, and all of then seemed to be for the worse. A truly disappointing sequel. Have you seen this film? 👀 💭 Post your thoughts below! Video: 7.5/10. The video quality takes a dive too. The cinematography isn't dynamic or atmospheric, the CG elements are far more noticeable and the whole thing has a more digital appearance. It's a faithful transfer, just not entirely pleasing to the eyes. Audio: 9/10. Thankfully the audio was decent, even if it's more heavy handed than its predecessor. Plenty of bass, clear dialogue and sound effects are aggressive, so at least it has that going for it. #MoofieMeter: 4/10. Actors: #AdelaideClemens, #KitHarrington, #CarrieAnneMoss, #SeanBean, #RadhaMitchell Director: #MJBassett Studio: #Metropolitan Genre: #horror, #thriller, #supernatural Year: #2012 #HomeTheater #HomeCinema #movie #film #MovieCollection #BlurayCollection #PhysicalMedia #MovieManiac #MovieBuff #Cinephile #VideoGame #Konami 165th of 2019

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The Closer is a common monster in Silent Hill 3. Excluding Heather Mason's dream sequence, this is the first type of monster she encounters. It is seen in a clothing store as it feeds on a woman's corpse. Heather shoots it to death as it approaches her. ➖ Its brownish body seems to mock the female form, as its entire face resembles a pair of lips; it also seems to be wearing a miniskirt and dark boots resembling Heather's. The Closer is a tall, menacing creature, with thick, all-encompassing arms. ➖ The Closer may be a manifestation of Alessa Gillespie's memories of her mother's abuse, hence the enlarged arms. The Closer's arms also seem to resemble punching bags, further alluding to Heather's repressed memories of being abused. It is also similar to one of the monsters Alessa used to draw as a child; the drawing is found in in a corner of Alessa's room. There is a running theme of maternity and femininity in Silent Hill 3 and many of its monsters due to the central conflict of the game centering on impregnation in the the Order's attempts to force Heather to birth their god. The Closer's face can be thought of to look like labia (vaginal lips), which correlates with this theme. Also connecting the Closer to the theme of impregnation or maternity is the sounds it will emit when fallen; the Closer will make very primitive and high-pitched moaning noises, while writhing about on the floor. This can be seen as reminiscent of a female's reaction to sexual intercourse. ➖ my sister said i should draw the closer next, so that's what i did. while personally not my favorite monster in the franchise, i still had fun drawing it.

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Ended up at Second and Charles today to grab some more reading material. Found a Silent Hill graphic novel with the most Silent Hillish cover of all time and it not only features my favorite Silent Hill comic but two more I’ve never read before. Fire and Blood is necessary reading for any ASOIAF fan or anyone bummed coming off the Game of Thrones finale. It’s basically just a fun history book with twice the incest and twice the dragons. #asoiaf #asongoficeandfire #gameofthrones #silenthill

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My Silent Hill 2 - 10 star completion stats. To earn this: ⁣ ⁣ * Action level - Hard⁣ * Riddle level - Hard/Extra⁣ * Endings - 7 total playthroughs, 7 endings⁣ * Saves - maximum of 2 ⁣ * Time - less than 3 hours⁣ * Walking distance - doesn't matter⁣ * Running distance - doesn't matter⁣ * Items - must collect 150+ items⁣ * Defeated enemies by shooting - 75+ kills ⁣ * Defeated enemies by fighting - 75+ kills ⁣ * Boat stage time - less than 1min 20sec⁣ * Boat max speed - doesn't matter⁣ * Damage - less than 500 pts of damage⁣ #silenthill #silenthill2 #xbox

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Работа, работа... Нельзя забывать про отдых, как тела, так и души (если она есть) 😏 Наша команда всегда отдыхает весело, красочно и прекрасными воспоминаниями! 😜 А ещё скоро начнётся и сезон тренировок к игре! Вот это будет фарш💀 Мы ждём именно ТЕБЯ😎 Скорее Выбирай команду, и пиши в директ для записи, ведь ты же не хочешь пропустить ТАКОЕ веселье😈 #квест #камчатка #елизово #актеры #костюм #грим #ролевка #природа #шашлыки #лес #отдых #клуб #монстр #выживший #церковь #игра #poison #poisonapple #apple #silenthill #hill #SH