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Its easy to be in a relationship but its hardest to keep it. In the beginning its all feel good, you both have lot to talk about but always remember no relationship remains constant, there will be days when you both don't have a topic to talk about or their will be fights, people will be jealous of you, want you to be get separated, even your partner can make mistakes a lot times but you have to trust, forgive and have to learn to give second chances because staying together is most important in a relationship. And when you look back to old days and old mistakes they all will look small in front of your togetherness from years. ❤️❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #love #heartbreak #Waffles #Waffles #Ganga #soul #justinbieber #selenagomez #shawnmendes #nflcombine #sikworld #affectionmemes #sexy #soundcloudrapper #soul #devil #darkmemes #dark #broken #poetry #pink #proud #power

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The love and support I have for FUTURISTIC is SOMETHIN REAL! No matter where life takes me I can see myself bumping FUTURISTIC FOREVER and EVER even when I’m 100 years old!! I LOOOVE YOUUUU!! In @OnlyFuturistic words... 🔥 Somethin Real 🔥 Out Now! Link in bio 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾This song means a lot to me. As an artist and a human in general, I like variety in my life. I make all sorts of music and often times people criticize me and tell me to pick a lane. As I grown in life, my music does the same. Thank you to those who have accepted my progression and show continuous support. Don’t be scared to change for the better regardless of what others think. Do what makes you happy and keep growing! Love y’all! 🎥 @beauhoryza 🎼 @boylordmusic 🖌 @anastasia_makingmagic • • #SomethinReal #Futuristic #SikWorld #KiraKosarin #SheeeshWorldStudios #EarlyAccessGang #WTFGang #FuturisticOrDie #Sheeesh #ToInfinityAndBeyond #LOML #FridayFeeling #MCE #Music #InstaLike #Famous #ShockTheWorld #IFeltThat #InstaGood #Love #Igers #RealAF #SupportLocal #AriZona

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*TRAGEDY MUSIC VIDEO* ** LINK IN BIO ** Directed by @littlekingpicz Produced by @syndrome_beats Thank you to everyone involved in this video, this song and video mean a lot to me and I'm super happy with how it turned out and am excited to finally share it! Please hit that like button and share this video with everyone you know. . ONE MAN SHOW DROPS MARCH 22ND . ALBUM RELEASE SHOW - MARCH 24TH @ THE REC ROOM in CALGARY at Calgary, Alberta

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👣PART 3/3 #TRUESTORIES . FULL VIDEO, May Request through DM. Thank you for the support, It meant a lot to me. - 3 Posts, a complete video. Play it however way you want, From the beginning 1 to 3rd or stories, play in reverse the truth and the painting still remained in one place ☝🏻. . . #SIKWORLD X #SGFUNERALDIRECTOR . . . . “..I'm 22, and I won't let myself down.. I stood up right after I fell down. It's hard to see heaven when you know your hell bound! I never really opened up and that's until now. I hope that I never lose you If I could choose one person.. I would choose, you.” - “I hope you understand my pain, Cause that's somethang that we all got to go through.” - “..I hate being down this road Been down before, I feel like I need you more.. I'm so alone..” - “..Since I was 7 Years Old, My futures all I'd imagine And now I'm here.. and I look back.. and I'm screaming.. “dammit!” - “..This a life I never planned it, no I never planned it~” - World peace, Fighters keep fighting, Don’t give up, you are not as weak as what you think, you gonna believe in you, gonna keep the faith strong aite? - God Bless everyone, Amen. - #sickworld #realstories #struggles #myshoes #yourshoes #dolifedifferent #makestories #dolifetogether #youarentalone #depressions #depressionhelp #depressionsupport #depressionkills #depressionisreal #showlove #showcase #expressionist #healer #keepmotivated #faithingod #jesuschrist #actforhumanity at Singapore

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"Yeah, I got it, I heard you. I heard you the first time. I just ignored you, 'cause I’m having the worst night of my life. I don’t really give a damn what’s right. Every time I bring it up we fight. It’s all wrong but it’s alright. Back and forth. Hot and cold. Here she comes. There she goes. Think I love her but I don’t know. She keeps saying it don’t show. All these things that I’ve been told. All this lying got so old. Deal the hand and I will fold. Want to stay but I guess I’ll go. I always knew you would leave, held it here in my chest. How could you do this to me? You were all I had left. I said you’d dip and you did. Guess you saw from the start. I’m still a fucked up kid, with a fucked up heart." 🌙✌🎶 #gerardway #dyingindesigner #lilxtra #lilpeep #liltracy #wittlowry #joynerlucas #macmiller #postmalone #juicewrld #childishgambino #hopsin #dax #nf #youngma #jackharlow #token #sikworld #wizkhalifa #notoriousbig

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🙏🏻PART 1 #TRUESTORIES . . . . #SIKWORLD X #SGFUNERALDIRECTOR . . . . “Lately I feel so alone.. I don't even know why I have a phone. Nobody hits me up and I'm stuck, Never had someone that I could call my, own It's lonely walking down this, road, Fake friends that I didn't have to, know.. The same ones that fucked me over and whenever I need them, and I turn around they just turn GHOST..” - “..I feel I'm at a all-time low.. I am depressed and it hurts me to know. My ex is happy and I can't seem to cope, She's ignoring every text message I wrote..” - “..My anxiety is high, my medication is low... I am so stressed and I hate being home. I sit it over, think everything alone I wish I had somebody to hold, DAMN!” - “I'm sick and tired of putting up a front, Like I'm happy but really I'm in a slump. I try to stay strong, screaming ( "I don't give a fuck!") But if anybody will give it then I'm, the one.. I wanna' put down my walls and open up. I hide behind this rapper I've become Addicted to being accepted like a drug.. No ones here I feel like I'm ready to plunge I remember you said my music was wack.. Teachers persuading me to try to give up my act.. They said, the image and the drive is what I lack... Made me think maybe I could never be a part of RAP!” - #sickworld #realstories #struggles #myshoes #yourshoes #dolifedifferent #makestories #dolifetogether #youarentalone #depressions #depressionhelp #depressionsupport #depressionkills #depressionisreal #showlove #showcase #expressionist #healer #keepmotivated #faithingod #jesuschrist #actforhumanity at Singapore

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This is interesting 👀 Follow @sikworld cuz he's dope asf' & only REAL Music Fans Follow Unsigned Rappers like him 😈 Ever fell in love with someone that broke you down completely 🤔 Jonathon Quiles here "Sik World" has and I suggest you listen to "Since You Left" cuz fr that will hit ya. One od his raps he stated "I dated a girl name Sarah I thought she was real." And at the time I heard it, I was recently dating someone name Sarah but she turned out to be a hoe 😔 2yrs go by and Im in love with someone name Assia Whistler & it hurts knowing I lost her because of my stupidity (No Cheating Was Intended for us to no longer be an "Us") Ignore Tags, trying to get more out there: #lfl #l4l #fff #f4f #cfc #c4c #likeforfollow #follow4followback #followforfollowback #likeforlike #like4like #likeforlikes #like4likesback #like4likes #followtrain #followtrain2019 #youtuber #youtubegaming #sikworld #SIKNATION #sikworldmusic #spotify #soundcloud #ilovemusic

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"When I die who gonna come to my funeral? Today's the day I should've of done it sooner though. I been feeling way too low. You told me that you loved me, then why'd you go? You bring the fucking worst out of me. I ain't shit thanks for telling me. You bring the fucking worst out of me. I ain't shit baby I agree. You drive me to drink. You drive me insane. I hate when we fight, but I love all the pain. You're my Courtney Love, I'm your Kurt Cobain. Bought a glock so I could blow my brains. It's time to lay down. I'm on my way down. Tell my mommy that I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Had to go for a ride she drives me crazy. Got a lot on my mind I just hit 80. Shit been pissing me off a whole lot lately. Think I'm ready to die please lord take me." 🌙✌🎶 #lately #dyingindesigner #wittlowry #avamax #joynerlucas #macmiller #jackharlow #lilpeep #liltracy #postmalone #childishgambino #token #sikworld #devvonterrell #dax #nf #hopsin #youngma #geazy #notoriousbig #wizkhalifa #juicewrld #ivanb #futuristic #techn9ne #eminem

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one day I’ll be able to share my story with depression and anxiety. and just maybe, it’ll be able to help at least one person. I’d do anything to help out anyone. if you need someone? I’m here. please don’t hesitate to talk to me or someone in general. stay strong kid, you got this.🖤- - - - - - #nf #paralyzed #ohlord #wittlowry #ivanb #sikworld #depression #anxiety #aesthetic #art #sketch #story #sharingmystory #emo #oneday #staystrong #beheretomorrow #dontgiveup #travel #edits #aesthetic #artwork #sketchbook

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I guess I'm to blame, can't lie to me. Walk in the room and they start eyeing me. Feeling overwhelmed with my anxiety. So I stay to myself and I overthink quietly. I stare in the mirror and I vent there alone... You say you been there when I'm on my own. You say you'll be there when I know you won't. And you say you love me when I know you don't! ————————————— #likeforlikes #followforfollowback #me #photooftheday #mondaymood #sikworld #sikworldmusic #motivation #music #trapped

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"And I can't lie, it hurt a little when you said you didn't want me. To know I never tried is what continues to haunt me. Every pic I see is you and him, his Twitter trying to taunt me. You think I let it go? This is old and exhausting. Some offspring, family in a house is what I thought about. Sometimes I wonder if he'll get that now. See, we know that you picked a different path. Me, I picked a different route. And I can't help but laugh at how this all played out. You're over me now, I'm hoping you found only the best. Remember when we used to rap that Kanye West? "Graduation" in rotation 'cause you liked that best. And back then I didn't want you, now look, I'm a mess. I open my chest and through me you can see no spine. My profile pic and lyrics I've been hiding behind. It looks like you found the love that I was hoping to find. The only you I love's the one that I create in my mind, and still I, I thought I had it all figured out. No, you would never fall for me now. I wonder if you wonder why I'm never around. I wonder if you, I wonder if you wonder what I'm doing right now. You can hear the pain in my sound. Laughed as I fell to the ground. I wonder if you wonder why I'm never around. I wonder if you, I wonder if you wonder what I'm doing right now." 🌙🖕✌🎶 #teamwitt #wonderifyouwonder #dreamingwithoureyesopen #wittlowry #joynerlucas #jackharlow #macmiller #postmalone #hopsin #sikworld #token #childishgambino #devvonterrell #kendricklamar #wizkhalifa #notoriousbig

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“It's been a while since you left me But I smile when you text me After you realized your new man fucked up one time too many I remember when we split you said "please don't forget me" I didn't forget, you forgot me, that's contradicting Sometimes I sit and wonder if maybe it's just too late for me It sucks because my anxiety won't allow me to wait and see All the love that you gave to me, all the things that you'd say to me, please don't say it was make-believe, hate it 'cos you're away from me” -SW #Sikworld #Idontevenknow #stayingdistant #ignoreme

8 days ago

"depression only kills you when you let it win" 😔❤️ #sikworld #sikkid

9 days ago

Life sucks people I hate to break it too you! But even your own family members can hate you or wish they didn’t have you! I don’t give a fuck but I’m emotional so I guess i do!!!! Do I love life as in my current situation kind of because of this new job I got! But other than that not really! I’m not doing good youtube wise and it sucks! Hope you guys have a good day goodnight! 😘💤😴🌙! #god #nf #sikworld #wittlowry

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Who's coming through to support on the #OneManShowTour? Drop a 🧡 if I'm gonna see you out. And if your city isn't on here drop a comment and let me know where you want to see me perform! // @dustinnelsonmusic at Calgary, Alberta

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Lately, I feel so alone Don’t even know why I have a phone Nobody hits me up and I’m stuck, never had someone that I could call my–own It’s lonely walking down this road Fake friends that I didn’t have to know The same ones that fucked me over and whenever I need 'em and I turn around they just turn–ghost I feel I’m at an all-time low I am depressed and it hurts me to know My ex is happy and I can’t seem to cope She’s ignoring every text message I wrote My anxiety’s high, my medication’s low I am so stressed and I hate being home i sit and overthink everything alone I wish I had somebody to hold, damn🥀 #sikworld

12 days ago

I know you guys gotta love @wittlowry I’m really hoping to get him on my first official project I’m writing for rn

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🔥🔥NEW MUSIC🔥🔥What do you all think? Let me know in the comments and tag a friend who hasn't had heard my music. // BURN (FREESTYLE) @dustinnelsonmusic at Calgary, Alberta

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Lately I feel lost, tell me if you find me It's hard to put the past behind me When my mind just sits there and keeps reminding Me of all the bullshit that I kept inside me I'm not lying when I tell you I feel like I'm lost It just feels like I trapped in my thoughts I just sit there and think, and I think, and I think And I think and I think, I lost it all I am at home, I got back against the wall I feel hella alone I got no one to call And I'm still on my own because no ones involved Tell me where do I go when everything falls Damn... I guess that's why I'm making this song... I just sit and reflect on every single thing that went wrong. #reflections #sikworld #likes #tags #insta #instagood #instagram #getdepressed #staydepressed #trucksofinstagram #trucksofinsta #midwesttrucks #hoonigan #jeep #liberty #kk #libertykk #jeeplife #itsajeepthingyouwouldntunderstand

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⠀⠀ ⠀4:02 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ‏لايعني لك ان تتبع الأخرين لتحصل على مايحصلونه ، أصنع طريقاً يقودك إلى القمة ، الانفرادية تجعل منك عظيماً في عالم يحوم حوله أشخاص ذو عقلية طفيلية ، تراهم كالنمل تحت اقدامك 🖤☣⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Damn the parasitic minds that surround us ..🍃💭

21 days ago

⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀10:40 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ‏أخبرتكِ مُنذ البداية أنً البقاء معي صعب ، وإن أفكاري ستقتلكِ بسرعة أكبر من قتلهاَ لي ، ومشاعريِ ستؤذي قلبكِ ، وأكدتي لي مقدرتكِ بالإستمرار ، ولكنك فشلتي 🖤🔐⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Screw you 🌅🍷