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2 days ago

It's often hard not to get lost in the inner arguement, you know the one where you pose questions and then answer them yourself. Abruptly ending in a cacophony of more questions you can't answer, the siren song of a infinite circle so beautifully irresistible. This is why at times I need to remember, stop trying to solve the problem, step away from it all. Commune with others, often their opinion more clear and concise than anything my confused brain had put together, will help get perspective. Like this sailboat sailing in at sunset, from my vantage and with the compression of the lens, appears that at any moment it could fall off of or be toppled by the waves. But how can those sailors be so calm, in the face of such seemingly tough adversity? Because from a different perspective, things really dont seem that bad. #emformdesign #creativewriting #creativelife #santacruz #perspective at Santa Cruz, California

2 days ago

On this special day today, my mom's birthday, we are reflecting on all of the fantastic adventures we have had! Always one who is ready to go, anywhere and everywhere, she is often the center of our family. Bringing us together for events, continuously supporting and giving, always encouraging when we think we may have reached our limits. Never shy of having her portrait taken, I often include her in my candid, portrait, and landscape shots during our adventures. For everything you are and everything you do, we love you! Wishing you a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mom!! #emformportraits #emformdesign

4 days ago

<<>> Colorful mornings spent exploring Santa Cruz have been exceptionally rejuvenating. From the quiet streets to the colorful skies, the architecture to the sounds of the waves. I think I have always been a morning person, from waking up early as a child to hang out with my mom to currently taking the dogs out on a walk each day. There is something magical that happens for me, during this time of quiet beginnings. Have you seen the beauty in the early mornings lately? Maybe you should... get up and get out there! It does wonders for your soul! #emformdesign #creativephotography #santacruzmornings #getoutthere #coastalsunrise

5 days ago

As the waves of life roll through, small or large, each one passes and crashes onto the shore. Some feel bigger than others and some crash harder than most. Although our coast is constantly changing, these undulations are important for our overall health. If we learn to ride the waves, we can use the constant energy of change to our advantage, turning the tides to build confidence rather than pressure. #emformdesign #sunsetwaves #waltonlighthouse #creativewriting #santacruz at Santa Cruz, California

8 days ago

What are you going to do when the sun rises, what will your day contain? Will you choose to let the rays warm you and bring positivity, or will you let yesterday's troubles bring you down in vain? ________________________________ Mornings on the coast left me reflecting on many of my recent actions and feelings. One of the ideas that has stayed with me is that I was previously seeking positive people to be around. Feeling like I would become happier if I just found those that were happy too. It's funny how you can think of something with a certain perspective, then with a little(or a lot) of introspection, see it completely different. In this case I realized that I need to be the positive thing that I am seeking. The main shift of this thinking is that changing my mindset, changing my thinking, is actually something I can do. You cant change others or their feelings, but with this change, maybe those around me will benefit from this positivity as well. #emformdesign #creativewriting #santacruzbeaches #positivevibe #positivemind #beachtherapy

17 days ago

Riders in this sport are part of a unique breed of people. We thrive on going out into inclemental weather and the unique thrill of falling over and over again. Entry into this sport is rough. Before you get here you have an idea of what it looks like, you saw it on TV or your friends have told you how great it is. No one really tells you what your first days are actually like, yet everyone remembers their first days, often in great detail! From the moment you click into the bindings, to a few seconds later as you hit the ground, you know this is harder than it looks.(the snow is too) You are about to have a few days full of falling on the chairlift ramp, falling on what once looked like a flat surface but now feels like a cliff, and falling while standing in line for no reason at all. You might even wonder if you are just really bad at this, because no one told you about the falling! Most of us that bring kids into this sport, teach them young, while they are more resilient. The falls are shorter, the fear is less, and the memory of those tough first days turns into a right of passage. My brother and I were lucky enough to have our dad introduce us to skiing, which we are very thankful for. No matter what goes on in life, from busy work schedules to living in different places, it seems we always can reconnect on the mountain. Here he is introducing his youngest. It is only fitting that they caught chair #01...good luck buddy, you will be rippin in no time. I hope you grow to love this as much as we do!! #emformdesign #creativewriting #dodgeridgeskiresort 📷@emformportaits at Dodge Ridge

18 days ago

Had some fun capturing a few friends and family play in the spring snow yesterday. Getting these shots is such a different challenge than posing a standard portrait, if this is considered a portrait at all?! In my mind the best portraits capture someone looking, feeling, and doing their best...and that is exactly what @jeramiepatch is doing here. Ask yourself.... if the snow report you read shows 10 inches of fresh and you grab your K2 pontoon super wide powder skis, but end up in the park filled with spring mashed potatoes and there's a guy with a big camera guaranteed to post it to social you still send an old school daffy??? He sure did and I love it!! Here's to good choices! #emformportraits @emformdesign #dodgeridgeskiresort at Dodge Ridge

24 days ago

Intenso comienzo de temporada el que les espera al Desatascos Martínez Rally Team, este sábado correrán en Pinseque, en el estreno de su Can-am en el regional de tramos de tierra, y el próximo fin de semana en el Rally de Barbastro con su espectacular Mitsubishi Evo VII. . . . . . . . . @alberto_desatascosmartinez @cebudh @canam @can-am @cucharreraquads @tlrsportzaragoza #mitsubishilancer #lancerevo #lancerevovii i #fada #pinseque #zaragoza #aragon #rallydetierra #gravelrally #crosscountryrally #offroad #buggy #ifindoubtflatout #can-am #canam #canammaverick #rallycar #instarally #rallyraid #rallyphotography #motorsport #motorsportphotographer #motorsportphotography @sonyalphasports @sonyalphaspain #sonyalpha #sonya68 @sigmaphotospain #sigma50150

1 month ago

At times I feel as if I have a strong grasp on who I am, my strengths, my weaknesses, my likes and dislikes. But the one thing it seems I never remember to factor in is my emotion. When you add this into the mix, it can be a downright drastic change. Much like this ridgeline view of a distant mountain, one moment was crystal clear and the next I was engulfed in a dense fog clouding my vision. When you factor in all of the ways we can feel, you start to realize just how clouded our vision of ourselves, and with it our outward viewpoints, can become. Sometimes I realize this before I react to a situation, often it isnt until after. Words can't be unsaid, actions can't be undone, but hopefully we get a chance to explain what emotions may have temporarily fogged our minds. Never be afraid to apologize, to reach out and admit, that our view wasnt as clear as we may have thought it was. #emformdesign .............. #creativewriting #stanislausnationalforest #mythoughts #landscapephotography #clearyourmind

1 month ago

Poco queda para ver en acción al espectacular Can-am de Alberto Martínez en el Tramo de Tierra de Pinseque, prueba inédita e inaugural del Campeonato de Aragón de Tramos de Tierra. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . @alberto_desatascosmartinez @cebudh @canam @can-am @cucharreraquads #fada #pinseque #zaragoza #aragon #rallydetierra #gravelrally #crosscountryrally #offroad #buggy #ifindoubtflatout #can-am #canam #canammaverick #rallycar #instarally #rallyraid #rallyphotography #motorsport #motorsportphotographer #motorsportphotography #sonyalpha #sonya68 #sigma50150

1 month ago

Stationed Above Morning Walk Winter 2019 • I've been seeing a lot of these #turkeyvultures lately. I wonder if I just never paid attention before or perhaps they are migratory birds. But doubt that I could miss a large bird with such a graceful glide; maybe it's possible that I've mistaken them for the #hawks high in the sky. From what I have read of them they are not predatory but scavengers. Haven't seen one eating anything just yet but that could change by happenstance. And that amazing sky in the background made this capture just work for me! . . . #scavengers #vultures #naturephotography #birdphotography #wildlifephotography #naturewalks #morningwalks #sony #sonyalpha #sonyalphaphotography #sonyphotography #sonya6500 #sigma #sigmaphotography #sigma50150 at Lake Balboa Park

1 month ago

Looking for fresh tracks @dodgeridge ski resort and through the trees I spotted this view. I quickly stopped and climbed a few steps up the steep slope. The fog was rolling in fast, but I was able to get a nice clear shot of this peak. Not sure of its name, but I have spent many chairlift rides gazing at it, wondering what it would be like to ski it. I keep day. #emformdesign #pinecrest #stanislausnationalforest #emigrantwilderness