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2 minutes ago

I can’t believe this was two weeks ago already! I’m so grateful to have such amazing and crazy friends who say “yes” to adventure, no matter how last minute or extreme it is. I started loosely planning this in December, and they were still joining within the last month or two before actually leaving. Getting together with your buddies as adults when we all have separate lives of our own in different places in the world can sometimes be difficult, so seeing this come together as it did was gratification at its finest.

2 hours ago

Just put the Rollie right back on my wrist👀

3 hours ago

I'm done with this, William. If kaws and Megyn does not let you protect me, be my my side with all the death threats and kidnap threats, kill them. They are, and have been, killing, and threatening to kill people. #ENOUGH you are an FBI Agent, they are not. #SHOOTTOKILL

3 hours ago

In this era of tea lover, be the one who love to have Samosa also😋 . Where : Street side, Shahadra Near geeta bhawan mandir Taste : 4/5 . Double tap if you like it ❤️ Tag karo like karo comment karo share karo🧡 . FOLLOW @bhukkad_dilli_ke USE #bhukkad_dilli_ke at Shahadra

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New addition to my camera bag!

4 hours ago

Vintage brown & silver brief case full of money prop money has just been added to the studio ! Perfect prop for any type shoot ! at Media Production Studios

4 hours ago

Pixel Coffee Brewers, Claremont James: First off, the interior is excellent - there’s plants everywhere, lots of light and the coffee machine is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a cafe. Looking at the shots being pulled through it however didn’t make the 25 minute wait for my flat white OK. That’s too long for anyone. To be fair, I was told upon ordering that it would be 10 minutes - to double this wait without apology is unprofessional. I plan on visiting again to give them a second chance. 5.5/10 Alex: A great interior and friendly staff that greet you as you walk in, a nice little location just off a main road and spacious enough for a group of people or just one on one. A bit of a long wait for coffee but the food was nice. 7/10 [Vape less, because you’re worth it] at Pixel Coffee Brewers Claremont

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The most important thing is Snack, which will makes you feeling energised and happy😋 . Where : Chinese kitchen, Karkardooma Taste : 4.5/5 . Double tap if you like it ❤️ Tag karo like karo comment karo share karo🧡 . FOLLOW @bhukkad_dilli_ke USE #bhukkad_dilli_ke at Chinese kitchen karkardooma

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Mona Vale beach is one of the best spots of the northern beaches and Sydney in general! After walking down the entire beach, I found half a cliff face in which I climed up to have a higher perspective of the beach. - - - - Being isolated with the wind blowing in your face is the most soul soothing feeling that's just unexplainable. Maybe it was the comfort of seeing others around you knowing you're both vibing the same energy, yet not being close enough to make any contact. Seeing people meditate for the time I was up here whilst looking out at the water was just the most worldly experience. - - - - - Canon 6d mk ii // 24mm - - - - #shotzdelight #moodygrams #earthpix #illgrammers #killeverygram #ecletic_shotz #gramslayers #theimaged #moodnation #aussiephotos #Beautifuldestinations #tourismnsw #nakedplanet #fatalframes #discoverearth #canon #visualsoflife #teamcanon @earth_shotz #exploringaustralia #earthfocus #shoottokill #way2ill #lifeofadventure #ozshotmag #passionpassport #theglobewanderer #earth_shotz  #mchfeature #adventurensw @aussiephotos @adventurensw @canonaustralia Please like and share with your friends.Invite your friends to follow @tripambition